Jack In The Box

3100 Foothills Ave, Mountain Home
(208) 587-2007

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Chelsee beck

Bad customer service. Also if there is not another person in line, why have the car pull forward, while we sat and ate I watched them happen to more than us.

Mario Chesser

Decided to stop by and try Jack's Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Way better - thicker, juicier and spicier than Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I can't believe Jack would knock out Wendy! :°0

Kate B

The guy at the window was really nice. There was a bit of a wait (had to pull forward) but our food was hot and fresh. We are traveling through and don’t have a J-Box near us. It was just what we were looking for

Shanna Dobbins

11/10 service! Traveling from Florida to Oregon we stopped here and the employees (Annmarie and the girl who walked our food out, didn’t catch her name) we’re amazing! Super kind and helpful! The food was fast and nice and hot and fresh! Made our day thank you!

Zam Jackson

Ordered online for pickup and was emailed a receipt. Said they were closed when I got there. Did not help me at all (refund, number for customer service etc.) Just wanted me to leave. Why don't they know anything about refunds? Sad.They claimed they shut down the website but the door wasn't even locked for a "closed" store. Just don't order anything online from them.


I can't believe this place is even open. Nothing against the employee's maybe the managers fault. The food was horrible! Fries were cold and greasy burgers cold and smashed tacos made me gage! I'll never eat at a JIB again in my life.

Miss me

Staff is very friendly fast and 99 percent accurate. Food tastes great and is fresh.Wheelchair accessibility: Yes they are wheelchair accessible

Jeanette Rodgers

I know I sound like a broken record but we weren't going out to eat for quite awhile or many of these places we go to when we are traveling. So, we haven't eaten at a Jack in the Box recently. It might just be this location but I was under the impression that the tacos were premade, frozen, shipped,to be deep-fried at the restaurant. If so then the tacos are skimping on the ingredients with the meat barely included. So much so that I gave husband my second taco, have to buy two, since it was an almost empty crispy shell not worth the calories. If they are made on-site, then perhaps you will be more fortunate and find meat in your taco.

adh__d ominick

This is the garbage they served me. These are supposed to be the "monster tacos" . These are basically lettuce tacos. Either this was done on purpose for whatever reason or they had an incredibly dumb person make this. Never going to Jack in the box again.

David McArthur

ordered a meal and it came incorrect, talked to the store and they put me in the book Fast forward 1 week later and i go back for the corrected burger. Again it was incorrect when i called i was informed they were sure it was correct and i told them i was looking at the thing. then they asked if i wanted to get in my car drive all the way back get the correct burger drive home and eat. After working all day and being very hungry i declined. This has happened way to many times and most of the time i catch it before leaving the store and get it corrected. NEVER AGAIN There are other options nearby that i will be using and recommending.

Tamara Zumbrun

They close the lobby between 7pm and 9pm. Maybe do to staffing, or just tired of people IDK. Drive thru is open 24/7. They are friendly and nice, once they talk to you.Food: 4/5

Catalytic Flow

Hard to decide to eat here when the prices aren’t posted.Edit: don’t get me wrong corporate, I’m sure they’re posted in the restaurant, but we were searching online because we were from out of town, and the only way to see any prices is to start an order, so it’s not the store’s fault, it’s probably you who designs that part.

Jason Tracy

The food there was very good, and very affordable. For just $20 I was able to get a large meal, the chicken teriyaki bowl, and two tacos. All of which was very well made.Service was very fast, I waited maybe max 6-8 minutes in total. My experience was very good overall.

Shelly W.

Sat in the drive thur for 30 over mins. Order food... waited more!! Not sure why it took so long. Fast food must be long gone these days! Disappointed

james byerly

Stood at counter for 5 minutes, no hi, no we will be with you in a minute, nothing. Had to leave and go through the drive through to even be acknowledged. Management didn't seem to care when told about the encounter. Corporate needs to figure this store out.

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