Pizza Hut

10244 W Overland Rd, Boise
(208) 377-0744

Recent Reviews

Katie Orcher

Delivery Tracker said hot pizza coming....took 20 minutes despite being three miles was cold and part of my order was missing. Not happy. I wish I could give no star. Called store...they dont care.

nolan m

Horrible customer service, said 30-40 min for a pizza took them 2 hours. The pizza my dead grandma could have made better

Robert wallin

Never had a problem food is allways hot and ready staff are friendly. Would recommend to friends and family.

J Mays

Pan Crust was cooked perfectly and served hot! Yummy

Randy Nelson

Food was incredibly fast, hot, & tasty!! One complaint, not much pepperoni for it to be called a "Pepperoni Lovers" pizza!!!!!!! Only average amount!!!! But food was still DELICIOUS!!

John Jannuzzi

Great pizza and service. Yeah, they're a chain, but the pizza is really good. My on-line, pickup order was hot and ready when I arrived to pick it up. And the price was quite reasonable.

Sandy Williams

Food was ready at expected time, employee at drive through window was very friendly. Pizza ingredients tasted great and were spread evenly all over. This location is always consistent and I know I can count on them for a quality pizza for take out!

lindsey woods

my pizza had barely ANY sauce on it it was dry as a bone. everything was dry pizza hut used to be really good the quality has really gone down.

Darrell Ward

It is still pretty good pizza ,not enough sauce, it was dry. In the old days they were really tasty and flavor full, but just like most chains they scimp on toppings and sauce now.

Amy Moote

I really like that I can order ahead of time and have it delivered later. Pizza was hot when it got here. Delivery driver was super nice

Tiffany Saboley

I ordered off of the website twice and both times the system sent my order to a store that was 10 miles away. I have the emails showing confirmation of the delivery location, which was accurate, and the store my order was sent to - which was not accurate. So I never got my order.

Lisa Whittier

I ordered my pizza at 6:33 at 7:00 I received a text that my order was on its way. At 7:39 I still didn’t have my pizza. I called and it was still at the store. They said they would get it to me, however I wanted fresh pizza. After we hung up they called back and said they would remake my pizza and add a brownie for my frustration. I finally had my dinner by 8:06. I have a family of 6, 4 teenagers and they were all hungry and frustrations were high.

Greg Hayes

Get my order correct the first time. No sauces were included. The excellent delivery driver went back to get it. Because they were originally left out, our food was cold.


My pizzas dough was sour. It was not good at all. Super disappointed. The guy in the window was super nice though!

McBride Teresa

Driver left order on doorstep but failed to let me know. By the time I found it there the food was cold. I have two dogs that would have alerted me if someone had even knocked on the door.

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