Highway 30 Drive-in

850 S 3rd W, Mountain Home
(208) 587-4476

Recent Reviews

Chris Vogl

Apparently this place has been here a long time but I had never heard of it. Hopefully some more people will find it as it was fantastic! I've had a burger and the Philly cheese steak style sandwich and they were both great. Affordable prices and super friendly staff as wellFood: 5/5

J Cannon

Super yummy! We really liked the food, but would probably share next time, the portions are large! Great, quick service.

Jennifer Teu

We almost missed this despite actively searching for it, I think because the sign is set back from the road, but are so glad we stopped for lunch here. The food was tasty and service was super. The milkshakes were thick, rich, and delicious.

Mike Marchiola

Wow best hamburgers in this town and the fries are great will be going there from now on. Great service they come to your car if you're looking for a good place to eat go here. Cost is less the going to the drive though

Melissa Cortes

This is the second time we've been here since we moved to MH and it's quickly become one of our favorites. The portions are big, the food is good and the service is friendly. THIS is the hidden gem that every small town has.We got the Big Hungry Man, a shrimp basket for the kiddo, and a bacon cheese burger for me.The burgers have a great flavor and the veggies are fresh and tasty. The bun was lightly toasted and everything stayed together.The shrimp had perfectly crispy breading and great shrimp flavor and texture. It wasn't all breading like other places.The fries are hot and crispy.

Mark R. Pope

After reading all the comments of how superb the Burgers are, I must have been the unlucky guy. The Spouse's Super Huge Burrito, was fantastic, she absolutely loved it, but she could Mexican food 3 x's a day, 7 days a week.Jr. loved his Chicken strips. & Tater Tots.My Burger had no taste to the meat. It was soggy wet. As if the patties were boiled to be cooked, then tossed on the grill to be warmed up. I couldn't eat it, but my Dogs enjoyed it. I haven't been back, but since it's only 5 minutes away.I consider myself to be a Burger connoisseur, & I was hoping that this was going to be my, go-to drive-in. I'll have to give em a 2nd shot, I reckon.I'll adjust my review if necessary

Mike D.

Had the chicken super burrito tonight. Excellent authentic Mexican and very good prices. We will be back next time we are in town.

Donald Heinkel

Food 5/5Service 5/5Location 3/5Food and service were great. Portions are large and good flavors. Big menu, family of 5, everyone said really liked their items. Overall very happy. Really friendly service!Location marked down a bit due to bathrooms being in poor repair and not very clean at time of our visit.

Ash Pruitt

If you live in or are visiting Mountain Home make sure to stop by, they have the best tater totts ever and the hamburgers are so delicious, I would definitely recommend this place as the best hamburgers joint in town.


They were Very prompt in coming out to greet us. They have lots of choices, including burritos and for sides rice and beans. I got the chorizo burger, so tasty, and very large. Very reasonable pricing!

Steph M.

Yelp reviews did not disappoint, the food is delicious and the servings are HUGE. We will definitely stop by the next time we are in town. THANK YOU!!!

Nicola Paz

Prices were not listed so that was concerning...paid $17 for carne asada fries and a soda. The carma asada was terrific, the fries were meh.

Busa BOI

Great place for an excellent burger! Big portions cooked fast and fresh... wish I had one closer to home.

Tatyana ME

Meant to call in our order for 6 people but time got away from us.We showed up and ordered in person, they were absolutely amazing, super quick. The food was all AMAZING!!Thank you for helping to make my daddy's 77th bday perfect. ??

JR Kruse (jrkruse)

Wow I just had one of the biggest burgers around. If you’re in search of the ultimate burgers give this place a try. I bet their double burgers is easily over 1 pound of meat.

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