Black Dog Smoke & Ale House

320 N Chestnut St, Champaign
(217) 954-0465

Recent Reviews

Steve V.

If I could give it 4.5 stars, I would. Great spot = on the edge of town, so very quiet (except for the street-walker person who approached the patio and quietly cussed us all out. ‍‍), easy parking, and a cool setting to eat outside. Food was good+ (not fabulous, but really good.). Got the cornbread, which was good. But adding the pulled pork to it would not be my recommendation = made it a little more lousy than your average corn bread. Also the meat flavor and texture was just okay. Service was great - and the drink selection was KILLER!! Too bad I'm just passing through = could easily see spending a few evenings here sampling the various libations! Will stop back if I'm ever im Champaign, IL again. (Probably unlikely, but it's the thought that counts, right??)

Dee H.

I just picked up a pork barbeque sandwich with fries! You had the sauce on the side, coleslaw on the side and pretty darn hot French fries! They were still nice and warmish/hot when I got home. I think your fries are the best restaurant fries in CU! My container was tied up with string, which I love so I can play with my cat! Everything was up to your high quality. Loved that pork barbeque sandwich!! One thing needs fixing........Part of what I love about Black Dog is getting one of those, to die for, slushy drinks!! You told me it was broken again! Fixing seems to take forever, so buy a new one! You only serve those slushy drinks during the warmer weather and time for those slushy drinkipoos is almost over! Those drinks are one of the reasons I come to Black Dog!! : (

David R.

Pros: smoked catfish is exceptional, smoked sweet potato is to die for, excellent beer varieties on tap and in the cooler; Georgia Peach sauce and Habanero sauce both had great flavor and appropriate heat Cons: Burnt ends were too fatty, mac-n-cheese was average, red slaw was meh Would I try again? Maybe.

derreck ferris

We went for lunch and it was a late lunch around 1:42 in the afternoon and this place was already out of their famous burnt ends. I mean it's like Kentucky Fried Chicken being out of chicken. If you know you run out of something that means everybody buys it so why not jack up the price and have a ton of it there's a business model for you. My brisket was subpar I asked for the fattiest pieces and if you enlarge the picture you can see very little fat on it granted they weren't as lean as my wife's plate which is not picture here. The pinto beans were great but the green beans and tomatoes we're not my cup of tea. I would go back if they had burn in but God knows when they would if they're out by 1 in the afternoon on a Friday. The price was too much I have to settle for not getting what I really wanted.

Yuchen H.

Very nice smoked meat! Very nice service as well, except we waited for an hour. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Derek V.

Overall good experience! They have a good beer menu which was nice as we waited about 15 minutes. The highlight was how many sauce options there was; there was a good variety. The meats were pretty good but not amazing. The sides were good, especially the twice baked casserole.

Megan Singleton

The patio was nice and clean. The ribs were delicious. Loved the bbq sauces; Georgia Peach and Carolina Red. The sides were yummy too. The mac was creamy and I enjoyed the elote (served cold btw). I loved my salad. I wish I could remember the dressing which was recommended by the server. It was soooo good!!

Lisette Munoz

The food and experience was overall good! The cornbread, sweet potato fries, and potato salad were PHENOMENAL. I gave it 4 stars only because the rest of the meal (meat, coslaw) were subpar and the mac and cheese was bland. The staff was friendly and our waitress was great! I would also recommend to save the $ and just do a sandwich plate versus the platter. What I really liked about my experience was that you could order a flight of their BBQ sauces. My favorites were the Texas BBQ and the Habanero BBQ.

Chris Hanken

Great that they offer curbside pickup, just make sure you order plenty ahead of time!

Max S.

Stopped by for a quick lunch and to try to catch up on emails while traveling. Talked with the owner and he said a few times that this wasn't a place set up for that kind of visit and would likely have to ask me to leave if he got busy. Had the smoked wings and fries - pretty good food overall. Service wasn't great though.

Avey S.

Burnt Tips Platter = delicious, even better with the Carolina Red Sauce (and sides of twice-baked-mashed potatoes & green beans, of course). Sit outside so you can watch trains go past!

Sarah McCowen

Checked this place out during a work visit. Service was good, place was clean. Unfortunately, the food was absolutely lacking any flavor. I ordered the pulled pork and mac and cheese. Both had zero spices added to it. And there's no way it was smoked because there wasn't any smoke flavor. The mac and cheese had the texture it gets when it sits out for a while. My coworker ordered the brisket and twice baked casserole. Same thing - no flavor. I asked for a dessert menu afterwards, but unfortunately they don't have any. Just not impressed.

Ricardo Salvat

Cool location in an old railroad depot, clean, and hip decor. Friendly, attentive staff, big food and brew menu, and lightening-fast service. Big portions, and the taste won't let you down!

Mindy Genereux

Food was fast, delicious and our server was great! We had the brisket, pulled pork, elote and sweet potato fries. All were excellent!

Jeannette A.

Road tripping from the burbs of Chicago down to Southern Illinois and stopped to grab some bbq for lunch. Place was packed for lunch so I was anticipating one hell of a bbq joint....but came up short for me. Here is why: Brisket Queso- nothing special, melted cheese with smoky brisket sounds amazing right? Well when I took my first bite it was a shoulder shrug with an eh, not bad. Combo Platter (choose 3)- went with the pulled pork, chicken bone in, and brisket. All were good but my favorite was pulled pork. Sides were Mac and cheese and corn bread. Also ordered the twice baked potatoe casserole bc I just needed to try it. And glad I did bc it was the best out of all three. The Mac and cheese I sent back bc it was so bland with a curdled texture, not bueno. Got normal fries instead and they were great! Corn bread was the worst corn bread I have ever dry and crumbled to pieces when I tried to butter it. Thought the raisins inside would have made it moist, but no, not even the slightest bit.

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