Mongolian Fire Grill BBQ

1220 N Jacob Alcott Way, Nampa
(208) 546-0810

Recent Reviews

Nazario S.

Food was very good ... fast service and very ambiance for sure ... most definitely will be back soon...

Emily H

Mongolian is a great restaurant. They seat you quickly. The place is clean and employees are very friendly. The food is nice and fresh and we enjoy being able to create our own dishes. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Shawn Figueroa

Really love this place! Guy working had since of humor about my missing fortune in as did I.Look at that steam in my picture...this plate of food will warm my soul.Thanks fire grill for this plate of awesomeness ? ? ?Food: 5/5

Traveling Shoshonie

Food was fresh an delicious.. they even had gloves ? to use for the tongs..?.. they used bamboo sticks to cook your food aswell!!.. the tables could be cleaned alot better though they had like a sticky residue on it!!.. all in all it was good!!! Busy place too, cz people watching is fun!!Vegetarian options: Lots of veggies an rice!!Parking kinda is awful..They have room for lots of kids?It's one level too..

Rebecca L.

Very fresh and super tasty. It was my first time in many, many years with Mongolian, but it was a wonderful reintroduction!

Kevin S

Food was wrong a couple times but this time it was right!! Food was delicious! I wish they give you more rice though but overall it was good and steaming hot when I received my food from uber. Great experience this time!

A. Luke Burbank

This is my favorite Mongolian place! They are very fast, clean and always friendly. Love to support local businesses. Keep it up!

Jennifer Riccio

Brian was so friendly and prompt for service. We had small bowl for lunch but so delicious with leftovers. If you use Google Maps, it kept giving bad route back and forth not to the place. A nice local gave me good directions to get here.

Glen H.

I've been here a couple times while visiting Idaho and loved it each time. The ingredients are abundant and fresh with plenty to choose from. The place is clean and the staff is friendly.

Billy Brust

Nestled in a strip mall, this place is a great stop for food while out shopping or visiting the hospital. An intersection with a traffic signal, as well as many egress roads make this area very accessible and navigable. There is a modest selection of beverages, and the ingredients bays are well stocked. It's a newer store and the staff are on top of the cleanliness of the area. Staff is always busy doing something but never so much so to help customers.

Ernie Hernandez

You're going to love Mongolian Fire Grill! ? When is the last time you actually had fun going out to dinner? If it's been a while, MFG is your spot!It's been years since I've been to Idaho, and it's been years since I've had Mongolian barbecue. Tonight was the night to put them together.What's not to love about Mongolian barbecue? Pick out a bowl (small, medium, large - all excellent values), fill it with veggies, meat, sauce, and noodles (in that order, according to a very friendly local patron) and hand it to the chef. He throws it on a five foot super heated disk and stirs it up with a long stick while you watch. Then he scoops it on to your plate.When you get back to your table there is a tiny bowl of steamed rice waiting for you. So don't go too crazy on the noodles.If you are a wine drinker, be prepared for the cab to come out of the fridge. And if you ask for a second glass, they will whisk away your first class (even if it's not empty) and refill it.Not only a highly entertaining evening, but a very good meal. Which is the whole reason I came here. If you're a local and have never been here, you've got to try it!

Nate B.

I couldn't really eat my food. It was cooked fine but tasted bad. Note - hard to find FYI, it's sort of tucked behind things. Others seem to like it but I recommend not bothering.

Nora A.

Walked in tonight to get food to go and the guy at the cashier was extremely rude! We were heading to grab bowls to make our boxes to go and he questioned what we were doing very rudely saying "WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING? Don't you see I'm busy here?" We were not trying to bother him but just trying to get in and out.

Eric Lawrence

We come here once or twice a month for lunch. Its a bit smaller than some grills but the selection is pretty good. The staff is very friendly and they keep the place clean. We can get in and out within an hour pretty comfortably.Recommended!

Jessica Albanese

We came in an hour before they closed and got treated like we were a nuisance instead of a paying customer. They were rude and snapped at me for putting sauce in my bowl. The sauce containers had sediment at the bottom and several ladles I had contained no juice, just sediment. He said I spilled everywhere which was completely untrue. My bowl had very little sauce and was flavorless. He scoffed and gave us dirty looks the rest of the time we were in there. This is HORRIBLE customer service. If you live in Nampa, do not go to this location! Rude!!!

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