Roots Zero Waste Market

3308 W Chinden Blvd, Garden City
(208) 514-2665

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Christopher Allen

I really enjoy the idea of a super healthy and environmentally conscious store. I wish they had more of a selection to offer but they are still fairly new. What they do have is all quality. As long as you dont mistake the employees kindness and excitement for pretentious behavior you will see that they truly love what they are doing and are excited to pass on the info. Hope they grow and succeed.

Kaitlyn E

Best market in town? everything (vegan) at the cafe is soooo yummy I bike 8 miles on my days off the treat myself to the cashew Mac n cheese or butternut squash enchilada casserole!!! Super friendly staff! Cute and cozy outdoor patio! local produce! Local household products! maker space and community garden too! This place is truly amazing.

Eve Gimmel

A fabulous market, deli and coffee/tea shop. The quality of the produce is consistently high, and the deli is a culinary delight! A relaxed place to bring a friend for lunch or meet for tea.

Gavyn Hansen

called them to see about what they have in stock, told me to call another place just to find out they do have what i was asking in stock and when i called back another lady was short and rude and seems irritated to answer questions. just want a nice local sustainable community but seems pretty hard to obtain here.

Jack M.

We love to support local places. Especially those that have organic, natural, and local delicious foods. However every time we or our friends go in, with kids, it feels as if we are a burden or annoying. The food is good, but I wouldn't recommend going there with kids of any age. They just do not want you in there with the youngins.


Well informed apothecary staff. They were able to educate me as well as point me in correct direction for products that would aid in digestion.

Tom Legerski

Most enjoyable shopping experience. Nicole is amazing and she was much more personable than anyone has ever been.I will return!

Emily Stanton

Excellent Selection, Friendly Staff, Positive Experience. I give it a 10 out of 10!

Emily Balluff

Roots is my favorite place in town to grab a quick, delicious and healthy lunch. The soup, muffins, salads and sandwiches never disappoint. The team at Roots is kind and helpful, and if you're new to zero waste they will walk you through the steps to introduce you without making it intimidating. Their produce (quality and diversity) is the best I've found in Boise. I can't recommend them enough!

Trisha Nelson

The produce is flavorful and colorful because it’s always fresh. The deli has creative offerings, many of which are vegan and gluten free. The owners and staff are welcoming and helpful. Whether I am shopping, having lunch or meeting a friend for coffee, I can count on a pleasant experience at Roots.

Marisa Dnd

This place is beautiful!! Recommended to come here by some friends at A'tavola, and was not led astray. Staff was friendly and professional, and product is fairly priced. I ordered a cocoa, bought some groceries and was very happy with my experience. Will definitely be going back.

Ali Boden

Absolutely love their cafe, the quality of food and pastry items is unmatched. My all time favorite place to go for lunch!

Nola Mandels

Roots Zero has such a wonderful atmosphere! I eat lunch here roughly 3-4 times a week and am never disappointed. The food is incredibly fresh and the owners + employees are always so helpful! So glad Roots Zero is here in Boise!

M T.

That chickpea salad-- chef's kiss! Over two visits, we had the tempeh Reuben, vegan Shepard's pie, squash enchilada, and an apricot and almond scone, all of which were delicious! An all around great place to eat vegan.

Erin Murray

I love this place! Everything I've ever ordered from the deli has been unique and delicious and the staff is truly wonderful. I also love that I can buy exactly how much of something I need--as a single person, it's really nice to not be forced into purchasing large amounts of something that inevitably go to waste. The offerings in Vervain apothecary are lovely as well. Absolutely highly recommended!

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