Los Beto's

2501 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa
(208) 468-4996

Recent Reviews


Best Mexican food in town besides chapalas

Ivan Ortiz

Always has been very consistent in prices, food also has always been a 7/10. So if you want a decent amount of food for a great price I recommend here. Customer service also is great nothing to complain about.

Russell Hopko

Lot of food, great price for what you get, cooked hot and fresh and delicious. Well worth the first trip...pretty sure there will be a second one! Great job little tiny restaurant! Just look at that chimi!

Todd B Maxey

No nonsense just good, fast Mexican food. I hope they are able to get back open 24 hours. No complains, just wish I could get a late night burrito sometimes.

Kelsey “Kay” Pilkinton

The drive-thru cashier guy was picking his nose thinking we couldn’t see it. That’s disgusting ?

Nancy Reuter

Great food! Excellent price! Love the carnitas burrito! Hard shell authentic tacos!

Peter Imming

Best taco shop we have found hands down, very authentic

Chuck Rhynes

Just moving up to Caldwell from the San Diego area we were seeking a good Breakfast Burrito and were told about this place. The Burritos were excellent and they even had homemade Jalapeño Carrots like we would get in San Diego. We look forward to getting a Carne Asada Burrito or Rolled Tacos from here.

Rachel R

I use to love this Los Beto's I would drive from Middleton to eat here but unfortunately the food quality has went downhill.

Kathleen Berg

My husband and I love the food here. Very well cooked and large quantities.

Natascha F.

This restaurant is absolutely astounding that it is still in business with the way their staff treats their customers. Not only are we refused service for the most ridiculous reason, but when I tried to call to talk to a manager, I was refused that as well and got hung up on. I was told there is no management and the lady, whose I've dealt with before due to messing up our order, has absolutely zero customer service skills. I'm shocked at how rude they have been numerous times that we've tried to visit this location to simply purchase food.

Dominic Tartini

Great Mexican food. I love the carne asada fries and the Idaho burrito. The prices might be a little higher than other places, but the quality is worth it

Teresa Johnson

My husband and I get the combination breakfast burrito and share it. It is huge. I also like to get a tortilla and a side of beans. The tortillas are gigantic as well.

Hunter Stewart

Really good grub for the convenience. Definitely best mexican rice around as well. Carne asada fries are great

StaciLei T.

It may not be super authentic but Los Beto's is a reliable Mexican food joint that is always there when you need it the most. I just recently stopped by this location on Easter Sunday at 7:45 pm -- Los Beto's came through when no other tacos spots were open. After a night of drinking with friends, I'd rather pull up to Los Beto's than anywhere else. The platters are a complete meal that really fills you up. We picked up the #8 which is 2 carne asada tacos and #18 tamales -- both came with beans and rice. Simply delicious. The tamales also came with 2 tortillas and shredded lettuce, I honestly don't think that shredded lettuce gets enough credit for how good it really can be with the right company! We did drive thru and our two platter orders came out really quickly. Los Beto's is great for what it is- a California style drive thru Mexican joint.

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