Joe's Brewery

706 S 5th St, Champaign
(217) 384-1790

Recent Reviews

Leslie Villarreal

Didn’t let us in claiming we made fake ids, liars never go in. music didn’t even sound good.

Jared O'Shaugnessy

Folks, I regret to inform you all that I have seen many health-code violations at the So-Called "Brewery". The infractions consisted of Joes employees participating in the act of "Body Shots" with customers. I don't know of. anything more unsanitary than this. Also, why are they called a brewery if they don't brew beer there?

Jacob G

A block after leaving Joe's I realized I had lost an item and went back to search for it. One worker opened the exit gate so I went inside, only for bouncer to yell that because I had stepped out thirty seconds prior I had to leave. I tried to explain I had lost item and asked if if he can help me find it only to be told "No!!!" and get pushed out. Stood in line to get back inside only for the rude manager to inform me I wasn't allowed in anymore because I was "too drunk" (laughably false but I guess it's their default response to mask egregiously unprofessional behavior). Manager offered one of the most backhanded "apologies" I had ever heard, zero willingness to help me find lost item and said that the bouncer pushed me because he was "stressed." In bouncer's defense, if I worked for such management, I would be stressed too!Don't line the pockets of these scums...Zero stars!

Derick O'shaughnessy

On June 13th 1893, Thomas W. Steward invented a device we all know and love today, called the mop. Joes Brewery has apparently not heard of the so-called mop since its inception in 1893. Their floors are stickier than other establishment on campus, enough to pull your loafers right off your feet. Additionally, the establishment smells as though someone vomited and had explosive diarrhea all over the establishment. I will not be returning to Joes and their so-called "Brewery".

Louise R.

Griffin gresge best bartender ever!!! So nice and awesome we love him so much slayyyy griffin


Great food, great music, great owner, great staff, great bartenders. I love this place and I had some of my best memories here. I think the owner is a very nice and smart guy and that’s one of the reasons why this place has it all. If you wanna party, they have a huge space in the back with big mirrors (if anyone claims to have a dance bar and they don’t have mirrors there, they don’t know the business at all) and great DJs and light and music. OMG I’ve been to some of the fanciest bars in California but none of them can beat my experience from Joe’s. Totally worth the time (to stay in the line) and money (cover fee and drinks).

Victoria Perez

Nice experience. Haven't got there to eat

sheckle muhammad

The drinks? Delicious. The food? 5 star. The doormen? Drop dead gorgeousIf your looking for the best bar in Champaign, look no further

Nina Avis

The bartender arden is amazing. She was the nicest person ever and it’s great at her job. I purposely kept going back to her because the interactions were super nice. She deserves a raise!

Steven Maglio

Their mimosa deal is great but the bugs, spilled beer everywhere and the overpriced food make it a tough sell during the week but it's a good atmosphere overall

Zane Kuecks

Charged $20+ for drinks I didn't order then told it was non refundable

Eddie Czosek

Drinks watered down and they still charge cover when place is dead empty.

Tyler H.

The menu is hella small now and I've been here for over an hour now and I still have yet to meet the waitstaff, I've even asked to have her come over. Pitiful bar and the grill isn't real I guess. Ridiculous!

john wilson

Rockin the u of i campus great place for your college students to hang

Jesus Martinez

Great place to interact with people. Good music, has 2 floors. With outdoor patios. Drinks are decent. Good prices.

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