Roots Zero Waste Market

3308 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City
(208) 514-2665

Recent Reviews

Mirel Reyes

I love and support what they do, but pricing-wise this place is not feasible for everyone. I appreciate that they always have vegan items in the deli. It's worth checking out!

Justice Kesner

The prices at roots are extremely fair. For those who went near opening about 4 years ago and felt the prices were to high , I would encourage you to go back. I went at opening and found several items to be significantly higher than organic items at the coop or even fred myers. Now the prices are quite lower than either of those stores. When it comes to produce and other bulk items almost all of them will be significantly cheaper than the competition.

Janelle Ogletree

Great little market. I've been meaning to come in for awhile and finally did today. My husband and I ate lunch in the cafe (delicious!) and checked out all the great products and produce they have to offer. Excited to do some serious shopping here!


Wonderful place! Visit and see what they have. Will be going again.Picked up some herbs: throat lozenges, and a breathing tonic. The lady behind the counter was very helpful and pleasant. ?

Debi K

Awesome market! Healthy foods and sustainable products. A great business to support.

Rachael Lamb

Really like this place. The sandwiches at the deli have all been spot on. The deli food in the case is a hit or miss. I’ve had amazing stuff like the chicken enchiladas, and some absolutely tasteless things like the Shepard’s pie. Also, every soup I’ve ordered has been inedible. I really wish they could get consistent in quality because they’re clearly doing some things right and I want them to be successful!

Avianne Ko

Was there with a friend for the first time this week. Very pleasantly surprised. Owner is very hands-on. Great sandwiches and wonderful produce. They even present yoga classes. Check out their apothecary and art gallery space too! Wonderful place: a real gem in Garden City!


Strike 3...Was attempting to collaborate with Roots, but sadly all of my communication with the owner was met with rudeness and varied information. We communicated via email initially, but my email went without response for over a month. So, I called and was made to feel like a bother (even though the email said to call if I had questions- which I did because of the lack of response to my emailed questions), then in person, the information I was given didn't even correspond to the information I was given initially. These 3 attempts at simple, friendly communication being met with everything but were the deciding factor for me to pull back. Unnecessarily stressful.As a customer and community member, I applaud Roots for offering something valuable. But after my experience with the owner, I am finding it a challenge to want to return.

Jami Keller

Best food and prices in the valley!!! Staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.

Ryan Kawaguchi

I saw other patrons being fawned over when they came in. But I was ignored.Food was okay. Will hAve to try their sandwiches.


Be aware of wrong produce prices. I had to explicitly ask to be refunded and staff was unfriendly and visibly annoyed. Not my fault if prices are wrong, and as a consumer it is fair to pay the prices that are displayed!

Casey W.

The parking lot makes this spot look abandoned/closed, so I was happy to find I was able to pop in quickly before improv rehearsal at Recycled Minds. I just wanted a snack, so I went inside to see what sort of fruits or small bites I could grab. I walked in and was lost right away. I didn't see instructions on how to serve yourself granola or anything that comes in their jars. I am all for sustainability but it's sadly not common practice, so I could've used some help. I am generally socially anxious so I will only ask for help if I'm completely desperate. I walked around the small store probably five times just trying to figure out what to get. I grabbed an apple and then went for some granola that I scooped into a small waxy paper bag. I didn't see a scoop on top of the specific jar I wanted, so I used the one on the jar next to it. I looked around after to see what I was supposed to do with the scoop but didn't figure it out and just put it back on top of the previous jar it was on.When I checked out, the cashier told me I was supposed to put the scoop in a sanitization area. I had no idea and mentioned it was my first time. She mentioned some other things to me and told me how people bring in their own containers and what the protocol is for that. Ultimately it felt like the spiel I should've received upon walking into the store. It wasn't busy. There was only one other person at that time. I felt like I was being scolded, so despite the granola being very tasty, I can't say I'll go back.

Trenton Adamson

Cute sustainable bulk store with fresh produce, a deli, and an apothecary. Plenty of bike parking which is also pretty sweet. Come with your used containers and fill up on your necessities!


Be aware of wrong produce prices. I had to explicitly ask to be refunded and staff was unfriendly and visibly annoyed. Not my fault if prices are wrong, and as a consumer it is fair to pay the prices that are displayed!

Megan Crosby

I used to love going to this place on my way to work to get lunch. But recently, I have noticed the people working there are not as open or friendly, I even experienced the owner having a bit of an attitude when I asked her a question. The sandwiches have also become meager. For what I got today for $16, I used to get almost double the amount of food. Such a bummer.. I even did a price check with the Co Op downtown, basically, the same sandwich with the same ingredients is almost half the price. I understand inflation I understand having quality ingredients, but at this point this shop almost just feels elitist. Too bad, as I honestly thought, they prioritized accessibility and affordability to their community. Two stars because the sandwich is still very good..just made for a small child, not a fully grown hormonal woman.

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