Papa Kelsey's Pizza & Subs

1014 Main St, Buhl
(208) 543-5210

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Nancy Bailey

The bread on the subs was soggy and the service was very slow. Papa Kelsey's used to be exceptional I don't know what happened. SadFood: 3/5

Manuel Salinas

Great personnel here that tend to your meal needs promptly!!!!!Food: 5/5

Joshua Hardy

Turkey B.L.T ? on that fresh bread is smack city!!

Ben M

I always get the Italian Combo Sandwich when I go to Papa Kelsey’s. I always get the 16” whole size. I normally split it when another person. It might not fill you both up completely, but it’s enough to get you both to your next meal. If you were to try to eat the whole sandwich yourself, you probably wouldn’t have to eat again for the rest of the day. The sandwich is delicious and full of meat and if you split it, it’s inexpensive. I’ve been getting these subs here for a long time and the quality has always been the same. Their oven baked sandwiches are some of the best around. The sandwich will come with a small bag of lays potato chips. The inside of the restaurant looks sharp and has a nice modern look to it. I’ll recommend Papa Kelsey’s any day.

Debbye McAtee

Frech dip sandwich was great but the dip was a bit bland.Food: 4/5

Chuck Taylor

This place is a joke, I’ve been here for almost 40 minutes waiting for my to-go order. I know what to expect coming here, but this time the service is as bad as the food always is. I’m honestly surprised that this place is still open, it used to be decent, now it’s dying like everything else in buhl.

Heidi Fischer

I really enjoyed their subs and the pizza was good too

Desert Rain

Papa Kelsey's Buhl, Idaho. Tonya is exceptional at her job!! She is a very hard worker and makes the order to Perfection!! I ordered tonight and as usual she delivered way beyond expectations!! Give that Lady a Huge Raise!! She is definitely a Great asset to Your business!! And, workers like her are Very hard come by these days!! Terrie Motta

Misti Netz

Papa Kelsey's has good sandwiches but you barely get meat on the triple meat without adding more. Just adding jalapeños to it, its a $15 sandwich. I ordered 2 sandwiches and some spicy fries for my son. It's $37 and some change, plus the extra 3% for debit card use. Ridiculous! I could go to subway and get my husband and I sandwiches for $22. Sad thing is it is better than Subway. Quick food isn't worth it in a pinch anymore.

Terri Thomas

Best subs. My favorite is Italian combo. Been ordering it for decades. ??

Alicia P.

Good food, however I was told by employee that there was no "contactless checkout" and had no clue about Apple Pay, even though YELP says it is......FYI.

Judy Ruhter

Great pizza place but I didn't go in

Miguel michael Alaniz

Excellent place good to eat they barely starting need more people to join

Jared Lentz

A dang good samich

Tyson Carpenter

Good food and great service.

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Papa Kelsey's Pizza & Subs

1014 Main St, Buhl, ID 83316
(208) 543-5210