Domino's Pizza

2716 S Lincoln Ave, Jerome
(208) 644-1300

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Panacea Vega

This rad staff deserves bonuses. I always have to "accidentally" leave a tip behind if it's a manager that works with me taking my order & making the food because they aren't allowed to accept tip$... ?? There was/is one male employee that I asked for suggestions for a pasta plate and he augmented my original order and made it 8x even better while joking with me and smiling the entire time. Made my day.... and I'll always order the sausage marinara pasta with piles of ? his way from now on. Thank you, all you super sweet people that most likely aren't paid enough to do the caliper of quality work you do here at ☆jAroma¤Domino's☆

Rick Webb

Had 150.00 worth of coupons that I wanted to use for my school. I was told I would have to pay 1st then get reimbursed through the coupons and that they couldn't guarantee our order in an hour because they were too busy. Pizza hut will have my pizzas ready in 20 minutes!Thanks but No Thanks

Nicholas Francis

Zero stars worst Pizza I ever got from Domino's. When I went to pick it up they have a sign saying please understand were very busy and short staffed but they had no problem taking my money at full price and selling me a horrible pizza. Will never go there again and they manager was rude and her employee told me there was nothing they could do for us. Just save your money and go to little Caesars jerome dominos is the worst just close the doors

Miss KittyMama

Great store! Fast service, great smiles, Chelsea handled my online, for pick up order ? with ease and quickness . Pizza was fabluloso as always . .

K Lyons

Great store! Fast service, great smiles, Chelsea handled my online, for pick up order ? with ease and quickness . Pizza was fabluloso as always . .

Jacqueline Sharron

Pizza was mostly crust, literally about 2 inches into the pizza. When I went to buy it, it said 7.99 a pizza with coupon. The guy wouldn't sell them to me cause he said they raised it to 9.99. So I went outside and ordered on the internet and got them for 7.99 Ive always loved dominoes but their pizzas went way down hill.

Michelle Casel

Ordered the pizza at 6:47 and it didn't arrive until 8:15. The driver was nice but it took way to long to get the order.

Mark K.

Delivery is slow was waiting for the 45 minutes I was told to get an order delivered. After 1 hour 15 minutes pizza finally showed up after driving right by me. driving a truck they didn't call me and now is cold pizza

Eck Senivongs

Choose curbside delivery when you use the app. When they are busy you end up getting a free pizza, because they do not get your pizza out within the allotted 2 minutes.


Even after the site messed up two of my order inputs they were quick to make the ones I needed and deliver them! I really appreciated it so much. I normally wouldn’t have said anything but I needed the pizzas I tried to order since I was feeding younger kiddos. One of which is autistic + adhd so food that isn’t what she wanted is really hard to deal with for her. I’ve never had a bad experience with these guys <3 my 8yo siblings say thank you

Darren Jarman

Placed my order online for carryout, showed up to pick up, tracker said my order was ready, paid my ticket and had to sit and wait for another 10 to fifteen minutes, took my order home and found they had given me the wrong pizza, the wrong chesesticks, but the pasta was correct, so 1 out of 3 items correct, not a good ratio

Cheryl Sprague

Food was aweful hardly any meat on pizza drysandwich was nasty only a few veggies dry meat pasta was dry not much for what we paidOver prices

Dave Seifert

The driver left the shop @ 7:15 p.m. and it is still not delivered! 45 [email protected] ordering here anymore. Will go to their competition- P.H.

Kayla Delaney

Well I called to get and updated as to why my pizza had been out of the over for over 40 minutes and the Manger I was speaking to was completely rude. I hung up then he proceeded to cancel my order. When I called back he was still rude and said well cause you hung up I thought you don't want your pizza. I will be calling to talk to the owner cause I as a manager myself would never treat a customer like that.

David Bruce

They have tables and chairs for eating inside the store. And they have a wall where you can draw with chalk.

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