152 Hwy 30, Filer
(208) 326-2203

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Dustin Brannon

Went into filer subway today...two young minor no manager on duty. Mixed up the two sandwich toppings due to distractions of family coming for free beverages. Went back to ask them to fix the issue they had to call the general manager and the general said because I was there having them put the toppings on that they wouldn't fix the issue of their employees mixing the sandwiches up. Then turn around and offer to pull off the jalapeños off the sandwich which in laws you are prohibited from taking food back into the preparation area once it has be transferred to customer. Also wearing nose piercings and sweats so unprofessional. The nose piercings is another food safety law. I would not ever go to this establishment again. Why should a customer not get what they wanted due to employees error and why should they have to wait for them to contact a manager especially being minors. I believe they are required by state law to.have a manager on duty over 18. So I wasted 20 for two sandwiches. Corporate and Idaho department of health has been notified. Also called back to get general managers information and the minors who were working refused to give the first name of the manager or any information to contact to try and avoid me getting dirext info to get ahold of corporate. They appeared to be the general managers grandkids according to the person that walked in and got free drink in his mug that apparently the general manager had sent in. The guy said, "Did your grandma call you guys yet?" They both replied, "no" and he said, "She will be!" They told me that the person was the general managers son. So put the story together and they all family!

Liv McGrath

It's subway! You should get your sandwich made the way you the customer would like it would out a question or eye roll. Their customer service needs some help, they are kind of rude! Asked more more of one thing and less of another & she literally rolled her eyes and shrugged about it. Unfortunate young people are like this nowadays

Jared Burgess

Prepared the food quickly and delivered it to the car on time.

William Satterthwaite

Local Subway close to work, quick service

Jennifer Eversole

The new power bowls are awesome

Lala Lala

I did not visit but the app says I did...???

Connor Darnall

Great place! Its always very clean and employees are always kind and are quick at what they do. Bread and cookies are always fresh and have never had a problem.

Michael McGregor

Good service, very clean, nice atmosphere

Jacob Phillips

I stopped by here for the fair and they had great service and good tasting food with quality ingredients

Derek Evans

Very clean friendly people great service

Joshua Severa

Love subway

Ron Jones

This is my families favorite Subway. Always very clean and friendly staff. Bathrooms are kept appropriately clean. Food accoutrements are always fresh and appearance. Brad is always delicious and fresh. I would like them to add a diet Dr Pepper to their menu. I have been mentioning this through two owners. Potato chips selection is very dead. Overall a great place to eat at an affordable price. Also one of the few restaurants that you can eat at while on a ketogenic diet. Simply order your favorite sandwich without the bun.

Samuel Callen

Fast service, Great food.

Stephanie Hill-Santino

This is the best Subway in my area. Always clean in the restaurant. The meat and veggies are never mixed up & look fresh every time I go there. The employees are nice and make the sandwiches as if I made them myself. So happy to have a Subway in my little town.

Steven Butenschoen

Fantastic place. I always enjoy Subway. The group of people at this particular location are very nice and will remember you and your order!

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