350 N Milwaukee St #2016, Boise
(208) 972-0699

Recent Reviews

Jim Perez

Stay away from this place. Do not eat here. They charged me $15 dollars just for 3 slice of pizza. What a ripped off! For that get a whole pie. These people are a crook!Service: 1/5

Adam Lee

Good service and quality of pizza is decent. I just don’t like their iPad payment system by default asking you to choose a large percentage tip, I still tip but not 18%+ for takeaway.

Jamie Kibler Crousore

Food is ok. Staff is nice. Threw out marinara. Food does sit on counter so you can see what you are ordering and then heated when you order. Looked good but was disappointed. Could possibly be better if everything was fresher.Kid-friendliness: In local mall with toys and game stores. Kid friendly food near by if nothing works here.Wheelchair accessibility: In mall with wide walkways and an elevator.

Ryan D.

Excellent cannolis, great pizza. The fudge cake is delicious. Just wish they didn't close so early.

Greg Jensen

The staff was very friendly and helpful. I have a 4 star only because the crust of our food was hard and the pasta had almost basic flavor

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Andrea B.

This place is awesome!Their pizza is really great. I had the macaroni pizza, and the Roman pizza. My favorite part was the white cheddar macaroni and cheese! I think it was the best macaroni and cheese I've ever had!

Matt H

Waited in line for 3 minutes to have the person skip me because I was standing near the register instead of “over there” gesturing vaguely to the left. Aside from that, their pizza was soggy. I will never eat here again.

Lavosky Qobolo

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lisa corsi

Came in on Friday night before 7 pm and tried to order a whole pie. Was told they are not baking anymore pies for the night. What????

Tristen Florek

Great food, great service, very low waiting time on food with upwards of 20 people inside.

Orlando Franqui

Horrible service! girl with an attitude and then i ask for the manager the person that is supposed to fix the problem makes it worse by telling me he knows i’m busy but he is busy too so what you need me to do? he literally told me that without me even telling him i was busy at all. Lost 6 customers with my family alone because we are never going there again.

Katie Owens

JOE went ABOVE AND BEYOND for the nurses at St Als!!!! Made sure we got a wonderful order of pizza! The food was amazingly delicious and service was beyond great!!!!!!!!

Noelia Alexandra Arredondo

The guy who seemed to be the manager was extremely rude as I tried to explain to the worker what slice of pizza I wanted. He reached to hit my hand and told me not to point over the glass in the worst possible manner. Maybe if they treated customers right they’d have better reviews. That’s sad. I just ask to not be spoke to in that manner. I’m trying to get a meal and they completely ruined the vibe. I’m glad I didn’t even get any, seemed overpriced as it is. Fix ur attitude or stay home. Don’t ruin people’s day.

Jason McDonald

Well... its Sbarro. Nothing great. But decent I guess for mall pizza. I recommend just staying away from the Hawaiian pizza though... it sucked. But the rest were fine.

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