Magoos Bar

6550 S Menard Ave, Bedford Park
(708) 701-2949

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Daryl Mitchell

For music...Always rough in the sound dept. Very basic lighting. Played there twice and both booking people we've worked with have quit.Cool game room though. Bar is cool. Bartender Rose was cool.It has potential for sure.

Young City Slicker

Owner or patrons like to take ownership of the touch tunes juke box and limit music plays when it comes to certain artists and genres, I went there one time and I noticed they significantly lowered the volume of a song I requested and paid money to be played which was definitely disappointing. Such a shame that a cool low-key bar would do such a thing. I guess they have bad taste in music.

Lynn R.

welcoming security officer, good music, nice scene, but the bar tender needs more experience. She was spaced out but I still got my drinks. It's a local spot and will go back to try their food.

Maybeline Sandoval

Bartender Kevin was the best. Took care of my party of 10+ the best way possible. His drinks are on point and he is very amicable.

Anthony R.

Service was phenomenal, staff was very attentive in helping with problems with machines (air hockey). Went above and beyond to make sure our experience was great and drinks were great as well. Particularly a bartender named Kyle. Definitely will be returning because of his service overall this place has grown a lot since Ive been there last. Nice crowd, no problems, good drinks, good games, overall a very fun place to be. 10/10

Kevin D.

I am done with Magoos Bar & Grill. Unfortunately I was offered an unacceptable amount of money to leave at midnight tonight and it was implied that the owner, and the event manager, Ben, never heard of me and that I wasn't scheduled to host tonight (I only share events created by the bar which show the days and times I am scheduled to be there.) Absolutely disgraceful treatment to a contractor that has been nothing but professional, polite, and direct. As an educator and a small business owner I fault myself for overlooking red flags thrown up by current & former employers, former patrons, and regulars of my shows. Independent contractors BEWARE!

Ethan Oliver

Much fun performing there :)

Jesse Havok

Cheap drinks and a decent new venue. Looks to be shaping up nicely. They just need to get some good acts booked.

Jesus Rodriguez

Place is very very cool. Games, live music, plenty if dart boards, pool tables and TVs.

Mathew Fernandez

The food sucks very contaminated fridge and food cart where they put there condiments pickles buns and meats all in one place they do not clean the machine where you get your fresh cut fries I can tell you because I worked here male bartender cuts uncooked chicken wings then serves you a drink ????

Fernando Garcia

Don and Ben are awesome guys.Bands are always given an opportunity at there business

Rolando Perez

Don’t waste your timeFood was ok but for that price the talpiqueña at el burrito loco is better

Danny H.

The change this place has went through in such a short timespan is incredible. Aside from being a premier music venue, the wings are the best in the 60638 area code and the staff is as friendly as they are welcoming. Excellent place to watch sports, play some pool/arcade games, eat wings, or catch a concert in just about any genre you could imagine. Love bringing people from all over to show them this hidden gem.

Douglas P.

Do not eat here! Save yourself the time and money and do not even come here for anything. Service is terrible. Loud weird and rap music, no mixture at all in music. Bar tender talked very soft and could not hear here. She just stood. There most the time not offering help if I needed a drink. Waitress and cook totally messed up our orders and it took way too long. Bread must have just come out of the freezer. Food was not warm except fries. Fries was the only good thing. Do not eat the burgers or cheese sticks. This place is bad. Stay away. Bathrooms are not clean and gross. Order mild wings and they were not that great and very spicy. We were here about 3 hours. A lot of that time was spent trying to get food. Some of that time was spent playing pool and darts and waiting for the kitchen to open. The Kitchen did not open till after 7:30pm. Trying to pay and get out of here. Music is too loud and weird rap and crazy music. Not even sure what it would be called but it's bad. In the end the cheese sticks were taken off the bill for the inconvenience of them messing up that order. Still not coming back. I hope I don't get food poisoning tonight. I feel it might be a good possibility unfortunately.

Angelina Miranda

Was over charged and went back to dispute and still have not heard back this was 12/30/21. Just found out my friend was also recently overcharged too!

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