Taco Bell

2811 S Lincoln Ave, Jerome
(208) 324-3478

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Eric Smith

Who ever is running the store is very incompetent. The workers can not get an order out correctly or on time. I waited 30 minutes and when I got my food it was wrong. Several other people in the store had the same issue. My dead grandma with no arms could do a better job.

Jack Long

5 employees sitting in the dining area. Nearly every table was dirty. Food was sloppily made. Broken tacos. Split burritos. Do better!Food: 2/5

Roger Marmolejo

Last time I will go to this Taco Bell. Was told to use the kiosk to order my food when I saw employees there on their phones. Better off going to twin if you want taco bell

Abra CaDabRa

10/21/22 11amThat was the day and time I went in. I went through the driver through and the older lady who took my order was rushing me. I listed my first item which was a Beefy melt burrito with no sour cream, it tasted delicious btw. Immediately after she said “okay and this will conclude your order?” In a hurried tone. I said no and that I had a few more things. I then said the cheesy bean and rice burrito. Also tasted amazing. Immediately after she said “okay your total is[]… would you like any sauces?” And I said I had a few more things and she then again asked if I’d like to round up. I said no and she told me to pull up to the window. I never even got to finish my order but I felt too scared to go back in. So yeah, older lady doesn’t have much patience sadly but everything was great other than that.

Creston O.

They didn't except my card. The worker said that the card reader was broke, now of course that happened sometimes but the people behind me paid with card and they didn't have any trouble. I think the cashier just wanted to pocket the money for himself. Pop

Cory M.

So, today has been a day where I've been craving Taco bell, most of the day. Of the 2 Taco Bell locations I've been to, this place has looked the best, as well as been the best price. (20% better priced than the other location) Customer service was pretty good, although it took a bit longer to get my order than the last place. (2-3 minutes, nothing too bad)

Lanny “goose1127” Denton

We have to go to Jerome from Twin because the Twin Falls one, you have to call to make sure the lobby is open to eat in. The Jerome one has great food too and the lobby is open so you can eat there.Food: 5/5

Kristine Tygret

Stopped in the Jerome store last night. After standing at the counter longer than anyone should, a female employee walked up, told me to use the kiosk to place my order and walked away. Not wanting to use the kiosk I asked if that was the only option..... no response? She just walked away.Not wanting to touch the petri dish (screen) full of germs I stood there a bit longer. As I was preparing to walk out Troy stepped up. He was officially on his lunch/dinner break but took time to step up, log onto the system to take my order. That, ladies and gentlemen is what is called going above and beyond customer expectations. What an exemplary employee. Thank you again Troy! ? Troy gets a 5 star.

Dale Bender

We ordered a big order, it took them 3 go backs to get the amount of items correct. We had ordered two taco supremes with that order. We went back, and told them we didn't get our taco supremes. So they gave us two regular taco's. Wait these are NOT taco supremes. Oh we dont have tomatoes or sour cream! DO YA THINK YOU COULD HAVE TOLD US THAT WHEN WE PLACED OUR ORDER? If you go to the taco bell in Jerome, check your order! You've been warned!

Cynthia M.

Giving them only one star breakfast burrito not the best. Bathrooms were disgusting, workers could have been cleaning them. Instead they were sitting on dining area resting.

Jesus Corona

Wow!!! Very polite & very professional staff. My order was taken correctly & my food is really good.

Sara Dye

The best food I have ever had from a taco bell before! The burritos were full and tons of flavor! The lady at the front was so nice and polite and eager to help. My new favorite taco bell!

Talia Burnett

I love this Taco Bell. I eat here whenever I'm in Jerome. They always get my custom order correct, they are fast and so friendly.

Jacob Carter

Sometimes I love this taco bell, but sometimes I prefer a warning when there is an ingredient missing from your food. Three times now I got a beefy melt burrito with no Fritos inside and no worker in the drive thru said anything. Also two of these times there was so much sauce the burrito starts falling apart.

Kandace Hayes

I thought I got sick cause even though I told them I needed gluten free, they must of touched my items to areas that had gluten.. When everyone else got sick that didn't throw out their food cause it was nasty, I started to wonder if the meat was bad or something.

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