Trailside Bakery Cafe

2919 W State St, Boise
(208) 807-2506

Recent Reviews

Nicole S.

The folks running the front counter always seem miserable and like they don’t want customers. This would be a good place if they found staff that actually wanted to work there. I stopped coming because I fed so unwanted!

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 5

Service: 1

Sam B

I'm just so sad this place is closing. It was full each time I went in, and I loved the coffee, food, and atmosphere here!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Lyric Kemper

The coffee was good! However the sandwich was severely underwhelming for 11 dollars, along with the 3$ addition for bacon. You’ve now been forewarned, Go for the burrito.

Jason Grundy

Great coffee and amazing treats

DJ Rey

Loved this spot. Everything was so good and the place had a cool personality with its decoration.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

a dufurrena

I am editing my past review. This WAS a convenient place to go for decent coffee and food. Not sure what happened to the food, new cook? One awful experience, I figured it was a bad day. But 3 in a row, 3 strikes you are out. It's hard to absolutely ruin a sweet potato and bean burrito, but they did. Undercooked and unpeeled sweet potato and crunchy old rice that tasted moldy. Darn it, you are so close to my neighborhood. I guess I'll have to walk further

Atmosphere: 3

Service: 2

Anna Edsall

I love Trailside! Their food is fresh, made from scratch, and healthy. I usually get one of the breakfast burritos or the huevos and I am always happy with my choice. They source many of their ingredients locally and you can really taste the difference. The drinks are creative and not overly sweet. The vibe is cozy with lots of plants. They could use an update on their decor and furniture. Everyone that works there is warm and friendly. Go treat yourself to a cinnamon roll asap!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Susan V.

The place is comfy and warm. Great food. Gluten free options. Feels welcoming. Easy to find and lots of parking

Ryan F.

Ate breakfast a few times whilst staying in this neighborhood in Boise. Chill vibes, great coffee, friendly people. The breakfast items are tasty as well. The Beet hash with fried eggs was fire. We will be back next time we're in Boise!

Mia C.

A cute little bakery in town! All their food and pastries are made in-house. The inside is cozy and great for meeting a friend or doing some work. We had the cinnamon roll and that was delicious. Coffee is also strong which I appreciate.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 4

Service: 5

Kayla L.

The service and food are excellent! I have a lot of dietary restrictions and I was hesitant to try anything besides just plain eggs but the server said the gluten free bread is made without xantham gum which is incredibly hard to find!! And it tasted really great! And you can order a loaf to take home! This is the first time I've been out to eat in almost a month and it was a great experience! As anyone who has had anxiety around dietary restrictions would understand this was such a relief to find a place that uses good quality ingredients. Thank you Trailside and our barista/server! We will definitely be back!

Matti H.

They came out with a new seasonal menu!! Sweet potato biscuits are back!! And the OG breakfast burrito(now called the heavy one) So so good

Rachel P.

The BEST gluten free pastries! The staff is always so kind too. Appreciate that they are open early so I can snag something before work!

Michael B.

Totally friendly servers and everything appears to be made in house. I loved this place over the past two years and wanted to love it again but their new menu is limited ...and what's most disappointing is that the former(?j owner's one of a kind fabulous sweet potato biscuits with sausage gravy are history. Too bad, they had a good thing going and I'm sure they have their reasons for going to a different menu but this was a unique place before. The scone looked good but was dry and to my taste lacked sufficient butter and sugar. I'd like to know if they bring back their former menu.

Melisa V.

Really good coffee, pastry & service. Looking forward to going back and trying more treats.

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