Oishi Hibachi Steakhouse

2501 N Prospect Ave, Champaign
(217) 398-6888

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Terri T.

I have been eating at Oishi Thai Restaurant, Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL, at least once a week lately. Today was the last time. I was charged dinner price for a lunch meal. The lunch meals are already expensive for what you get. Then to be charged more for no more food is not acceptable. They were rude when I called to question their goof up. The owner told me to find a cheaper Chinese Restaurant if I could. I know I can. That is not the point. It's no wonder they don't have very much business.

Darrin Way

First visit to a hibachi grill. Not bad. The wait to seat wasn't to bad.

lee Alexander

This is me and my fiancé's favorite sit-down restaurant in the CU area. The portions are great, priced reasonably, and whenever we order to-go it's ready at pick-up time. The only drawback is that because it's the hibachi in the area and for the reasons mentioned above, it's also enormously busy, expect a wait for a table.

Sarah Mungaray

I have been going to this sushi place for over seven years. Let’s just say I order at least thirty dollars worth for my self almost each week. I started ordering online for my orders. Over the last six months their quality has gone down nor have they followed instructions when you put them. I clearly state that I am allergic to ginger and a few times they have put it in my orders which means that I cannot eat it. When I got a refund as I went through a third party they got highly upset over the fact that I even asked for a refund. On top of that my last few orders were all missing items that I asked for. When you call them they give you a nasty attitude about it as if you inconvenienced them. As of right now I won’t be eating there again. Nor would I recommend them to anyone.

Gen F.

I have been going to Oishi Hibachi Steakhouse for almost 6+ years. I have up until this point gotten fantastic service and food without complaints. However, that is why I have such a heavy heart while writing this review. The only reason they are getting a 2 is because they did correct one of the issues kind of and they got what appears to be 50% of the order correct otherwise it would be a 1. When I place an order it is usually a pretty large order. Tonight started no different with me placing an order for 6 rolls (2 large rolls ($14-$15 each) & 4 classic rolls $7.00 - $7.50 each). When I got the order, I checked it real quick and happened to see a sauce on one of the rolls that I recognized (as I am deathly allergic to it) but I wanted to make sure if it was I got it corrected. Now this roll was not suppose to have any of this specific sauce on it per the menu which is why I didn't state to remove it when placing the order. I have done this on other orders when I see that sauce listed because I am so allergic to it. I happened to see that it was on the roll. I went back inside and asked them if it was (which I knew it was but I wanted to see what they would say) and they said no but we will go check to make sure. They did go back and speak to the sushi chef and sure enough it was the specific sauce I can't have. They did redo the order which would be expected. However, the front desk representative gave me quite a bit of attitude about making sure I state not to add that sauce even though that sauce wasn't suppose to be on it in the first place.I had never been treated like that there and I was very annoyed but I was willing to let that go even though I can go several other places for similar food. Now I drive usually a decent length of time to go to Oishi when I go there as I do not live in Champaign. I get home and take out all the rolls (as I only did a cursory review of the order) and find that at least two more or more (might have been up to 4) of the rolls were not made correctly (per their menu). If it was what I received, I would have never ordered the rolls I got. Needless to say if I return at all, it will be a long time from now to see if they get things back into order. I do understand everyone has an off day and am usually lenient but I can't be this time.

david salmon

Food is very good! wife's steak was overcooked and they replaced it within 5 minutes. Very nice family ran business! Price was reasonable also. Highly Recommend for Japanese!

Denise Jayne

Wonderful customer service. We celebrated my mom's birthday and they treated her so well! Food was amazing as always.

Bob Johnston

Very good food and very good show


Love this place great food and great vibes in here. 1 of my favorite spots in town.

Ken Mueller

Food is awesome and the preparation is entertaining

Ella Hale

Great for kids! Chefs cater to make it special for the kids and it is amazing :)


loved the fact that they had petitions between each party due to COVID. however wasn't too impressed with the food.

Bob Myers

Good Sushi and Sashimi. Restaurant is well kept. My only complaint would be the drinks are off even the water tasted funny when I was there.

Monique Pierre

The food was delicious The chef was very nice and entertaining..I just didn't like that we had to sit so close to strangers..

Ryan Roark

Great experience hibachi side. Good staff, top quality great food. Extremely pricey though. Went one night with a group of coworkers and it was well worth it, got plenty and it was great. Ordered lunch kitchen prep at a regular table with coworkers another day and same experience. Went tonight just me and my partner and did not have a good of experience at all. Had strangers seated directly on either side of us at grill. They ordered similar and my partner and I got literally a quarter to half of the portions i had previously gotten on prior visits. he was overzealous with the dishing out to the two groups on our sides but not so much to us. We demolished our plates and left hungry still and spent over 80 bucks. Absolutely NOT worth it this trip. If this had been my first experience, I never would have went back. But I figured maybe it was an off-day. Ill give them another chance, but they need to step up the consistency and not pick favorites when dishing out. I feel like I paid for part of a strangers meal.

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