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Ken Lindberg

OK, I don’t post too many reviews but when my wife & I visited her brother and sister-in-law in Bonners Ferry, they said we would be going to a “gas station” for the best fish and chips ever. We had to agree. Made from fresh cod, a small comes with 6 generous pieces, fries, coleslaw and choice of soup or salad. The cod is lightly breaded, almost a Tempura-like batter and not greasy. Absolutely fantastic! At $16, this is a great deal. The place IS in the backside of a gas station convenience store and is called the Blue Heron Café. Still early September so we were able to dine outside. Very busy with lots of plates served quickly.I hear they have a great prime rib dinner on Saturdays but heading home so won’t be able to try it. Go and enjoy!

Judi H.

Excellent food, ample-sized portions. I was stuffed from the BBQ sandwich, but couldn't pass up the huckleberry cake. OMG - it was a huge slice of cake! So I got it to go. So delicious! And the view out the back windows of the mountains was so peaceful and beautiful. I couldn't believe this place was in the back of a gas station!

Tonya Vaughan

RV broke down on our way to Canada. Our 43rd Anniversary. Making the best of it we dined at the Blue Heron Cafe and it was wonderful! The service was great. Super friendly, the Salmon and the steak special were delicious! And the Anniversary dessert of a Brownie Sunday was sooooooooooo good! Stop here even if you don't break down!

Nancy S.

This is a "non-review". We are traveling in the area and looking for a place to stop for a late breakfast. We were thrilled with the pictures of food and patio, so drove out of our way to make a stop. My husband went in first to check out the seating, hoping we could bring our dog with us as it was very warm that day and we didn't want to leave him in the vehicle. The only way to the restaurant is through the store, so non-service animals are not allowed. My husband spoke with a gentleman who said that they could not accommodate us allowing dogs would just create a mess, and even suggested that no other restaurants allow non-service dogs on their patio. Wow. Almost every restaurant with a patio that we've encountered allows dogs. And that's a lot of restaurants! So we turned around and went to another restaurant that did allow our dog to join us.


I can admit it....yes I drive from Bonners just to get Breakfast Burritos out of the hot case. The staff there at the gas station are great! The staff at the restaurant I have no opinions about. However! The people that fill that hot box up all day with tasty, and I mean it! Tasty snacks, and mains are doing a great job. So thank you mystery cooks! You are appreciated by this one!

Melesha Sonley

Most of the staff is friendly you can find more stuff in here than a normal gas station. The diner has good food they help support our local food businesses by selling their products as well.Opens Early for the loggers and early birds.

Ben D.

their food is so good. they have the greatest chicken strips there. costumer service is A1

Shiloh R.

Hidden gem. This sweet little cafe in the back of a gas station/ convenience store was an amazing find. Not only an award worthy view out the beautiful windows and excellent outdoor seating but really great food and amazing service as well (Trev). The owners should be super proud .

Kelli Smithers

Food warmer nearly empty by 830 on a Saturday morning on more than one occasion. Burritos made with steak fries so they don' hold together and fall apart.I love this place but quality taking a hit

Andy A.

For a place in the back of a gas station, it is a good place to stop. The hot food is hot, cold food is cold. Service was good. The local recommended place.

Lisa B.

They have delicious burgers and the best sweet potato fries. Service was great. Prices are very reasonable.

Charlotte Lukezich

Delicious Fish and Chips on Fridays. There's usually a long line. Nobody seems to mind as alot of locals come here and catch up while waiting. There's a patio to dine and look at the view of the lake and greenery. There's also indoors of course. Great service, yummy food no matter your choice. There's a variety of good eats. You won't be disappointed.

Kathi M.

Within the past month, they changed their menu, totally deleted some of the tastiest and unique menu items, and switched to cheap and lower quality ingredients--and boy, is it obvious! The fish and fries (which used to be light and crisp) are now both heavy with a weird-tasting grease. The "fish" had very little fish (but lots of breading). Almost every menu item now contains bacon-- a trick restaurants use to compensate for lack of originality and to cover for lack of taste. Everything on the menu now starts at about $14.00--expensive for the mediocre fare served here. In the past, the menu and meals ROCKED--but, no longer. It's not the fault of the cook (they can only use the resources and constraints given them). We won't be going back.

RJ Christensen

Love the food here always really good. No complaints about the convenient store. Although this day the restaurant decided they did not want to serve me. Always had great service before but today they just walked around me and made me wait for almost 10 minutes and would not take my order . Then when I went to leave and I told the cook and the staff about it they just said we were really busy and could not get to you which was a lie because there was a bunch of people and they’re getting served everything they needed Except me really bad day for them guys won’t even listen to the customer when they’re trying to tell them that they need to pay attention to their customers all of them not just the locals.

Michèle DS

best place in /around town! such good food.great location. friendly people

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Blue Heron Cafe & Samuel Store

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(208) 263-1146