El Rancherito

819 W Lincoln Ave, Charleston
(217) 345-5038

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Mis Tea

This place has always been one of my local favorites but honestly it's sort of gone down hill the last couple years. Drinks are weak and food is just a bunch of filler food like salad and peppers, barely any edible meat. But the salsa is really good and I love their warm chips!

Alissa Kinney

I'm on a small get together with my friend. We both live in different states and Charleston was the halfway point. With that said we loved that there was a restaurant close to the hotel we chose.We were seated promptly and asked for our drinks. Red flag 1. The waiter wasn't listening to what we were saying. Kept interrupting my friends kid so, the waiter wrote my friends drink down wrong and repeated back the wrong drink for the kid. Red flag 2. He still brought my friend a water instead of a soda like she wanted. Red flag 3. Our food came out so weird. My friends son is picky and order american food; the order came out in separate pieces and the fries were soggy with oil. Red flag 4. I ordered tacos and my tacos barely had anything on them. Barely any meat, or cheese but loads of lettuce. Red flag 5. I have a soft spit for ice cream and I'm on a mini vacation so I ordered the fried ice cream. It was frostbitten so bad I was chewing ice crystals and ultimately ate around the ice cream. They tried to cover the condition of the ice cream by drowning it in whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce. Red flag 6. We weren't asked one time or even just brought refills. Red flag 7. My friend paid for her order in cash and the cost on receipt was what she had to pay. I was charged an extra $.98 and when I asked why they told me it was tax. I still tipped because I worked food before and that stuff is tough but when we came in there was literally only 1 other car in the parking lot so I expected better.Depsite the issues, the food was still good.

Andrea Reed

The food was a bit salty, but still tasty. The salsa was really good also. Great service too.

Alejandra Galvan

I placed a pick up order to go over the phone and there was a lot of miscommunication. They told me it would be ready in 15-20 minutes and when I got to the restaurant, I was told no one called for the order. Good thing I didn’t pay but it was just a waste a time.I would probably eat in in the near future but it’s just an inconvenience if you want to place an order for pick up.

Chloe Dodd

We had the worst experience here. We were treated very poorly. Called mean rude things and the food was bleached flavored

Britt S.

We have been coming here for years; the food is always good and the service is excellent. The queso is the best cheese dip I've ever had from any Mexican restaurant.

Brian Anderson

Good food but they messed up our order and it cost me 45.00 for 2 people

Tonia White

Great food, friendly staff

Cade Grimm

I rarely give 5 star reviews but without a doubt this place has the best carnitas I've ever had. I've had them at just about every other Mexican restaurant I've ever been to and I've always thought they were great but they are all pretty much the same, along with everything else on their menus (especially in central Illinois). But this place stands out. It's not even close. The server was very friendly and attentive.

Tommy Mac

A lot of these area Mexican restaurants are so similar that they actually have the same menu and decor. Regards of that El Rancherito is a solid, reliable place to eat. The food is good, the service is very friendly and prompt. They do chicken really well here, so, if you are unsure what to get, go with anything that has chicken breast. I especially recommend the chori pollo.

John Proffitt

Small place, but that makes it kinda cozy. Food is good and features both classic meals and quicker options if you're in a lunch rush.

Aaron Cunningham

Great staff and food at a great price.

Cheyenne Bear

Food was horrible, can't even get my order right and took countless trips to and from our table....horrible English and understanding of what we were answering and very rude. I'm very disappointed and will not be back again!!

Margaret Neuburger

The service was quick and the staff was friendly. I had the carnitas and they were flavorful and authentic. Portions are a good size too. The chips and salsa were fresh and really good as well. I will definitely be going back.

Jeff Wenger

Good food at this Mexican restaurant. We came with a big group and they gave excellent service!

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