Barbarian Brewing Taproom

114 E 32nd St, Garden City
(208) 375-5639

Recent Reviews

Jessica Robertson

This brewery was the highlight of our 3 night stop in Boise. We loved it so much we came back the very next evening. The beer is fantastic, the food truck, Kismet, is incredible, but the amazing bartenders and vibe of the whole joint is what really made it special. Thank you guys for an awesome time!

Bradley Florentin

Our favorite brewery in Boise. Now in a cool new location

Kevin Searcy

This is a great location right by the river and other shopping & restaurants. The beer was really good and recommend the Brass Monkey, which was a first for all of us. The Staff were great and is a fun atmosphere.

Scott Swearingen

My favorite brewery in Boise! Both locations are great, but I really appreciate the amount of room to spread out in the Garden City location. Love the atmosphere and the friendly staff (Devin), and most importantly the beers! So awesome that they offer a wide variety of beer styles, and they're all absolute bangers. No trip to Boise is complete without a visit or two to Barbarian. Can and bottle prices are very reasonable with killer sales, and while it's a silly thing to get excited about, their $2 tallboy coozies are very high quality.

Sean White

We LOVE this place! The beer tenders are SO friendly, Knowledgeable, and they made our whole afternoon! We’re here visiting our sisters from Denver and stopped in because we remembered loving the downtown location last time we were here. I had the Thai rice lager, and ended up having three or four of them. Deeeeelicious! We probably spent 4 hours here. Can’t wait to come back! The vibe is just so chill and relaxed, and Johnny made us his own blend of something… can’t remember what it was, but whatever it was, it was bomb. Thanks for letting us crash your space for the afternoon!

Casey Scalf

A lovely brewery with lofty space and a great selection of outdoor seating. Has a food truck as well it looks like!

Craig Moore

Super great beer!!! Even better service!!! Food truck was awesome!!!

Caleb Shaeffer

We love this brewery and have found it to be a must stop if we are in Boise. The beer I always tell people about was called something along the lines of Rainbow Unicorn and was made for pride month. It had skittles and edible glitter in it, which give it a cool purple color with gold flakes floating around in the beer. It was super tasty! This year they had a beer they made with gushers and one with sour patch kids. They have plenty of other beer options too, but obviously their fruity beer game is on point. The downtown venue is cool, but we really enjoyed the newer location to us (kid friendly). It is in a bit of an industrial area, but the beer garden and open taproom were so nice on a beautiful June day.

Dan Crew

If I could give 10+ stars, I would. AMAZING beer selection. My wife & son love sours and the sour selection did not disappoint! I enjoyed the variety of IPAs and darker beers very much as well. Great outdoor space and the entire beertender team was awesome! Highly recommend stopping by when in Boise.

Jess Boysen

Mojitos beer was ok. Yuppy vibe. No food. Weak customer service.

Alden C.

Barbarian I believe was my most favorite brewery that I paid a visit to when passing through Boise on my trip. For one the atmosphere and staff are great and the beer is nothing short of fantastic. I have had two beers thus far from Barbarian and was very impressed with both of them! I had the American Wheat when I was there and enjoyed it considerably but I wanted to bring home a can of their beer for Steve to try and so I bought the Tarte De Queso which was a Berliner Weisse style beer with a creamy flavor as well as raspberry and pomegranate highlights to it. And this is where my heart truly was oriented towards as it was a very excellent beer and was glad that I made such a choice and Steve affirmed that as well. Definitely would love to go to their taproom whenever I'm in Boise.

Eric B.

Love the new location. Plenty of room and good beer selection. Even had a mock tail for under 21 peeps. The outside patio was nice option for our large group.


Love the new brewery space!Lots of room, dog and kid friendly + misters for the summer on the patio.As always, the beers are top notch, creative, and diverse. Do yourself a favor and absolutely make this a stop if you are from out of town and doing brewery tours.Kismet being onsite adds tasty food options that change seasonally which is a huge plus IMO.Great job everyone!!

Ross Dahmer

Pretty decent beer, but they don't allow "minors" (our kid is 7 months old) after 4pm at the new location. Which is weird because we've had our kid at both of the other locations past 4pm. I get it if they don't want loud kids. Even still, it seems like a strange business practice. I don't know anyone that wouldn't show up if there were kids present, but I know many people that won't show up because they don't allow kids. We used to be fans, but now we will just hit Western Collective, Mother Earth, or Payette, all of which are kid friendly and have better vibes anyways. Maybe rethink the policy? No kids after 8pm would be more reasonable as most kids are in bed so they wouldn't be kicking post-work parents to the curb.Edit: Changed to 4 stars after the response from the owner. We're glad we get to take our daughter there now. We appreciate Barbarian's policy change after getting the new location up to speed!

Blake B.

Really good beer! Staff helped with selection and was right on. The food truck ( maybe only weekends?) was really good and inventive. Right close to the green belt so we've ridden our bikes there three times in the last two weeks.

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