Sarku Japan

468 Chicago Ridge Mall Space FC 15, Chicago Ridge
(708) 423-1220

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Lyssa Schwarz

Nice little fast food place in the local mall food court. Your choice of steak, chicken , or shrimp with white rice, fried rice, or udon noodles. Vegetables come with if that's your style. Most of the employees are very friendly, a couple are just putting in their time. But in the 10 years I've been frequenting this location, they have never gotten my order wrong!

The Martinez Show

Good food honestly recommend! Workers tho look lazy and tired

Leah Lacher

I’m leaving a review here even tho this was from Orland Park, IL Mall. This location is now closed and this will be the biggest loss Orland mall will ever see in the food court. Had to give a 5 star review to say they will be truly missed and I hope an independent sarku will pop up somewhere nearby!

Yuyu Palestine

chicken teriyaki and noodles are my favorite…. and the staff are polite and friendly

Lisa McKinley

We get carry out from Sarku at least once a week and their food is always amazing. They make the BEST teriyaki chicken, everything is fresh and made to order, generous portions and cheap. The guys that work there take a lot of pride in their restaurant, and they have great customer service (a rarity these days). Quick, delicious, cheap and service with a smile every time!

adriana mejia

There chicken teriyaki is one of the best . Well cook and great cooks

Venus Lima

The food was really good. The Staff was amazing and friendly. I suggest this place to anyone who likes delicious and affordable food. Will be coming back for more


I would’ve give better review as I’ve been eating at that location for many years. However, I had no veggies as requested and the rice was mushy. Two young workers. I don’t see her regulars, the older guys there

Eric R.

I wish I could leave 5 star. First off, lady at the counter HAS TO GO. Started eating Sarku when I first seen it in Orland mall years ago. I've stopped into Chicago Ridge to grab chicken from time to time and today was by far my worst experience ever. Asked for double chicken and ended up with the scraps that were left from the three plates made before mine. Once I grabbed my food and still hadn't been served my drink yet I proceeded to ask the LADY AT THE COUNTER for my drink. She told me I didn't pay for it, I then took my receipt back out and had to show it to the cook who told her to give me my drink. Even the cook looked at her like she was in the wrong for trying to tell me I didn't pay for it. Food is great, price is right where it should be. Lady's customer service gets Zero Stars 100%.

Matthew Fears

We like a lot going out. Last night we arrived in this excellent restaurant which we didn’t know before. We spent a beautiful experience there with delicious food and a well-trained team and an impressive chef. We added this venue in our list and we will definitely come back very soon. We warmly recommend.

Ofelia haro

Friendly staff great food and quick service

E Tyler

This place is my favorite site. Of all restaurants I know I prefere it most. I always suggests to my friends to go to that place. everytime I I need a proper meal, this restaurant comes right away to my head. best and all kinds of food and a rich cuisine.trained team, and great spirit. In addition to that, the pay is honest. I praise this restaurant with pleasure.

Wayne Henry

Would absolutely recommend eating here. Awesome ambience, flavorful food, fantastic customer service. Keep it up.

Elyembher Garcia

This place has the best Japanese food. Always beats Panda Express and especially Tokyo express. Fresh food and always clean environment. Friendly staff! The female cook is the best cook at Sarku. I will most definitely return!!!


Great place to go for fresh food!

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