Sushi Joy Asian Cuisine

2275 W Main St, Boise
(208) 433-8888

Recent Reviews

Katherine Reardon

Wonderful staff and the best sushi in Boise! I love that they deliver and they’re so fast. Big fan of their wonton soup and their Shinjuku roll ❤️

Donald Imboden

The price is a little bit expensive but not too bad. The food's good. I stop here whenever I am in Boise and hungry. Definitely worth the repeat business.

Krista Beagley

This place has something for everyone. My kids love the fried rice and I can't get enough of their sushi. Great prices and amazing takeout portions. Pad Thai is pretty stellar too.

Tso “Chucky Cheese” Pigu

It's a great place that stays open later than other restaurants which is very nice.Reasonable selections at prices typical of restaurants of this type. Not bad sushi for the geography location. Tho leaves some to be desired by West Coast standards.Good host and friendly staff.

Paul Zimmerman

Fast service, excellent quality and flavors. I ordered some Chinese and some Japanese, food and beer. I'm in Boise just briefly, but if I find myself in town again in the future, I'll head back for another meal (it's on the next block west of the Red Lion Downtown, by the way; very nice find right next to where I'm staying).

Katie Patterson

My favorites are the Salmon Tempura, Out of Control, and Christmas rolls.This is my favorite sushi in Boise! They're always so kind. I've only done takeout and delivery.Once while in Key West (where you'd think the sushi game would be real), I actually wished I was eating here instead.

Megan d

The night went like this:Me, yelling while trying to dish up the food for three people: OW! IT'S HOT! WHY IS IT SO HOT?! THIS IS DELIVERY, NOT DIGIORNO!Roommate, coming out to inspect and tries to snag a piece of General's chicken: What's going on in here?Me: No, stop! It's hot!Roommate, yelling as she eats it: OW IT'S HOT! HOW IS IT SO HOT?Roommate takes bowl in to her boo: NO BABE STOP IT'S HOT!Boo ignores her and feels regret.Wow. Insanely fast delivery, arrived hot (We're all in pain and seriously impressed - you're incredible, Sushi Joy), the proportions were huge, and was it so good. Like really good. I'm picky about my hot and sour soup and even that is *perfect*. Your receipt decorates our fridge so we never have to order bad Chinese food again.

Mike Olsen

Low carb makimono roll options are great for minimizing your carbs at dinner! I strongly recommend this restaurant.

Thomas M.

Fast, quick, and friendly service along with some great tasting sushi for an affordable price. If you're a lover of fresh sushi and egg / spring rolls like me, look no further than Sushi Joy!

Paden Barnard

Looking for the best sushi look no more.Looking for the best Chinese food, look no more.Looking for the best Japanese food, look no more.You get the idea. 5 years ago on a rainy cold night in Boise, visiting family with no desire to drive around I looked up Chinese food near me. Sushi Joy popped up. Hesitant of the word sushi in the Chinese food search title, I ordered my favorite dish, General Tso Chicken. Gentlemen arrived fast, food was still so hot and fresh it was like eating in. Flavor, food quantity, and overall presentation was excellent. Been 5 years now and its our must stop restaurant for either lunch or dinner. Sushi rolls, Crazy Dragon and Blue Sky are sure to impress. The General Tso Chicken will make it hard to eat anyone else's with how amazing the sauce and perfection of the chicken is. Wife loves their wonton soup, never fails to impress. Excellent choice in Sake, plum wine is nice on a warm evening. Kids enjoy the bento boxes at lunch. In the area, stuck in your hotel, or just a local wanting a fix of some of the best Chinese, Japanese, and sushi money can buy, look no further.

Alexandrite Larson

Why have I never come here?? This food is so good it genuinely stirs emotion. It’s obviously made with love, attention and care. The waitress was bubbly and friendly, the beer is great, the sake is great, this is some of the best food I’ve ever had. 10/10 will be coming back again and again.

Nikki Valdez

An entire dinner experience! Everything from the appetizer, to the sushi, to the sake is incredible! Totally obsessed with their food! And the takeout is just as good! They deliver!


This place was so good! I went there today for my bday dinner. I got 5 different rolls to split between 3 people and they put it on a big boat! It was so good and reasonably priced! I will be going back!!!

paula protine

The combination of Japanese and Chinese food is awesome. Sushi is the best. Chinese food is 2nd to none. Soups are terrific, the house salad dressing yum! All traditional foods & dishes are on the menu and so much more! Seafood is prepared perfectly and fresh as is the veggies!

Melissa Webster

The food was delicious! The eggrolls, the miso, the hibachi, and down to the veggies all cooked beautifully. I especially loved the Ninja Sanswich sushi and will be back just for that. Shocked this place isn't always packed! Quick and kind service.

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