1380 Torrence Ave, Calumet City
(708) 868-3160

Recent Reviews

Mildred Givens

Service was bad, food was terrible, eggs not light as requested twice, bacon burned.

Tanika P.

I like Denny's but I don't like the fact they don't cater to people who don't eat pork or beef. It would be nice to at least serve a chicken omelet.

Bithiah Evans

It was just average but a nice BLT sandwich and the staff very pleasant

Virinia Porter

Upon entering the restaurant , there a sign that states wait to be seated by your host , and there is no one there , the host arrives and I tell her its a party of 2 , she takes us to a table that is dirty and she says oh Im sorry I need to clean the table off . she proceeded cleaning the table and we place our order and I ordered the Tbone steak Inwich I tell her. I want the steak to be medium rare and hash browns , with scrambled eggs with cheese and pancakes , our orders come up and my steak is Well done and tuff and I tell the server my Steak is well done and not Medium rare , she then proceed to take to take the Steak off my plate with her hands and I say wait the rest of the food is fine its just my Steak and she says ok , she then proceed to get a plate to retrieve the steak , I ended up taking the Steak home Inwich it was medium Rare .

Ras Fassil

A busy place. But short of staff. Food was great. Service was great despite the fact that they were shorthanded

Tammie “Mz Tammie” Bardney-Simpson

Great beyond burger, but due to having short staff , there's a longer wait to be seated and served.

Vickie D

The food was very good and exactly what we ordered. Our waitress was awesome. Lauren H is a wonderful wonderful person. She was very helpful and patient with us even tho she was busy. She really seems to love her job. We will return for the food and hope Lauren is working.

Trenette Monty

Haven't been here in a long time! Went for breakfast and it was good, and our waiter was friendly. I tipped her good

Lisa Morse

Had a very nice dinner with a great wait staff. The burgers here are absolutely wonderful, juicy and large with all the toppings. Definitely will be returning again.

Denise Harvey

The food was excellent my waitress Nicole was great. I will definitely come back.

Victoria McPherson

It's still family like atmosphere but the price is going up fast

Gena Miller

It could have been better if they had waffles like they used to have I ordered steak omelette didn't have any steak I asked for something else they didn't have that either I can't remember I was so upset but the service was pretty good

elizabeth santiago

This place needs more staff and faster service .

Sophisticated O.

They Never answer the phone and have all new rude workers there!!!! It's a shame how much this place has gone down!! Just ridiculous!!!

Corinthian Holder

Awesome! Food is average,but it's not all about the food for ME! If I'm honest about it the Waiter makes or break it for me! Waitress was Awesome, courteous, and continuously checking in on me. Food a 3 , Waitress a 5 do the math = Rating of 4???

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