Chili's Grill & Bar

9720 Ridgeland Ave, Chicago Ridge
(708) 424-9866

Recent Reviews

Monte Oliver

Walked in with two other coworkers that had never been to Chilli's before. I spoke hiley of the food, the staff looked up at us like what are you doing in here. We sat our selves and no one came to greet us for 15 minutes so we started to leave and noticed that they had a security guard at the door. This must be a rough place to get a bit to eat, if the service was bad I don't want to know what the food tastes like.Very disappointed because I have eat at other Chilli's and had great service and food.We went to the Texas roadhouse instead and they have great staff that helps everyone and the food was amazing.

Crystal G.

Good food. Dependable. Got a couple of burgers and dinner for later on one of those days where I did not feel like cooking at all. So Chili's handled lunch and dinner. I would go back. It was tasty and they included everything in my to-go order. Sounds simple but highly underrated act.

Emma Iheanacho

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Rosanna W.

Good customer services from my waitress. My friend and son brought me here to have a birthday dinner with me. Our food was good and the drinks was also good. The ambient is nice as well. Everyone is welcome.

Betzabeth Salinas

Compared to other Chilis this one was very clean, we were greeted upon entry. There was no wait. Our food came out pretty fast.Very good service, our server made sure to offer dessert at the end. As we left the manager opened the door for us and thanked us for stopping in. Will definitely be coming back!

Tyeisha H.

I get it it's cold I get it it's cold outside, but maybe you shouldn't take all my orders for pick and have people sit outside and wait for 20 minutes just to find out that you guys are not coming outside maybe you should emphasize that instead of having the option open because you wasted my time and the other people that were outside !!!

Damian P.

Never was a fan of Chilis but wow! I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it as I did. If you come, take out your phone and join their rewards program for free. Why? Because you can instantly get gifts such as an order of their homemade chips and salsa. So our waitress (Margaret) said yes I can order those for you and follow easy instructions online and they will deduct it at end of your visit. Now, this is what I'm talking about, these Chios were good and fresh. And our waitress was kind enough to bring us a bag for our chips to go and salsa. I can appreciate this as this was a pleasant surprise. I had the Mexican bowl which consisted of a bunch of Mexican-inspired foods (I am Latin so I can tell this is traditional Mexican, but I digress) but I did like the flavors and the fact that it was Mexican tasting. I did order also order a bloody Mary and I was excited! Wah, wah, wah, wahhhhhhh. It was a simple bloody Mary with a salt-rimmed glass. That was the whole disappointment of my visit. Although good at best, I expected a celery piece, a lemon wedge, or even a bacon. It looked too plain to be called a bloody Mary. Sorry, I love bloody Marys and appreciate how they look so they lost points here. Anyone can make a bloody Mary, but it shows appreciation to customers when the Marys are dressed to the 9's. Food for thought Chili's. But overall we appreciated the dishes and the fajitas! Now I will say the fajitas were amazing. The combo (3 choices for one price) was masterfully done. Steak, chicken, and shrimp were all made to perfection. I appreciate that! So try them out and see what I am saying for yourself. Qe came on a Saturday at 11 and that was the perfect time!

Alesha W.

I first want to commend the staff working here under such conditions of being EXTREMELY understaffed during a lunch rush! There was literally only ONE server for the entire dining area and she was absolutely phenomenal! Bless her sweet heart. With that being said, please do not expect fast service and come with a lot of patience and understanding. The food was delicious though and well worth the wait so that in itself will definitely bring me back again.

Brenden K.

I loved it it was awesome and I really enjoyed the food and the service was great and the ambiance was nice

Inis “Niece” Ward

I was excited to go haven't been in years, but the food was not how it used to be before the pandemic. The food tasted as though they just warmed it up in a microwave or toaster oven. It was so processed. How a high note customer service was great!!!Food: 3/5

Felipe M.

It's a national food chain ‍‍. Not much to talk about. Drinks were decent, food was good.

Samantha Pratus

Ordered Texas cheese fries and Honey chipotle chicken crispers. Fries were old and bland and found a piece of hair on my very undercooked chicken. Called to let them know and they would only refund me the full amount if I brought the food back. Hate to be one of those people to complain but i used to love coming to this location but never again will I eat at chilis. ??

NoLonger InUse

Customer great. Robot... NO thanks. The place wasn't busy and there was no need, I get stimulus overload easy and I don't think certain people were thought of when this invention came into ideation. I don't know. I'm def going back. And I'm def going to request a HUMAN.

Charlese H. M

It’s clean , cozy, pleasant. Robert was my server for tonight. He is such a delight to have. Waiters greet u who isn’t serving, manager is pleasant. This is such a great environment to be in to eat. The seating was quick which is a plus.The food is good , hot, and fresh. Yummy to my tummy!!

Melissa Bee

Ordered curbside and was served moldy cheesecake!! It was evident that most of the mold was scraped off of other parts but they forgot a piece. I'm very allergic to mold so this could have been really bad!! How absolutely disgusting.

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