Push & Pour

214 E 34th St, Garden City
(208) 488-4747

Recent Reviews

Emily Wagner

The coffee here is the best I've had in Boise. So smooth and delicious! Just wish they offered more than one size. ?

Jordan Hodges

Love this spot. One of the best coffee shops in the Boise area. Great coffee. House roasted. Great location. Right next to the river walk and parks. This one is a must visit.

Brett W

This is a chique garage cafe with ample space to work on your projects, talk, play a game, or read. Sometimes Push & Pour will have a live musician playing music outside at comfortable sound levels. If you’re looking for a Boise cafe thats isn’t Starbucks, I recommend starting here!

Courtney Feider

I love Push & Pour! I first loved them in their Garden City location and now love them in my neighborhood on the Boise Bench. Delicious bites for breakfast and perfect coffee every time + lovely beans that they roast themselves for sale. I can't say enough good things and I am so glad they are in my neighborhood.


The location and atmosphere are great. The staff was very transactional. The guy taking orders seemed like he’d rather be chewing glass than working here at this moment or talking to customers. It was very busy so I’m sure that was a factor but it was off-putting.

S D.

So lame. The place is below average. I had slooooow service, my vanilla Latte was Luke warm, the server told me it'll be just a minute and it was five plus they didn't look me in the eye, music was exceptionally loud, and decor was non enticing. It's like the owners realize they stink at all the things listed above so they just throw in the towel and simply suck. I'm not going back.

Luna Tic

Traveling back to WA State from Twin Falls, Idaho and needed a quick, chill breakfast stop with a restroom. This cafe spot exceeded my expectations! The crowd was so nice and friendly and dogs were allowed! ? Super delicious breakfast sandwich and excellent roasted coffee that made for a super smooth espresso. Highly recommend.

Daniella Bobakov

Came here some time during spring break! It was very busy, but we were able to snag a spot in the corner! Coffee was good, and they also serve hot chocolate here for kiddos! Love the location, super close to the green belt! The place has cool decor and murals! Love it!!

Robin R.

This Industrial style (and located) yet still cozy coffee shop is a short walk from the Boise River Trail and only five minutes from the Riverside hotel. A small venue with both indoor and outdoor seating, they serve a short breakfast menu of sandwiches and wraps along with pastries that complement their coffee menu. My breakfast sandwich was stellar and my latte was both tasty and visually pleasing. Worth taking a break from your morning power walk or as an alternative to Riverside's large and varied, but conventional breakfast buffet.

Suzanne M.

I was so happy to come visit and bring my pup in! The ambiance was super cool, the artwork was cute and everything we tried was delicious. The chia seed pudding was amazing. The strawberry preserves in it was so fresh I could've eaten like 3 more servings. The hot chocolate was perfect for a cool morning.


Very beautiful atmosphere and setting! Nice seating area outside! Very friendly staff! I had a very tasty espresso! It is highly recommended!


Eh, I feel like this place is more hype than substance. I had a pour-over coffee and the barista just poured water onto the grounds rather than properly blooming and then saturating the coffee. I've had just as good a pour over at Starbucks, which isn't a good thing. The overall cup of coffee was rather weak because the water didn't extract the coffee properly. The barista was nice, however, and I love the patio here. It's great to finally get some actual coffee in Garden City, and to have it really close to the Greenbelt is awesome. Now if they'd only actually make coffee worth charging $4 a cup for.

Mary Korte

Lovely hipster coffee shop in gentrifying garden city, wish it had been there back in the day when I had to walk a cross veterans parkway to find good nosh. Folks were nice and the drinks and food were tasty. Why not 5 stars? I ordered the $9 avocado toast and got the $6 version with a few under ripe tomatoes on it. I wouldn’t have ordered if I had known they were out of their toppings ?There was road work going on out front but that didn’t seem to slow them down and it was interesting to watch.

Chris S.

We stayed at the Riverside hotel which is just a short walk away from this place and it was incredible! We went every morning! Highly recommend the PB&J sandwich with any of their coffees or lattes it's incredible! Their breakfast sandwiches and avocado toast are amazing too! Will definitely be back!

Katherine N.

By far the best avocado toast and mocha latte I've ever tasted. And I am from California. ;) The staff were so friendly. The atmosphere feels homey and cozy, especially when it is outside of the lake. Thank you for making this experience a lovely one.

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