Tacos El Korita

1051 Warren Ave, Buhl
(208) 543-9954

Recent Reviews

Alfredo Granado (Alfred)

Hoo boy you should try the car it's tacos in this place. It is just really good. Ohh don't forget to ask for silverware and napkins as they sometimes forget to give you some.Food: 4/5

Coleen Grill

Great service and awesome food!! I love their cabeza burrito ?Food: 5/5

Kathleen Jacoby (Katt)

Very small couldn't make me a side order of cheese and beans. Because that's all I wanted was a side order. So I got a taco plate with the sides To be two sides if beans. So substitute the rice for beans, right? No that didn't happen. Sorry I won't go back.Food: 2/5

Brandon Peterson

Great food, the steak tacos were amazing

Joshua Jones

Bombs Street tacos! Worthy of a Viking!

Sabrina Slonim

Delicious, authentic, fast and friendly service.

Lance Loggan

Always good food and friendly staff.

justin paul

Best damn carne asada burrito in the magic valley! I will drive from Twin to have one! Fantastic job!

Anna L

Best tacos I've had in a long time, will definitely stop by next time driving through

Gary Beck

Poole excellent flavor and meat was very soft. Taco made very well and meat was perfect. Quesdilla was very well done and drinks as par very good to what we had. 5 stars hands down the best.

Melissa “Missy” Atwell

The food here is amazing I have never been disappointed

Beth Sigler

The tacos are amazing! This little place is a hidden gem.

David Tinoco

Best Posole ever! Always a must stop since I'm rarely in Buhl.

Sarah Holcomb

Great food love this place! Very nice people!

Eli Stephenson

Great food. Quick service. Atmosphere is dull

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