Rise at 300

300 State St, Alton
(618) 558-2062

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James W.

Been living in the area for a year now and was told by the locals that if we want good pizza come to 300 state street so we did and they were right! Pizza is huge and awesome! We love the Thurs special on the pizza however the price always seem to be inconsistent and they even charge a $1 for the pizza box...which seems odd. Yes the place is a dive but Im not there to hang out and drink, just there to pick up a pizza now and then but my one complaint is that I called to order a pizza for takeout one Thursday and after several attempts, no one never did answer the phone, the machine came on and said leave a message..which seemed very odd, especially when I drove by there and the place was open and didnt look busy at all, so that was a huge strike! This place needs better customer service.

Josephine D.

Super dive bar. Not a complaint. Pizza was fantastic. Will visit again when in Alton.

Tony C.

Great food. Especially pizza and killer wings. Kinda pricey BUT you will leave with leftovers. They have daily deals that are worth it, live music on weekends and the bar staff are pretty good and know how to pour.

J A.

Excellent pizza. Great service. The pizza was cheesy with just the right amount of sauce. Crust was fluffy and cheesy. Will def be back!

Annonymous N.

Someone told the secret that this place has amazing food! Pretty busy last night, but worth the wait. We love love love the pizza and wings here.

Caiti H.

Been in a few times and always on the weekends. Its a loud, average sized, and very local oriented. They have a broad range of live entertainment, so that's a plus. Their food is good. T Ravs and garlic bread are tasty and their pizza is huge! The pizza seems to be their claim to fame and all my friends rave about it. Nutshell: if you're in the area, its not bad, but it wouldn't be my first stop.

Sonny S.

Was introduced to 300 State by some friends - overall, great local bar in Alton with a friendly staff. It's fairly small inside so seating can be difficult if you come with a large crowd, but doable. Besides their drink specials, the main thing that drew my friends and I to this place is that they offer a great pizza special. For a broke grad student, that is music to my ears! On Thursdays, 300 State has a deal for a 20 inch one topping wood fired pizza for $10.99. Additional toppings are $1 and select toppings, such as bacon are $2. SUCHA BARGAIN. The pizza is so enormous, a normal person could probably eat off of it for a week (not me though). HUGE. They also have specialty pizzas on the menu which are delicious. I've tried the hot chick (hot sauce, chicken red onion and mozz) and the bastard (red sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, red peppers, artichoke hearts, garlic, provel and mozz) pizzas. I've also tried bites of my friend's stromboli which was equally as gargantuan and it was uhhmazing as well...also served with crispy fries which is a plus. Onto the disappointments, a couple friends ordered the wings, but they ended up being very small (wings and portion)...I mean, it would barely be enough to feed a toddler so I'd say skip that and stick to the pizza or stromboli. Pizzas took a while to get out, but can't knock them because they were pretty busy with dine in and take out orders. Will for sure be back to try more pizzas!

Jessica F.

Went there on listed hours on Yelp, the door was locked and there were no hours posted outside. Went to their Facebook and they have radically different hours. Really bummed because my friends speak highly of this place. Better luck next time for me I guess, if I come back.

Anna P.

I've only been here 3x, but the pizza is always fantastic. The namesake pizza - 300 State - is a must! Roasted garlic heaven. :) The atmosphere is a little divey, but definitely worth checking out. Some of the best pizza I've had in the area. The staff is always friendly and attentive.

Nathan W.

My wife and I moved here a few months ago and were astounded at how few decent restaurants there were around Alton - especially pizza. Finally discovered 300 State. Great pizza. Seriously... really, really good pizza. We tried everywhere else in the area. It was all just awful pizza. Lower than Domino's. Didn't realize this place was more than just a bar until asking around. Only complaint is that they aren't open 7 days a week. Best pizza in the metro east with no competition.

Dave F.

Masonic Lodge turned into a pizza, bar & venue place. I can only review the first floor bar & concert area. I got there late & missed the pizza, but was told it was great. I only saw the newly remodeled first floor. The "cooler" Masonic lodge 2nd & 3rd floors were not open this very cold Thursday night. A couple interesting touches of street lamp used indoor and two large eyes to light the otherwise sparse red interior tells me they just opened but has potential. I liked the layout with a shotgun style bar in one room with a wall opening into a larger open area. The place can feel cool & intimate on one side, but open & diverse on the other... I wish I saw the other floors. With only one single seat toilet for men & another for women... I not sure how many could comfortably party here. Overall, I would want to come back and try the pizza, see the other floors & see how the decorations on the first floor progress. Please take pics for me of the other areas.

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