Kelly's Trading Post

83631, 4419 N Pine-Featherville Rd, Mountain Home
(208) 653-2706

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Best Food In Featherville. Highly recommend. Friendly staff. Great soup and ice-cream. Dog friendly.


I ordered in the bar and found out they cook the food next door which is not an issue until 45 minutes later I walked over there and was astonished at the condition of the dining area and kitchen where the food was cooked. 3 dogs were wandering in and out of the kitchen where the food was cooked, dirty floors, dirty tables, dirty bathroom and rude owners/cook. When I saw the dogs everywhere, I almost canceled but I was starving so I waited a bit longer and finally got the food. It was nothing special. This is really a place for locals is what I came to the conclusion and those who don't mind dogs laying next to you and your food!

Brian M

Best pizza in the entire world. Our family goes camping in this area nearly ever year. We tell ourselves it's to get away and enjoy nature but honestly it's just so we can get the pizza here and talk with the owners. Our camping trip just a week ago was "ruined" due to the extreme heat but catching up with the owners and eating that pizza made everything worthwhile. All the stress and frustration just melted away and that is the power of the best pizza and good company!

M Harris

Not clean, limited inventory...

Liz Hosbein

Delicious Food! Never Disappointed!

greg sykes

Super duper pizza and the pulled pork sandwiches are to die for

Trent Young

Interesting goods inside, and the owner seemed nice, but the signs on the door are a little off-putting.

William Rutherford

This little store had it all....from amazing jewelry and gems and groceries. The owner is a super nice guy full of information and willing to tell you about all the gems!

Joseph Bernhardt

I arrived in Featherville starving and in need of a good meal, but the local cafe was closed for the day. Kelly's Trading Post came through with an absolutely fantastic Jalapeno Popper pizza delivered hot and fresh to the nearby saloon. With reasonable prices, they also carry the essentials for camping along with some other odds and ends.

Ian gaming/usa

It's a great job but it's really cramp


We arrived a day early at our friend's cabin and everything in the valley was shut for dinner. So we kept driving north out of Pine and ended up in Featherville and saw Cyndie's. It looked inviting and so we went in and sat down. Everyone was extremely friendly, and we knew we had picked the right place. Although the menu was not vast, it was just right for us, and we enjoyed our dinner.


A unique combination of Bar, Cafe and General Store. An eclectic menu that includes standard mountain fare and some surprising items like fried baloney sandwiches. . Drinks are cold and the pie and cobbler delightful.. . This is actually in Featherville, Idaho not Idaho City.

Scott Mackintosh

Best pizza by far in ALL of Featherville. Great friendly service and will build a pizza to your liking. They take your best interest in hand and go beyond the call of duty.

Kevin P.

We were camping in the area 3 nights. Saw a gas pump and stopped in as my truck is thirsty. The owner pumped the gas for me and it was a relief as I wouldn't have made it back to Mountain Home without a top off. They only have premium unleaded. The next day my wife stopped in for snacks and the owner sold her on a pizza, but that nights dinner was already in the Dutch oven so she said we will stop by on our way home the next day. The pizza was a perfect ending to a wonderful camping trip! We ordered the Trinity Mountain pizza and it was loaded with toppings. The owners, a wonderful older couple, explained they only buy the best ingredients, chop vegetables only when the pizza is ordered, and they don't skimp when loading your pizza. It was delicious. They also have basic grocery items you may have forgot, jewelry, a cooler with soda/teas. It is a cozy place that fits Featherville perfectly.

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