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Jenifer Brewer

I’ve been sitting at the window in drive thru for 30 min. According to app, my pizza has been ready for 20. The lady that helped me just disappeared. Usually service here is great. Tonight I’m not impressed.

nanette grimm

They served my son pizza with moldy dough. He told the manager who was making it that it was bad. She told him if he didn't like it to cook it himself. She also did not was her hands. He ended up with food poisoning. Also the whole summer the owner did not have air-conditioning. I know 3 employees that got heat exhaustion. The owner does not care about the way his buisness is ran. The employees do not even get breaks or lunches and work long hours. I do not support this buisness anymore.

Julie Crecelius

We had outstanding service from this location. Our pizza was amazingly delicious and the driver was super friendly! We ordered very late and our food was delivered quickly and with a smile. You can’t beat that kind of service. Thank you!!

Sarah Michels

This place is a joke, stopped ordering delivery because wait times are 1.5-2hours. I've been given RAW food before and contacted about it and no one got back. Everytime lately we have gone our order has been completely wrong. Shouldn't have opened a store if you didn't know how to run it properly.

adrian southfield

Waited well over an hour patiently in the lobby. Severely understaffed, but was made worse by complete disorganization. Heard probably about 50 f bombs during my waitbby employees. One employee stormed off and disappeared for quite a while. Multiple comments about walking out by employees. Probably had about 30 pizzas on the shelf just sitting there not moving from multiple cancelled orders and disorganization. When my order was finally done, one pizza was not even close. When they said they would remake it I asked for a pepperoni that was sitting on shelf the whole time I was there instead, the person who seemed in charge dropped multiple f bombs.

Jacob Coleman Pierce

No service, walked up to the counter sat there waiting. Never once did one of the seven employees working acknowledge there was a customer at the counter. Great pizza plagued by terrible Customer Service.

Daphne Beck

Normally get it my pizza delivered within 20 minutes, i dont live far. They always have a hard time finding my place. Tonight an item was missing, a large pizza, driver went back to get it. 30 minutes later i called and was told it would be made and delivered. 30 minutes later older lady answered (assuming the manager) said the driver would be here in a few and that it takes it takes 45 minutes to an hour for delivery, when in fact i have ALWAYS gotten it within 30 minutes of that. She was rude. Now, almost 15 minutes later, its here. Drivers are lways awesome though

Jorden Smothers

Everytime I’ve ordered from the buhl domino’s my order is completely wrong or it takes 1.5-2 hours to get to me,and I live around the corner. Pizza planet or train station is definitely the way to go:(

Randy Reed

Walk-in and ordered two pizzas wings and garlic bows and it took 1 hour and ten minutes to get. The people there seemed uncaring, the restaurant inside was about 100 degrees inside.

Joe Black

Usually get two pizzas and usually they make one pizza wrong. It is getting old. Make no effort to make it right. All I get is one cold pizza and having to wait for them to make the pizza they messed up again. Please make sure you made the pizza right before you put it in the oven.

Arya Shae (chaotic-goof)

Whenever we order from here they take 3 hours to make one pizza. Orders don't take that long, especially when you have 6 people in the kitchen and 2 people in the lobby. Constantly slow and constantly ignored.

Javy Hernandez

It’s been almost three years since I order my pizza and still is “5 minutes away”….. every time impresses me more… think twice before ordering. Or with time. ?‍?

Mackenzie Jacobson

Ordered a couple time from this location and they are ridiculously slow. Never been within 20 minutes of my order time. Will order else where when I can for sure.

KnoxOnDa Moon

Called and placed an order for pickup. Was told it would take 10 to 12 mins. Walked in and there were 5 people working. I waited 15 mins to go in and pay. Then was told it’s ganna be another 10 to 12 mins till the pizza is done…. I got no apology for the wait, just excuses! Worst dominos I have been to! Horrible service. Very unprofessional. Not going here again!!!!

Ashton Garcia

Every experience I've had here has been great. And their lava cakes are really good!

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