Taco Bell

512 E Green St, Champaign
(217) 344-9649

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Graham White

This places employees are so lazy they try to make doordash drivers help them until ready

Sankalp Jain

Ambiance is good, with decent dineIn. The service is also good, staff is welcoming and friendly. There is a self user menu/checkout for customers to order food which is a plus point for them to explore. A negative thing is that all online available options are not available in this restaurant chain. Less vegan options. Not so over the top taste. I didn't like the concept of mashed beans in burritos and and tacos. Not so extraordinary taste. The deals here are economic and pocket friendly.Vegetarian options: Less vegetarian/vegan options.

Chris Sudlow

Fire the entire staff and start over. This is the largest collection of trash employees I have seen in a while. Thanos this crew immediately. Food is awful, doors locked, lights off, chairs turned over tables, and staff hides in the back. I know people use worst and best loosely today, I can assure you this is an awful restaurant with even worse mgmt. Never eat here, the staff would prefer that anyway.

Jon Sudlow

I'm a door dasher and go too every place on green. This is by far the worst I've experienced. They lock the front door, keep the lights off, keep the chairs on the tables and hide in the back too discourage people from coming in. When you try and talk too the taller black lady she has nothing but angst and attitude. Good luck talking because she points to her ear buds as too why she can't hear you...how rude. Another of her excuses is the computers are down when they are not. Corporate needs too intervene and fire this horrible staff and start over. Do not go here you have been warned.

Della Griffin


Madison G.

I understand that this is a college crowd and don't blame the employee's but waiting an hour + for your food and then not getting the order correct, seems like an illegitimate business and should close earlier if the business cannot be handle. Unfortunate use of the company and for the customers...

Maya W.

Look, I know it's Taco Bell but I and many others were waiting for 40+ minutes last night. That's not even the part I'm upset about though, I'm upset because apparently whatever system they use deletes orders after 45 minutes, while this isn't anyones fault it was extremely aggravating to have to wait for so long only to find out my order had been deleted and they weren't going to make it. If you see that someone has been standing at the counter for over and hour and you know your system deletes orders after 45 minutes it might be a good idea to ask them what there order was. If I hadn't asked about the status of my order I never would have found this out and presumably would've just stood there until it closed without ever getting my order. The people working were very rude to all of the customers who despite waiting for over half an hour we're very understanding, generous with tips, and trying to keep the energy lighthearted because it was so busy. My heart goes out to the people who were working there, at the same time it was just an extremely disappointing experience and the rudeness was completely unnecessary.

Alizain Bandukwala

Service is fast for late night food and open until 3 am. Food quality sometimes isn't the best but open late.

Salam Herbs

It’s nice this place is employing the unemployable but you should just avoid.. aside from the trouble and hassle you’ll face with the special Ed staff they’re just very unsanitary. Place is absolutely ridiculous.

Neil Kozlowski

I was charged for the wrong thing, then when I asked for the money back the manager (I think) started making a huge deal said it was my fault and told them not to serve me AFTER I paid. When I wouldn't leave and kept asking for a refund she said 'oh sorry the computer's down', told them to give me 'my' food and that she was calling the police. Do not eat here.

Josh Merwine

It’s nice this place is employing the unemployable but you should just avoid.. aside from the trouble and hassle you’ll face with the special Ed staff they’re just very unsanitary. Place is absolutely ridiculous.

Joel B

Absolute criminals. Placed an order online(Paid in full) and when I show up they refuse to give me a refund or the food I purchased because they are closed. It’s lunchtime and their hours state they are open. The manager comes and they say they will make it anyway. I think “oh great. They will honor my purchase.” Nope- they then ask for payment(cash only). One- I don’t have cash. Nobody does. Two- I ALREADY PAID FOR IT AND SHOWED THE TINY MANAGER THE RECEIPT. The manager should be fired.

dan landis

Rude service. All doors were locked so went to drive through for a grub hub pick up and they asked if all doors were checked. We watched them go to one of the doors while we now waited in the drive through and unlock it.

Jay Miller

This location is so bad w/ some horrible employees that are slow (in ever way) don’t mess with it. It’s evident any sort of management is nonexistent.

ÆstralJimmy “Himmy”

they ran out of the chicken thing that my gf liked and i overdosed on hate because i hated that you guys took it off. i’m dead btw. -5 stars

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