ArePA George

1552 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago
(773) 969-7945

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Elizabeth Hollingsworth

This place is wonderful. Easy pick-up ordering and 5-6 sidewalk tables available.Very friendly staff & you can tell they are taking every safety precaution.The veggie arepa is so good & comes with a delicious flavorful sauce.I haven't branched out yet to try anything else, but I've taken friends and they've all loved their meals. One say we'll be able to share food again. ?

Eduardo Patino

The food here is fresh and absolutely delicious, if you wanna try something different from your typical tacos, tamales, etc then you should give colombian arepas and empanadas a try. They're absolutely delicious, and the workers here are really friendly and helpful. 10/10

Sandra Reyes

I’m Colombian and the arepa wasn’t all that and the chori papás didn’t come with salsa rosada and the chorizo was super dry. I might go back to give it another chance since there are other items on the menu I’d like to try

Randall Van Kirk

Fantastic food, extremely friendly waiters, they were great in explaining some menu items and making suggestions. Large outdoor patio area with spaced out tables. I will definitely be back!

Oriane M. Playner

Their Lulo juice is DELICIOUS. This place is a gem of a find, very friendly staff and beautiful inner and outdoor area. highly recommend!

Bill Mabry

We are a family living in Minnesota. My wife is half Columbian and grew up traveling with her mom back and forth to there. We travel to visit family in Indiana..and we go through Chicago. This place is so fantastic. The food is awesome and the Beef and Chicken Empanadas are just like she remembers from Ibagué. We gave them a day's notice and they put together 150 of them for us which we bought for a family gathering in Indiana. Sooooooo good.

Jessica L.

Wouldn't be back. The chicken empanada tasted like something from walmart from the frozen section. Definitely not homemade. The arepa was cold with dried melted cheese, didn't really taste like the other fresh arepas i've had around town. The yuca fries were cold and dried out. I had to reheat all of food before eating, which clearly wouldn't have solved the issue. Rica Arepa Venezuela has wayyyy better empanadas and arepas, would recommend that over here since the taste is homemade and fresh.

Elizabeth H.

*pushing a 3.5*I have been eyeing this place for a while and we were finally in the area so we stopped by. We were seated outside and told to place an order through the app although we found out later that we could have also ordered directly with the waiter. We knew we wanted to try the coconut and mango lemonades because that just sounded unique and delicious - which they definitely were. We also ordered the chicharrón, shredded beef arepa and the sancocho de pescado which was a catfish soup that came with white rice and a slice of avocado. Let me just say, we will be back because of the lemonades alone. They were incredibly fresh, flavorful and refreshing. They should bottle it and sell it. My boyfriend said the coconut lemonade might be the best drink he's ever had. As for the food: Chicharrón- disappointing to say the least. It was maybe overly fried? Not sure but it was dry, tough and chewy which made it hard to eat. We've had chicharrón served very similarly to this and it was great, so this was a big miss for me. Sancocho de pescado- my bf got this catfish soup and he liked it although he wished he had gotten an arepa since that's what they are known for. The white rice it came with was nice and fluffy but the slice of avocado was very hard. Shredded beef arepa- Delicious. The beef was seasoned beautifully, the cheese was super melty and the arepa itself was chewy and doughy while adding a little bit of salt to the whole thing. Every bite to the end was delicious. Overall based on the arepa and the lemonades we will definitely be back to try more on their menu. When we do come back I will update my review.

Tiffany Moore-Jackson

Great selection and very friendly service. Excited they had vegan options and the coconut lemonade was AMAZING ??

John C.

Ordered and paid online, showed up just after it was done and person at counter was confused. Apparently the only people dining in the place were given the wrong empanadas. Instead of cooking them the correct ones, they took them from our (paid for) order and then didn't bother to replace them till after we arrived so waited another 15 minutes for our order. The ONLY thing offered to make it right was we could have the empanadas that were incorrectly made for the people dining in (?) Covid is one thing, this is just HORRIBLE service and even worse customer service to "fix" it. Sent an email and crickets. THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE!

Elissa H.

Yumtastic! Perfect for Saturday night, delivery was right on time and everything was delicious.

maria martinez

Their staff is so nice. Got some empanadas are they were delicious. YUM. Going back to try the arepas.

Kris Kasprzak

Excellent food. I highly recommend eating there.

Michelle S.

This is a family owned and run restaurant. So very delicious!! We ordered 4 beef empanadas (OMG, the delicious green sauce) , chocolo arepa ( sweet corn with cheese), vegetarian arepa, super patagon with chorizo, avocado and a delicious frozen mango lemonade slush. If we were staying in Chicago we would eat there again. We ended up ordering 18 empanadas to bring home to Michigan with us. I loved that they are very caring and involved in helping their neighborhood. Love, love, love this place! When we come back to Chicago, we will be back! Thank you for the great service and food. They even have a dog friendly patio!

Bob U.

Really really really good arepa. I absolutely loved it. I would come here and get their arepas 3-4 times a week but prices are a little bit too high for the amount of food you get. Its over $10 after taxes for about the size of a 7 inch sub. Im definitely coming back though. Just not as often. These arepas would sell like hot cakes if they lowered their margins in order to increase their volume and popularity. The vegetarian arepa $10 price is very pricey for veggies and bread when it comes down to it. They should consider doing a lunch special and lower the prices.

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