White Castle

10555 S Harlem Ave, Chicago Ridge
(708) 923-1821

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joe zabinski

Well, it's white castle, so you should know exactly what you're about to get before you even arrive ?I'm leaving a review for the new sloppy Joe sandwiches, they are pretty darn good to be honest. 24 hours AFTER eating them and i haven't had a regular white castle poop so that's good news. (You know the poop I'm talking about, where if you put a screen over your toilet bowl, all your poop would go in the bowl without any issues lol)When its 1am and you're starving, what else can you do?

Shelly Williams

I Love White Castle, been getting them for 40 years. But, the last few times I got them in Chicago Ridge, they've been horrible. Don't taste the same. Very disappointedFood: 2/5

Jennifer M Gomez

When i fly into Chicago, the first place I look for is a Whities...if ya know ya know. Hood comfort food. Love them ?Food: 5/5

Amy Vazquez

The team at the Chicago Ridge, IL White Castle on 11/18/22 at about 7:30pm were amazing!!! I made an online order that was perfect, although I needed to go in for the sack of chicken rings that were not in the bag. We had a wonderful conversation about Thanksgiving and the foods that their families made special for each one, including everything from Irish to Puerto Rican foods and of course, the White Castle stuffing. I wish everyone at this location many happy memories with their families and friends during this holiday season. Thank you for making my night with you special! As usual, the food was amazing! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! GOD BLESS THE CHICAGO RIDGE, IL WHITE CASTLE TEAM!

L Manzano

They were a bit backed up in the drive through, but they were curious and apologized for the wait. For was fresh and good ??Food: 4/5

D S Williams

Freshly made burgers, and hot fries,a winning combination every time.Food: 4/5


The business was in such a hurry cheese sticks were called hamburgers were sloppy as hell the fries sucked won't be going to that one anymore disappointing

Christopher Grady

I will be honest, the young lady who works the drive through, she needs to be fired. I've visited twice and her attitude is terrible, which I'm sure provokes a lot of negative customer reactions. I usually ignore her because I'm not there to be her friend, but I've witnessed on two occasions her either arguing or getting disrespectful with customers. It's not acceptable and if that's how she operates, then she doesn't need to be there. I'm a retail manager and I would never allow my staff to be disrespectful to a customer. A customer asked her last night for a phone number, I'm assuming for corporate office, she tells her I don't have it go online and get it then slams the drive through window in her face. My first visit there, she didn't greet me, she wasn't pleasant, she just goes, "go ahead!" I was still nice, I let her know I had a mobile order, then she goes, "pull around" then I get to the window and she asks me if I had an order that wasn't even mine. Mind you there was no one in the restaurant and 1 vehicle in line when I pulled in, so that's obviously the first 2 orders...one being online.The older lady tries her best, the two young men seem to know what they're doing, they're just a little slow and in need of some coaching on speed. 4 people is more than enough to be able to operate a little better. However that young lady's attitude doesn't help. The least you can do is remember you're being paid and you work in the service industry. If you can't have customer service then go away. I live in this neighborhood, it's unacceptable.

Justin Mooney

The speed of service was not good we waited 45 minutes for food that was paid for, the sodas that came with the meal was made and became watered down sitting waiting for the food.

Harrison “Hersh” Stepp

Very good they have done a lot of changes their service is very fast and food is nice and hot

Justin Case

I come here almost every day for breakfast on my way to work. Foods always fresh, employees are always friendly. This is one of the better locations!

Beverly S

Very slow service and the staff have bad attitudes. One of the worst drive thru"s. Check your order before pulling off.

Jonathan Gomez

It’s 1130pm and they’re moving in the kitchen! Quick, friendly, and the cook had a shirt on with the word “family” on the back. What’s that tell you about this location? ??????

Pi Oregonian

W/many options White Castle's customers enjoyed throughout The WORLDWIDE 21st CENTURY pandemic & WarThx u White Castle's employees


Wow I can’t believe I called this place after placing a order on UberEats and the manager named Pat was sooooo unnecessarily RUDE. She was rushing me off the phone and when I called to check to see if they had my order she literally said “ohhhh my gosh I’m busy ma’am”. Rude. Rude. Rude.

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