Taco Time

304 10th Ave S, Nampa
(208) 466-7761

Recent Reviews

Hope Brimley

Employees were beyond amazing the store was super clean greeted us when we came in food was delicious

Rebekah Orahood

Always my Go-To place.... Fresh Food. Friendly faces. 10/10 for fast and convenient options

Gen. Purpose

Fast and friendly employees, never have to wait long. Place is always clean, food is better than taco bell!

Ricj M

The new Taco Time right next door is just as good or even better I appreciate Taco Time for continuously keeping your recipe and it clean atmosphere doing a great job I will continue to visit this establishment in the future


Can't beat this location. One of the best in the franchise. The foods always hot!

Elane Salinas

Great service the food tastes great like always

Blue merrell

The new location in Nampa is super clean and the service was great. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is cause the crisp burrito wasn't crispy, but overall a good time.

Edith Glazier

People were great , fast and the food was way better then any other taco time I have had !!! Great job!!!

Tammi Cochran

Food was way over cooked and gross. The workers were rude. Got charged for some sauce through the drive thru that is free when you go in. Gone downhill.

Mitchell B

We used to really enjoy going to Taco Time. Recently, we have noticed a major decline in quality and getting orders right. We have allergies and when we order, 9 times out of 10 something is wrong and we have to drive back to get it corrected. None of the staff really seem to care about this issue as it has happened everytime over the last several months. We order ranch or thousand island on the side (that you have to pay extra for now) and don't recieve them.

Chris Dorey

Great new store. Same awesome Crisp MB's.

Vera Lough

No one has better stuffed mexi fries than taco time! They are also the only ones that have the taco burger that I love! And I do love their soft super taco, extra sour cream!

Bonnie Price

Love the place... but it needs to have a longer drive through and more parking places .

Vicki Tyler

This used to be my favorite fast food restaurant. Been coming here since the 60's, so it saddens me to write this review. My meals and experience lately are terrible. Extremely poor service, and staff needs customer service training. I've gone through the drive through 3 different times and each time something was missing from my order. Tried to call the restaurant but the phone rings without being answered. One time it did go to voice mail but mail box was full so I couldn't leave a message. Next time I drove through I told them about it and they said they couldn't do anything about it unless I told them about it the same day. Told them I called with no answer. Said I should have driven back down there to let them know. Really bad service when you pay for items you don't receive and you can't even call to let them know. When you do tell them about it their reply is "sorry, you should have let us know by driving back to tell us" and they just don't seem to care. Also, they charge for condiments now, portion sizes are a lot smaller, prices a lot higher and quality of food has gone way downhill, usually cold. Crisp burritos are more like a soft burrito...nothing crisp about it anymore.

Melissa Lee

They seriously need to do better customer service training or be a bit more picky on who they hire. Gal that was taking orders today (Carly) didn’t only mess up our order but three other people’s orders while we were there. Went to let her know that our party heard the order given and she put it in wrong could we please get the right order. Never apologized and a couple minutes later came to our table to say they would fix it but she needed more money from us. Then when order was brought there was no dressing for the salad (because it was on the incorrect order). Went to ask for dressing for the salad and she let us know that she had to charge for it???? What???? We ordered a salad. It comes with dressing. Still never apologized yet again. Horrible customer service.

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