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425 American Legion Blvd, Mountain Home
(208) 580-0222

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Diana Curl

I placed on online order today for a large Pepperoni and extra mushroom pizza. At the drive through I'm handed the pizza with very little mushrooms on it. I state that I ordered extra mushrooms and this pizza doesn't have extra mushrooms. The person at the window proceeds to tell me that she could only put 1 1/2 cups of mushrooms on the pizza instead of two cups due to a shortage. I state to the employee that what's she's telling me is that I paid for something I didn't get. There was no offer to refund me for what I didn't get. There was no offer for compensation in another form. I go home and take all the mushrooms off the pizza and put them in a measuring cup. The cup measures out to just over a half of cup. I didn't even get a regular order of mushrooms yet I paid for two orders. What kind of management is running this place?


This place really has gone down south. I usually order twice a month but this time is the last. Ordered online came in 20 Min Later then it was supposed to be done and still wasn't ready. Teenagers were just playing around and talking. Plus did not have all the toppings that were supposed to come on the pizzas.

Vanessa Corrie

I used to love this place! Lately going down hill on customer service. This last Friday my total was for 21.00 I had a charge for 31.00 how does this happen? They have been using the further away register from the window. Only makes me think one thing. Tipping themselves out maybe…. Will be moving my business elsewhere.

WCdubc WCdubc

Best smelling restaurant in Mountain Home. Can’t really explain it. You just have to go there and experience it for yourself.

Donna Griggs

Great service while placing my pizza for pick-up and excellent service at the window.

Hannah Thompson

Do NOT go here!! Horrible service. I will be telling everyone I know to NEVER come here. After repeatedly messing up our orders and never doing anything to compensate for it, this last time we ordered a pizza and came to pick it up only to find that the employees had already closed the till. No phone call to see if we were on our way and they were very rude.

Jonathan Brabant

The manager here is amazing, she is very outgoing and makes sure everything is running smoothly, all the staff were very friendly. Custom Pizza was made perfectly and was delicious.

natalie bell

The food was terrible. We ordered a meatball sandwich and got something completely different. We ordered it from the online menu which HQ doesn't seem to update. This is the 3rd time we have had a bad experience. Never again. Mountain Home is a small town but it's growing and once the competition arrives they won't last.

Chantal Schneider

I am always honestly impressed that there is mostly teenagers when I go in. It's usually super busy but they have good attitudes and get orders out efficiently. The food is always what I order.

James Fournier

Very busy at closing time, they were short staffed and still helped people with patience. Good for them.

Leon S

Good prices. Good pizza. The staff at Mountain Home store has been very good. I really like the young man that worked today at drive thru, he's a great people person. (We've gotten him a few times and he's always been really pleasant)

Nate Nash

I love coming here for pizza. Freshly baked pizza is the best. Not sitting in a car for 20 minutes before it hits your door. Everyone who works here seems very eager to help and can at least crack a smile. Thanks guys for a night wasting away cooking for an hour and some teenager saying "I'm not hungry" . Everyone loves Pizza.

Melinda Carpenter

We like the pizza and have gotten it weekly for the last several years. The service has gotten so poor that we are done. Over the past couple months, I have watched a worker sitting cross-legged on a stainless kitchen cart on her phone while I sat at the window, had to call to get someone come to the window, knocked on window, and honked my horn to get someone’s attention. Tonight I sat in line for 25 minutes (1st car didn’t move for 14 minutes). I pull up to the window immediately after the car in front of me and there was no one there. Again I had to honk my horn. When someone finally came to the window, I obviously was a huge inconvenience. We are done!!!!

Gina Jones

Great pizza and we got a free cinnamon bun? Pizza

Anthony Martinez

Traveling thru Mountain homeordered onlineonly to find out after i paidedit was a raw pizzaall the signs on the windowsnever showed a raw pizzaso i got looked at it an threwit awaynever again !

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