Five Guys

901 B W Anthony Dr, Champaign
(217) 398-0869

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Amnon Attali

30$ for two burgers and a large fries. Fries weren't remotely salted. Burgers are good but also kind of small and we were both still hungry after.Maybe this price is just the norm now but I definitely paid half of this last time I went to a five guys.

Debra Neal

Food was great as always.....had my first shake and it was awesome! Only downside was the price.... 2 burgers, one order of fries and a shake set me back $34! But then, prices are up everywhere........

Dave Mertes

Food was excellent. Service was a little slow but they seemed understaffed like every place nowadays. Fries are my favorite part

Shakhnozakhon T.

The place is nice and the food is good despite the high price. However, the guy on the cash desk is ruude. It isnt worth to come eat here when you see someones spoiled face and rude way of talking. I didnt come to you house to eat man

Ari Machtinger

Only drawback is that just... there were not five guys. Kinda misleading ngl. But the hotdog slammed and I don't even like hotdogs that much, they normally gross me out. But they masqueraded the fact that it was mashed up dead animal in a barely edible tube. Just wish there were more guys.

Mike Fenton

I love five guys so my opinion isn't universal. If you have a nut allergy you'd best steer way clear. Always get a small fry.

Heather Trigg

Came here for first time, was told they wouldn't wait on me until I put a mask on. All the while their employee had their mask down below their nose, patrons sitting waiting on food no mask nothing said to them. Prices outrageous. I will NEVER be back

Jackie Shipley

Great place even during the mask mandate the staff is really good

James Greene

Great burgers and fries! A little high priced but it's a large amount to eat and everything is always delicious.

Jay Miller

Won’t be able to come back since I have a medical condition that prevents me from being able to wear a mask. Even though I’ve been “vaccinated” 3 times in the last year. Ahh well there loss. This place is un-American. I ended up going to the Chinese buffet across the street a got 5 times the food for half the price and I’ll probably go back there tomorrow for lunch.

George Huss

I arrived at 925 pm and I asked if they were open. One team member looked at the other and the other one nodded her head and said they ran out of product. It's odd that there seemed to be a disagreement between the two whether they were open or not. If they truly ran out of both hamburgers and hot dogs, why were they open inside and did not lock the doors. It seems shady and I'm disappointed to drive out of the way to visit one of my favorite burger chains.

Rozza Fezza

damnnnnnnn this was the ORIGINAL FIVE GUYS that i went to in the states and what an impression - best burgers going and to top it all off they have a coke freestyle i had my first coke raspberry here, hot wheels beat that son

Kendall Harden

I’ll keep this short and sweet with this review!!! We all know Five guys is a hit or miss when it comes to the food - well today was a miss , customer service here was rude - from making fun of customers because of the way dress is inappropriate- your establishment is trash and needs to be retrained on how to treat people properly this was the Friday crew working -

Debbie M

This place needs to be cleaned & kept cleaned. There is no need for the whole floor to feel slippery from oil grime. For the cost of burgers here, quality should be important!

Larry Haile

Good food, terrible prices. $11.36 for a bacon cheeseburger? Way over priced, this is my one and only time eating there. The whole meal was over $23. Live and learn.

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