Los Beto's

2501 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa
(208) 468-4996

Recent Reviews

Bluebell Navaratna

This fast food restaurant always delivers!.. :) The food is always fresh, delicious and great portions, and price is fair.Food: 5/5

Norma Iracheta

I ordered a quesadilla with lengua and it was so gross. It had like a ton of cheese. It was justDisgusting. Never again there.


Always great food with good prices and big portions.Food: 5/5

Karly Irene Schlapia (Pretty Mamas)

Idk What They Are Doing Different But Their Burritos Are Spicy As Hell Now!! My Husband Can Barley Eat Them Now. Literally Had Sweat Pouring Down His Face. ???There's a pic of the menu

Trent Blehm

Breakfast burritos are awesome! I add beans and ask for light potatoes.. the spicy red sauce is fire!Food: 5/5

Tamera Sphar

I usually like Los Betos, but they must be in training this week. I usually order Tamales & Cheese enchiladas, both a la carte with extra gravy.My Tamales we're very dry on inside, don't think gravy on outside made a difference. My enchiladas were not cooked? How hard is it to make sure cheese is melted before serving. This order was like slapped together, not even a "little" melt was there.I added a side of chips & guacamole each. These came married together, needless to say the avocado turned brown. Very disappointed. Might have to start looking for alternative Mexican fast food place.

Ano Mynous

Saw the Los Betos pickup as well as forty or so others drag racing, doing burnouts, and almost hitting vehicles in Lifetime Store parking lot.

Samantha L.

The Idaho burrito here is extremely delicious. I did not expect a burrito bigger than my head when I paid $6.99 for it! The flavor was bold and it was very filling - barely made it through half! That being said - the fries in the burrito were a bit stale, though I did get food pretty late. And it was definitely on the greasy side, and made me feel a little bit of regret haha. Regardless I would forsure eat it again! Overall pretty happy with this joint, prices are low, portions are massive, service was fast, and flavor was great.

Shotgun Wesley Dan

Burritos have always tasted great but I had them switch the country burrito meat from carne to carnitas and they charged me around 3 bucks extra. That's just plain ridiculous and doesn't make any sense. Also every other location I've been to does this for me free of charge.

wayne walker

Always a great place to stop and grab some quick more authentic Mexican food. I always get the carne asada breakfast burrito and my girlfriend always gets the idaho burrito. We usually stop when going for a trip as it's great to take with us while driving.

Abbie Ellinger

Asked for bell peppers in my breakfast burrito and she rang it up with salsa inside instead then when I asked for hot sauce she told me it's .25 extra I've NEVER been charged for hot sauce

She Deleted

Place honestly sucks now not the same it was 2 weeks ago prices went up 3$ now it has more tortilla then meat plus the meat isn’t the same from last time wouldnt recommend it’s trash!

Amber Smith Stafford

These guys are fast, convenient and open late.The food is fresh, fast and you won't break the bank.I know I'm supposed to be anti Styrofoam but these guys serve up the coldest and tastiest drinks around.Staff is nice and friendly.


Great street tacos. Full size and full of flavor. A bit spendy but can't beat the quality or quantity

Amberly S.

Awesome burritos. I still have MANY others to try but I been sticking to the few of my favorites. Friendly staff as well!

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