Tropical Smoothie Cafe

8925 W Overland Rd, Boise
(208) 378-1177

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Daniel Blumberg

I have had back to back bad experiences. The other night I ordered a detox island green, when I got home I realized the smoothie was not blended at all. There were way too many large chunks of ice, chunks of kale, and other whole ingredients that made it disgusting and impossible to drink, and more like a wet salad in a cup with lots of ice.I went today for a quick sandwich before a long day, I got home and it was a completely different sandwich than the one I ordered, and one I didn't want. I've tried to call multiple times to get a replacement or something and can't get an answer.I used to come here a lot but I haven't been happy with my orders the last few times.


I've been going here a lot since they opened and have been happy overall, but the last 6 mos or so the customer service and food quality has been pretty terrible. I always do an online order and it is rarely ready for me to pick up at the time i requested. Nobody greets me when I walk in or asks if they can help me. I always have to ask if my order is ready just to find out it's just sitting there on the counter. Today I had to ask several times before anyone would even check, it was 10 minutes from when i walked in ( at the time it should have been ready) to when I walked out the door, and once again, my order was sitting on the counter the entire time. The smoothie was great but the flatbreads were lacking ingredients-- I felt like I could make something better at home. I don't usually do reviews but this has been my experience at least the last 3 times I've been here. Disappointing.

Clayton Scherer

Food is good when they get the order correct. We have had several times when our order was not correct or not complete. Staff usually don't care and refer you to the manager. Not consistent enough to make it a regular lunch place.

Melissa H.

Had a couple coupons my son was wanting to use. We pulled up and tried to enter the building... The sign on the door said pick up orders only... We proceeded to get back in the vehicle and order through the drive thru. My husband stated that we had 2 coupons and wanted to order 2 smoothies. She asked what flavors we wanted. We got to the window, gave the employee both coupons and our card to pay. We were charged full price for 1 smoothie and was able to use the couple for the second smoothie and was told that we can only use 1 coupon per order. So my husband said " refund my money for the full price smoothie and I will take the one smoothie we were able to use the coupon for". After holding up the line for probably 15 minutes while someone made a phone call... The employee said "the transaction has been voided".. my husband said "ma'am, I don't want the smoothies for free I just want a refund for the one full price smoothie... She said oh I just refunded the difference between the full price and the coupon amount. She then said if it didn't work you will have to call management. We were tired of holding up the 6+ cars behind us so we took the receipt and left.

Amber Ball

This is the only location that I’ve had this issue with. Ordered 2 Turkey Bacon sandwiches that are 8.49 each and they didn’t put bacon on it. Trying to call the location directly to allow them to make it right and rectify the situation is impossible as they never answer the phone. Extremely disappointed and would appreciate someone to assist in the manner. Only being left with the option to leave a review is not a good business practice and I’d encourage better training of your employees from preparing to overall customer service. Unreliable, inconsistent and poorly operated.

Chyna Hopkins

I placed an online order. My order was ready when I picked it up, so that was great! While my smoothie was absolutely delicious, my sandwich unfortunately, was not. The lettuce was very brown, so it didn’t seem fresh to me. I also found a piece of hair in one half of my sandwich which made me lose my appetite.

Meghan Kyser

Love this place. Literally nothing I have tried has been bad. Miss the Cajun shrimp wrap, though! Bahama Mama smoothie is A++.

Kinsey Jackson

Never order a salad. The bowl wasn’t even full. The lettuce was wilted. They forgot the dressing. Not worth $8. Terrible!

Nathan Vanden Bosch

The smoothies are amazing .... plus a good selection of food options.Food: 5/5

Samantha Turnbull

Love this place! The smoothies are great and the people working here are really friendly. It can have a line so I always order ahead.Food: 5/5

Andrew Silva

Would be 5 stars because their food is so delicious, but for some reason the drive-thru takes way too long and they are closed from anyone ordering inside.Food: 5/5

Flavorsome Foods

They have some of the best smoothies we’ve tried. Super healthy and delicious. Also kid friendly. My personal favorite is the pomegranate. They also have a few food options if you need a pick me up ??

stephanie carsner

First time there and it was AMAZING. And the jalepeno corn is FIRE! I will definitely be ordering a ton of this before I leave town

Kevin M.

Good food and smoothies here. Food is very tasty and full of flavor. Wraps and quesadillas are great. But the service just is so slow. Inside is still closed at times forcing everyone through an inefficient and massively slow drive through line. I waited 25 minutes in the drive through today for a quesadilla and two smoothies. Had there been an exit (stuck between cars with no lane) I would have left. And this has been the case the last 3 times I've been here over the past couple months. 15-20 min wait for a smoothie and a sandwich is dumb. Would be here so much more if the wait was consistently less but this was probably the last time until they figure out the lack of staffing.

Bria Bell

Let me start off by saying that I am NOT a fan of smoothies. But this place has me HOOKED. These smoothies are delicious. I ordered a smoothie twice today. I'd spend every dollar i own here if i could! But that's not the best part! You've got to try the wraps! Every single wrap or sandwich that I have eaten off the menu has been nothing short of divine. My kid loves the smoothies too. The jetty junior is my son's favorite. He's 2 years old and I'm glad he enjoys eating his fruits and veggies in smoothie form from Tropical Smoothie Cafe!!

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