Mi Casa

145 N 2nd E St, Mountain Home
(208) 587-9223

Recent Reviews

Jarold Jennings

The first issue was parking, it's not great. The staff were very kind and treated us very well. The portions were large, but also lacked in flavor. Everything on the plate was quite bland.Food: 2/5

Kory Syverson

The food was fabulous with service to match. It was my first time in but, I’m a big fan already. Very authentic.

Augie B

The restaurant was open but no front desk or waitress anywhere. Waited over 5 min and called someone but no body came to greet us. There was no customers either so im not sure how this business is being run. We ended walking out to another restaurant.Food: 1/5

Racheal Martin

BE AWARE if you order tacos THEY ARE NOT STREET TACOS THEY ARE HARD SHELLED SOGGY TACOS!! Food is tasty but just when ordering for doordash and seeing a photo of SOFT street tacos i had expected to recieve that instead of hard tacos that were soggy...

Marie Lukasik Wallace

Wow!Love love the good! Pleasant, quick service. We’d definitely come back!

Janalyn Gunzenhauser

I’m so sad to write this review. I’ve been eating here religiously through DoorDash for the past month. It’s my absolute favorite food in MOHO. We decided to try eating at the storefront tonight and it was horrible. Waitress staff is extremely rude, we were one of two tables. Couldn’t get a second margarita, my husband ordered a $30 mojacate bowl and it came with FROZEN IMITATION CRAB. For $30. When we asked for a correction we were treated terribly. Had microwaved tortillas thrown at us and and our ticket. One waitress decided to comp our whole meal, while she threw our card back us at as we tried to pay for what we ate/drank (2 margs and taquitos) Every second of our time there seemed like an inconvenience, our tab should of been $70 on a Wednesday, great way to keep customers. I absolutely raves about this place but I wouldn’t recommend eating at the storefront if you want to be treated decently.

Stefanie Volkamer

We were super suspicious but we are so glad we ordered here. The food was amazing and the guacamole was the best we ever had!

Esther Cardenas

Food is good but took too long. We sat ourselves and just staff was too busy. They did apologize and got offered a free desert. We were not upset and enjoyed coming here but might be too much with kids. They need more help in this place and I didn't like that you can see the kitchen and those two ladies were arguing. I don't like bringing my family to a place like that. You never know who can understand you and although my kids seem a certain way well they are bilingual and can understand Spanish as I can. Like I said the food was good but I think the menu is too much for this small restaurant and not enough help for them because I know it takes long to cook some of those meals.


Very nice the whole restaurant. Very friendly and price's we're reasonable. Thank you.

Sebastian T.

Went here for early dinner after arriving in town. Ordered Enchiladas de Mole and a combo plate. The server brought chips and salsa, all of which was very good. Pico de gallo, too, which had a good amount of jalapeños for great flavor. The main course was served on hot plates which kept the food warm throughout. The flavor of the mole sauce was fantastic- not too sweet. The chicken in the enchiladas and the combo plate was tender and flavorful. Nothing chewy or stringy like I've had elsewhere. Finished with sopapillas and fried ice cream. Haven't had sopapillas for a long time and this was very flavorful with a crème filling plus cinnamon sugar on top. Service was great- she checked on us a few times! May go there again tomorrow before we leave town!

Ginger Gardner

Perfect Saturday lunch! Made fresh, excellent!

Nate Nash

This was the best authentic Mexican cuisine I have ever had. The staff was attentive and very kind. The food.... Oh my heavens! I could eat here every day and never get tired of the food. I love that the family atmosphere here is warm and inviting. Will definitely be back. Best Date night ever!

Matthew Pfeiffer

The place was good, but tacos were not amazing. On a single tortilla and not anything special. The meat was good, but the only 2 pork options were the Carnitas and Adobada. Both were good, but neither really amazed me as 5 star. Topping was light, and salsa verde was ok

Allona Shields

I ordered through Doordash. I've done so before and had great tacos. This time I got hard shell tacos. Pretty insanely disappointed about that. Their chimichangas also pretty small compared to other restaurants and my boyfriend got weird chicken goop in his

Kyle Baddley

Bait and switch pricing. We were going to order on DoorDash but decided to just call in and order and then pick up. The Price was $28.82 with Tax. Okay. But when we called in our order and picked it up it was $35.55. I asked why it would be $28.82 ordering on Door Dash but $35.55 when going to their store and they said the prices are different and they charge a Pickup fee.Just wrong on many levels. The food was okay which is why they get the 2nd star, but I dont think we will be going back anytime soon. $35 for two lunch items is insane.

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