Buffalo Wild Wings

907 W Marketview Dr, Champaign
(217) 378-4400

Recent Reviews

Max Mosher

Best wings in town. Good service and beer selection.

Jan Pad

Worst customer service ever!! If I could give them a zero I would.The main staff member at the take out area was completely rude and gave me and my friend a horrible attitude. She had no patience with us even though this was the first time we tried their wings. She kept putting her head down as to not show she was on the phone. Such an unacceptable behavior as if she hated the job. Honestly, if you hate working there and provide bad customer service then avoid positions where you have to interact with people.That wasn't the only thing. After we got our order they didn't even give me my blue cheese and ony gave me 5 wings instead of 6.Avoid this place, go to the other location.

Alice L.

I have ordered from here 3 times and they have messed up the orders every time. Without fail, they have either forgotten an entire portion of an order or completely given me the wrong thing. Ridiculously bad experiences all around, especially when the employees are rude and make you feel like you did something wrong when THEY mess something up.

Jesse H.

I ordered dinner for my wife and I through Buffalo Wild Wings (they use DoorDash delivery) I didn't know that at the time. I ordered my food at 9pm and said it would be 10:40 before it's delivered. I had stuff to do so that worked. By 10:45 check the status. It says "received" I call the restaurant and ask for a manager. She put me on hold for a few minutes then comes back saying the manager is busy if she can give me a call back. I said no I need to talk to her. She then says the phones only hold for a few minutes then hangs up on me....so I call back a few minutes later again asking for the manager. I was again put on hold. I decided to drive to the restaurant to talk to the manager directly, still on hold. I got there and the manager was sitting at at table on her laptop. I'm a manager so I understand she was probably doing something. She comes over and ask my food to be remade since it's been sitting for over a half hour. She agrees tells me it'll be 15-20 minutes. Then I ask about the refund of my delivery and tip. She told me to go through DoorDash even though I didn't place the order through them. I didn't know a order number or a phone number it was placed under. I called DoorDash and they told me the restaurant refunds it. So we went back and forth. Then I realized 45more minutes passed by! Food is cold yet again. I just take it and warm it up in my oven. The management sucks, the customer service sucks, and this particular establishment just plain SUCKS!

adriana vega

Horrible; they never get my order right & the manager & employees NEVER care to make up for it . I called in asking for a specific number of sauces on the side when I show up the gal that helped me said she could only get 2 sauces of each kind because they were "really busy" mind you, I had called 30 mins earlier to place my order...5 sauces of each should of ALREADY been in my bag. When I told them the order was wrong very dismissing she says either I can get my money back or wait 30 mins.. I ve done business here too long to get treated like that ... and when the manager gave me the refund she didn't bother to ask why.. TAKE YOUR $ELSEWHERE

Mika Perry

Bomb. As normal. Covid did not affect their ability to make fire wings and get my husband drunk ?. We had really great service and a short wait too !

Bridget Yaeger

By far the worst Buffalo Wild Wings I’ve ever been to. The beer poured was grayish black and still served not only to our table but also another table. We ordered nachos and they didn’t come until well after the food and they were incorrect and had to be sent back. The server checked in maybe once.They also walk their full garbage bags through the dining room, which is repulsive. Very disappointed.

Andrea Duncan

I'm a frequent costumer and I'm usually satisfied but tonight my order was definitely not what I expected I asked for extra wet wings instead they were completely dry

Priya Chandrasekaran

Clean environment and friendly staff. We ordered for extra wet wings and we were so happy for it

Chelsey Soli

Ordered for delivery and they not only didn't give us any of the sauces or vegetables that were ordered, but the food was a disaster when it arrived. Sauce was EVERYWHERE and no forks or napkins were included. I would never have spent any money here if I knew half my meal wasn't coming... Save your money and find another Buffalo Wild Wings.

Laura Ziegele

Picked up our order and there was no ranch, only one of our mac and cheese sides, and no napkins and utensils for the sides. We were driving through the state so I couldnt go back by the time we realized it. I understand mistakes happen but it was a bit of a bummer.

James Kwon

They never put anything you ask them to. This time, they didnt put in napkins and forks / salsa for the ultimate nacho / and the veggies. You never get what you ask for.

Rocky McMahon

It was a good time and sever was very energetic but times for waiting for brews was a littler longer then i would have liked but over all good service...

Ranada Janos

Worst experience one don't order on line they will get your order wrong second don't do door dash because it no ones falt and they both steal your money and your food door dash says call the store the store says call door dash and your still only have fries and not your $40 order and you did not even order that. Then door dash only offers a $24 refund yep that's right and the store will not refund at all. so beware on what you order. So disappointed. That a company would do this.

PunksN2Pink Productions

This BW3 is FAR SUPERIOR to the Savoy one! Friendly staff at BOTH locations, but this location is much quicker to prepare your order, almost never forhets anything but maybe a kid drink that Greed Hub fails to make obvious, and does not even tell us drivers what it is!? They also have it on a separate table just for online takeout, curbside or delivery orders. Savoy you must find an employee, grab their attention, and wait patiently for it to be prepared, so if order using UberEats, you likely pay extra for wait? Or they charhe restaurant,I am unsure, I just know I get paid more if I wait long.

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