Jack in the Box

2710 S Lincoln Ave, Jerome
(208) 324-8593

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Jesse and Ricky are very helpful they always get my order on time and it’s always fantastic

Alexis Raymundo

This place always takes forever and never gets the order right. Didn't get a receipt and was over charged . Rude staff . Doesn't matter If your in the store or order pick up forget drive thru . long wait times.

Tonya Boyer

Sad no ice cream available. Food great. Service great. they were sad with me.Food: 5/5

Joshua Hunt

Was there 3am. Got the food fast. They didn't mess my order up.Food: 5/5

Luke Ercanbrack

Unfortunately, this visit was not very pleasant. I don't get to go to Jack in the Box very often and I usually like them, but this time the quality was sub-par at best. I know companies have a hard time finding help and I am sure that JITB is no exception, but the service was very poor and lacking as I waited around 20 minutes in the Drive through. My burger (Sourdough Jack) was dry and flavorless. Very unfortunate experience.

Joe Meyer

Waited for 15 mins for my food slowest place i have ever been to for a fast food was on my way back in to get a refund and finally got my food so slow.

Jessica Howard

Miss every time we come here ?. I ordered a buttery jack (has bacon and no veggies I'm picky). And didn't even get my receipt. I got some type of burger, no sauce, no bacon, a lot of veggies. And they charged me for more than what I got.

Angela Wright

I stopped by today and was told I couldn’t get a medium fry with a large soda. Ok. So I reluctantly buy the large fry(now wasting food and $ for something I didn’t want, but should be worth it for my burger right). I get my card back, and no receipt even offered for my $11.12 purchase. Then I get to my office to eat my sourdough jack(without bacon, because I am allergic) and as I double checked my sandwich I see a burnt bun, burger, tomato and sauce. Yep no cheese to add insult to being forced to pay more for a large fry I didn’t want. I am just beyond mad and don’t even have a receipt. Wow just wow.

steven brooks

Idk if it was a joke but i didn't even got fries on my order ????

Scot Farrar

Not to bad. Customer service was great. Great dinner while on the road and hungry.

Shiftz14 H.

This young man (SAM) was very patient with us, very hard worker. The food was exquisite I will 100% returning for more as soon as I can!!! I really do believe this young man (SAM) deserves some sort of reward for the wonderful service. It's very clean inside and the food came out to us very fast. Great food if you want something fast.

Colin Coker

I recently returned from a 3 state tour. Idaho, Montana and Oregon. On this tour, as I always do, I stopped at as many Jacks as possible to order the TACOS. I ONLY order the Taco. Ever. Six to be exact. I am here to tell you after doing this for over 30 years, THE BEST TACOS I EVER GOT AT JACKS WERE SERVED TO ME IN JEROME IDAHO at around 945 PM on JUNE 29th 2022. PERFECTION. That crew nailed it. I mean nailed it.For reference: I ate tacos on this tour at 12 different Jacks over seven days. I can't get them where I live and they remind me of my childhood.

Denise Duey

It was later in the evening when I told husband I wanted mini tacos ?. We went through the drive through. The young girl working was so friendly and sweet. I'm sorry I didn't get her name. I thanked her for being at work on the weekend. The food was great!

Brandy Greene

I didn’t want to go because of the google rating of 1 star. But the husband insisted. Well it’s worse than a 1 star. I actually gagged while trying to eat my burger, that had the bacon missing. But that’s okay! They added extra grease. My bun was soggy because of the oil. And the sauce was put on the edge of the bun so it oozed out of the sandwich and all over the outside of the bun. It was absolutely DISGUSTING!!!!!! Good thing I have a Coke Zero. Because that was my dinner. Can’t stop and return when you’re traveling. Now can you? DO NOT GO THERE!

Brittany Rhodes

I would give zero starts but I sat and waited in the drive threw four ten min at the window just to get the wrong food then I call and get a bust signal. I am not happy and I just left there about 9:40.

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