Burger King

3872 Ditto Creek Rd, Mountain Home
(208) 587-1189

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Jeffery Dills

So excited to get a job and work for y'all and give it my all can't wait to work learn new trades on on and most of all making friends and just working with crew Manager Note see you 10 30 Thursday for interview Godbless Have a Wonderful Day Jeffery Dills

Bill Johnson

Nice quiet little stop off I-84 the hamburgers was made really well probably my one of the most well made Whoppers I've ever had and the staff were extremely friendly and accommodating all in all great place to stop for a bite.Food: 4/5

The Reviewist

The manager took our order and they ended up having to waste 7 burgers ? and I'm not kidding you seven burgers went in the trash because they couldn't read the directions on the the receipt.After a hard day of traveling do not stop here because you will not get the food that you ordered. We ended up walking away with wrong food anyway because I could not stand to see any more food wastageWhat blew me away was the manager. She was the one that couldn't get it right

Kevin Bergquist

Christine was so good to us at Burger King. She lit up our kids day! Thank you for being a light in the world. Oh and the food was good too.

Alan Crisman

I don't eat fast food much at all, so when I order something that looks good and get something nowhere near resembling the picture, it's a big disappointment.I'm so glad the employees have good attitudes this year with genuine smiles. :)

Airelle Benham

Great experience today with my sister, and the two babies. The man up there is exceptionally friendly, and had us all laughing. Absolutely loved it.Food: 5/5

Christina Greene

Simple order and the place was not busy or under staffed. How hard can it be to put together two large fries and two Whopper Jr sandwiches one with cheese. Needless to say got two mini regular dollar menu hamburgers -no cheese- that they put lettuce and a minute slice of tomato on and double wrapped in whopper jr wrappers and ASSumed we would not notice. Paid $15. Won’t happen again.

Rockford Stone

Service was great but the gals in the back assembling our food had their mouths full and munching away as they worked. Also we walked into an empty restaurant except for the folks in front of us ordering and every table was dirty, had to clean one off just to eat.

Denise Vandenberghe

Horrible customer service! Can’t get an order right and the manager takes 0 responsibility or attempts to fix anything! Ridiculous!! How do you mistake chicken for beef???

Cheryl Gilmore

Food was delivered in a very good time especially for how much we had to get and the coffee was on point!Friendly staff!Food: 5/5

Tiffany Pitts

I didn't eat here, my travel companions did. What I did do was shop at the gas station mini mart which is attached. Let me just say this about that: I've never encountered a gas station mini mart with such a diverse selection of weird stuff in my life. It was AMAZING. I got a Tardigrade lamp, a big foot research kit, and the world's hottest lollipop in the shadow of Satan's toe, and 12 gallons of unleaded.A+++11/10 starswould definitely shop here again

Learning Curve

Wrong order. 7th time. 28 bucks charged for the wrong meal. Pretty much a 5 dollar bill out of MY pocket. Not a hard order also. 2 numbers 2's and Identical. 15 min wait. I'm done here. ✔️

Tiffany Parry

Every time I come here I get awesome service. The staff here is great. I love the impossible whopper!! It tastes just as delicious as the original whopper. It’s my favorite. I wish other fast food restaurants would offer vegetarian meat options. You guys ROCK!Vegetarian options: LOVE THE IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER!!!

Nancy Ray

I'm not into fast food, however this burger and fries were really good.

Joe Ritchey

I usually don't do petty reviews, but when it's this bad... If you enjoy hair in your food, your order repeatedly done incorrectly (like instead of a cheeseburger you get a chiken sandwich), and carbonated water for "Sprite", then this is the place for you!

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