Flying Pie Pizzaria- Nampa

1021 12th Ave Rd South, Nampa
(208) 453-7400

Recent Reviews

Stedfast Nunez

No waitress pizza was great wine was hot experience for to glasses and wine bad.Salad was good blue cheese great.

Russ Belville

I love Flying Pie, but had issue with my first pickup at this Nampa location. Got a Denver Pie that lacked any Alfredo sauce!

Thomas Gage

I ordered around 6:20 online, it said typically takes 30 minutes. I show up to pick up my pizza at 7 and there's a line of people waiting for their pizza's. Come back in about 20 minutes. So I go wash my car, go home dry it off and around 730 it was ready. They said they just put it in the box but it was cold when I got home, I live 3 minutes away. Good pizza just be willing to wait.

A. Luke Burbank

Second time getting pizza from this specific location. Staff very friendly. Pizza ready when they said it wild be. Order was right the first time! Quality seems to matter at all Flying Pies, including this one in Nampa.

Gene B.

Went for salad bar and pizza. Took almost an hour just to get a 10" pizza and there were only 4 other customers. SLOW service, no salad bar and no 6"" pizza's.

Steven D Wood II

the beer selection and pizzas are always great.

Bradley W.

The crust was good but that's about it. This pizza just straight pissed me off. If I had to guess, I'd say the sauce recipe is open a can add a pound of sugar and bam! The cheese was nasty, I think they went to Costco to get a bag of the most generic cheese they could find. I got a specialty pizza and after a slice pulled all the toppings off to be able to eat this disaster. Oh, and I'd love the ranch I ordered, but I didn't get it. Pizza is really not that hard. If I had an oven at the hotel I'd show them a thing or two. I hope this helps to improve this place. Good luck.

Willem Scott King

Friendly service and delicious pizza, the Samoan is soooo good. I love the addition of the Gouda (gow-da) cheese! ?

Kyle B.

Came in on a Thursday evening hoping to get a good pizza boy I was wrong by pizza was undercooked soggy in the middle just all-around a mess. Definitely would recommend another pizza place even little Caesars might be better

Debbie Dunn

Best pizza we have found so far in Idaho. We have tried pizza in 12 different states so far. It is hard to find what we like. Flying pie is very good. The crust is excellent, especially their sourdough crust. Loads of toppings and plenty of cheese. The sauce is what makes their pizza worth coming back for.

Color bop art

every single time I've asked for no meat on my pizza, I somehow always get pizza with meat. I've ordered items that have said they are vegetarian but somehow, without fail, come with meat. ya'll are very nice to customers though.

Tanya Lawson

Customer service wasn't great. Rushed and very short. When asked, "what do you recommend?" about adding toppings to habanero pizza was told, "that's a no". Also, they did away with their salad bar?! Which was, at one time, the best salad bar in town. Blame covid, but other places in town have balanced how to maintain salad bars with precautions...... No longer impressed with this location. It's definitely changed over the last 1-2 years and not for the better.

Lori Duncan

It was my first time there. The pizza was great, so were the staff! Thank you!

Sammi Holden

This company no longer uses their own drivers. People who work there have told me that the insurance was to high so they would rather pay DoorDash then hire their own drivers. It’s such a shame. You have to pay 5-8 dollars extra in delivery fees plus leave a tip for the door dasher. It’s ridiculous. Just another way to put more money in their pockets. Last time I ordered the dasher took an hour (doing who knows what) my pizza was cold and they didn’t get my red sauce. Won’t be ordering from them anymore.


Ordered the Combo. The crust over-powered the pizza. Not very many toppings. Two hours after eating my wife and I got sick. Spent the next two on the pot. I recommend that you DO NOT order from this pizza place. If you do make sure you have some Pepto handy.

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