The Original Papa Joe's Restaurant

5900 W 111th St, Chicago Ridge
(708) 636-5030

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Brian L.

Very affordable, great taste, portions and quality, and great cheap wine that doesn't taste that cheap! Chicken tetrazzini and eggplant parm are my favorites on their menu. One of my favorites even when they were in oak lawn. Food still tastes the same great way

Marissa Strahan

Absolutely loved it! Worth the stop, manicotti and the chicken parm were both delicious. Atmosphere is great and servers are all very helpful

Lynda B.

I order from Papa Joe's frequently on Thursday for their pasta special. I always get the meat lasagna. My husband switches it up and gets the various pasta offerings. I am always satisfied with my meal. Always delicious and consistent. It's a terrific value, even though it has been increased by $1. I appreciate knowing I will always get a quality meal.

Kimberly fontanez

According to the website the time they close and what I was told were 2 different things. I was told kitchen was closed they are only keeping the bar open. Very unwelcomed there. Won't return, I'll gladly spend my money elsewhere.

Vicky Lewis

I ordered for a party to be catered.The beef, mostociolli and chicken limone were to die for. Excellent food and reasonable prices.

Jane Wiercigroch

We had our Mother's funeral luncheon in there we had a very good crowd of people we were amazed of how attentive they were to everybody that were lined up for drinks. Our servers Denise and Mary there were a couple more but unfortunately I don't remember their names and the owners were present everybody was so accommodating the food was amazing everyone left full and happy I would highly recommend!Jane Wiercigroch


Wife had manicotti, loved it . I had make your own pasta, very good. Calamari was terrific. Emily, our server was friendly and efficient. Our go to place for Italian, never disappointed

Marisa Perkins

We went after a funeral. The food was fantastic. Service was excellent. Not only would I go there again but I would recommend it

JC Roche

My entire family got food poisoning from this place. I recommend that it is closed down for public health safety.

Linda Wagner

The food is spoiled. We all got food poisoning and have been up all night. Very sick and thinking about going to the hospital. Please don’t risk your health eating at thIs restaurant.

Linda W.

We (3 of us) obtained food poisoning after eating at Papa Joes. We've been up all night vomiting, etc. They didn't charge us for the food, as we sent it all back, however, I did leave a reasonable, if not excessive, tip for Marge, the server. My concern is for the 3 elderly customers who were the only other people at the restaurant having food. Some people do not believe you can die from food poisoning. You can and it has happened. I understand the restaurant business has been through tough times, to say the least. However, serving food that is spoiled is NOT Acceptable and will not be tolerated! I will be calling the Heath Inspectors Office today when they open. Please, do not take your family or friends to this establishment!

kenzie m.

I took my son and his friend here yesterday around 3 pm yesterday 4/23. Marge/margie was waiting on us and 1 other table of 3 elderly women. we were the only ones in there. we placed our order and she promptly brought out the bread. we requested the oil as there was non on the table, it was rancid. the side salad was soggy, the clams had sand in them, the chicken in the chicken parmesan was bad and tasted like chalk, and the chicken Alfredo tasted like mold. The three of us have been up all night regurgitating our meals, and are very sick. My concern if for the three elderly women who were eating in the restaurant at the same time. this is getting reported to the health inspector. i know times have been tough for the restaurant industry, however, close the doors before you kill somebody. please don't eat at this restaurant for your own safety. *we put 1 star on this post,they've changed it to 4 stars twice now*

Anthony Carlsen

Ordered a small pepperoni pizza and asked for it well done. Well it was not well done. It was cold when it was delivered. The flavor was very bland the cheese and pepperoni were tasteless what a waste of $20 for a small pizzaWill never order from there againNot worth the money.

Mike Bronkala

We haven't been to Pappa Joe's since they closed the one on Cicero. We came after church and unfortunately it didn't have the same or anywhere near the vibe or feel of the original. Food was good but service was not what it should have been. Well, for at least our table. Only two of us and to be honest, we almost got up and paid for our drinks and were gonna leave but again unfortunately we probably won't dine in. Maybe order the pizza for take out but no more dine in. I also understand the short staff issue but to wait almost 20 minutes to get order placed was not good. No matter how you look at it.

Olivia Arrow Dhamee

My dad and I always go here when I visit because it's delicious! We even saw a psychic there once. Great place. Recently I forgot my purse on a chair and they were all so helpful, letting me get it outside their open hours. These are good people!

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The Original Papa Joe's Restaurant

5900 W 111th St, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
(708) 636-5030