Burrito King Mexican Grill

408 E Green St, Champaign
(217) 607-0073

Recent Reviews

Tim Stumpff

Food was great tasting and service was quick and good. Plenty of leftovers for the next day too. Late night hours are a plus! Would highly recommend for a quick meal.

Kyle Strand

Good food but apparently they stopped giving boxes with the burritos; Which is a terrible idea. My wife and I got 2 burritos and asked if we could have boxes since we were traveling. Her request was denied, I know it's not the greatest inconvenience in the world but it's still an inconvenience. This is how you lose customers by making a business decision that makes zero sense. Also my wife's burrito had ten foil in it. We drive 45 minutes from home to get food here but we will not be going back until they switch back to boxes or have better customer service.

Bridget Brunette

We get a breakfast burrito every time we're in town. So yummy and fresh.

Charice Sharifs

Got the king burrito (extra large burrito), it’s been a while since I’ve been here but it was very disappointing. As you can see the burrito had nothing but rice in it. A very small amount of steak, and nothing else. I got it to split and half with a friend so this is the half. Considering the price ( $14) this burrito was very small. I asked for a burrito with everything and they gave me rice and a tablespoon of meat.


Food truck in Urbana can never seem to get bean dip in my bag. It’s great food. When they pay attention to what you’re ordering. (Has happened 3 times now)

Arko Basu

My wife loved the food. I can't say that for myself. It was definitely different. Will definitely try again. Also it's open super late. So for all the night owls out there, it's a pretty neat place. And the guys there seemed friendly.

Tim Oyer

Very good! Had the steak burrito. Green and red sauce, great heat. I will certainly eat it again. Work bought lunch for us so I cost me zero. I don't know the regular prices.


This review is solely based on the food truck on campus. Had given a try couple years ago and had a chance to try it again.Burrito was cold and slightly chewy… and the tomato doesn’t taste fresh, which I’m pretty sure this never changed since last time I tried…Not much meat and beans in it…$10 for just a burrito.

Dana B.

Great for a late night bite. The nachos and quesadillas are amazing!! I will be returning.

LingXi S.

Good burrito, i love buritto, and no rice no bean,no sour cream is a good choice.i will try other things next time

Alhasan Al

Worst place ever, they have a weird obsession with onions. They put it on everything and a lot of it. Even on elotes. They gave a burrito with all the toppings on the side and it only rice and meat in it. And they soaked it with cheese. Never again

Ashleigh Yachts

Ordered delivery last night; my king nachos was dry as the Sahara Desert and was missing the king like wth

Tana Ward

They knocked it out of the park when I ordered catering for 45! Not only was the food great, but there was a mountain of it and the pricing was fair. They saved my muscles by loading it in my truck without being asked at 2:00am to boot!

Carrie P

Good food, good value. Chips and salsa were brought to the table while we waited for our lunch. Which was not a long wait at all.

Jesse Yan

Better version of taco bell, excellent place to stop by late at night

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