Walmart Supercenter

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8300 W Overland Rd, Boise
(208) 513-2910


Reviews for Walmart Bakery

This was a crazy Walmart. I'm not sure why they decided to take out any actual check stands with checkers and only do self checkout. Maybe to save money on having less employees. If we have to do the work and not have the choice maybe we should have a bigger discount. Just saying.

it was as I expected it to be, which is always nice. some of the toy ailes were a mess but that says more about the people that shop there then the store and staff. we were staying in a hotel and it was nice to get all of the things we need for the night.

Great service. I heard it has the best loss prevention in the northwest. Conveniently located with a gas station that has the same prices as in the store! The fuel station saves you money, it's like 1/2 price of any convenience store.

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