Au Cheval

800 W Randolph St, Chicago
(312) 929-4580

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Kemma S.

Man hands down one of the best spots to grab a beautifully done burger and please pleas please! Do not skip on the chicken! AMAZING .. if you get a chance to dine make sure you do that it is an experience in it self just a cool vibe low key and great music and service all the way around

Tahir K.

A great burger and beer! No doubt the Au Cheval burger is good, the best beef in chicago goes into these burgers, you can taste the difference. I like having mine with cheese, lettuce, pickles. No egg for me not a fan and it takes away from the flavor of the beef. A little bit on the greasy side, i know they call it juices it but its more grease than juice. The fries are solid, and if you're adventurous try the fried bologna sandwich! and by the way sit at the bar if you don't want to wait 2 hours for a table!

Tim Johnson

Doesn’t matter what the price is. This burger is far and away the best I’ve ever had. Their fries with the Aioli are absolutely fantastic too.

Mike Mortensen

To go order was quickly prepared and the food was amazing! Great customer service. Will definitely be going back.

Diana Garcia

Every time im in the city my first stop is super duper! Love the burgers and shakes! I love adding jalapenios and bacon to my garlic fries!

Alexandria B.

The best burger ever! Coronavirus hit us hard but I'm so thankful Au Cheval is able to provide us with out!

Sophia T.

I have loved au cheval for a long time. Since my very first visit to Chicago in 2012. There's always so many great reviews, I didn't want to echo them. But! I came back to Chicago ago this past weekend during Chicago's phase 3 of opening from the COVID-19 pandemic. They are currently only taking online orders through their website, door dash, and somewhere else I can't remember. I accidentally ordered too early from their website as it shows that it's usually ready about 15-20 minutes after ordering. I tried calling and even Instagramming them telling them I wouldn't be arriving for another order. Their phone lines went straight to a pre-recorded message. And their IG handler is not in direct contact with the house all the time. I got there and before I could even mention it. The person that would be handing me my food asked what time it was. I told her it was 1PM. My order had been ready since 1220. She took it upon herself to tell me that they would remake my food for me so it would be fresh. Like. COME ON. HOW GOOD ARE THEY!??! As always, burger and fries were delicious. I usually add an egg and bacon. But they're not offering an egg through online ordering currently. Come to au cheval. Order a burger, some bone marrow, or maybe a bologna sandwich. You will not regret it.

Shari B.

Open for pick-up/delivery during the pandemic! Ordering Au Cheval for take-out has never been an option in the past, so when I saw this opportunity, I had to jump on it. This used to be my favorite burger in the city until their smaller counterpart opened up. And eating this burger again reminded me of why. This burger is massive and heavy. It's definitely good, but I regret eating it every time! Prepare yourself for the meat sweats. The fries are really good and they include a little cup of garlic aioli. I'll have to remember next time to only eat half a burger in one sitting!

Alex Bueno

Me and some friends placed an online order and forgot to put a third burger on our order. We live over an hour away and after telling our story to the staff at the door we were given a FREE burger. This was my first time at Au Cheval, and i will definitely be making the hour trip again. This was seriously the best burger ive ever had!

David Z.

There's no way I couldn't not pass this up now that its deliverable. Probably only thing good about covid is that we don't have to wait hours for a seat. This is my third time having this burger, this time, I had the double cheeseburger so three meat patties with bacon. There has no option for the egg but I personally thought the egg is too much. I originally ordered the single but they accidentally gave me the double! It was really quick too, took about fifteen minutes for it to be ready to be picked up. Again, burger was fantastic, just marvelous, beadbwas not soggy However, I think that the single is better because at this point is just a meat party in your mouth overpowering everything else. However, this time, not sure if they changed the sauce or forgot it but it was missing the lemony flavors. I also noticed this when I had the burger the second time. The first time i had the burger, there was not lemony flavor from the dijonaise (I think that is where its coming from). I tasted the lemon flavor the second time I had the burger and that destroyed any criticism of the burger I had for it not having much acidity and freshness to cut through all the beef and bacon. Sadly, this time, the burger was missing that lemony goodness. Still a fantastic burger but I hope they bring that sauce back.

Alex C.

Finally after living in Chicago for over 8 years, I had my first Au Cheval burger - and from the comfort of my own living room! I had originally planned to order Small Cheval, but by the time I started ordering, it was too late (this is around 8 or so). To my surprise Au Cheval was still accepting orders though. I've had Small Cheval dozens of times, but had never actually had the opportunity to try Au Cheval. The hour plus wait was always daunting to me. Anyways, I was excited to see they were still offering delivery and thought, "what the heck". I ordered the "double" cheeseburger with "bacon" - forgetting that a double at Au Cheval is THREE patties, and the bacon is pork belly. Was I mad at my decision? Absolutely not! Was the burger way more than I could finish? Absolutely yes! Three large patties, cooked to perfection, layered with melted cheese, creamy dijonnaise, with pickles and onion, with a huge slab of marbled pork belly, all on a lightly toasted buttery bun. I mean what more could you ask for? They arrived hot and ready to eat. The fries with the garlic aioli were also amazing! Those needed to be popped in the air fryer, but still were crispy and delicious! If this is how good their burger tasted delivered, I can only imagine how good having it in house must be. I now totally understand the hype and the hour wait. It is worth it! Looking forward to when things get back to normal and I can dine-in! Thanks Au Cheval for meeting every expectation I had.

Oksana Ershova

Best burgers in town and needless to say with Frenchie charm all around!

Brittney K.

Sad to say that my first time at Au Cheval did not exceed my expectations. The burger is good, but not the best burger I've ever had. The bacon was thick and the egg was perfectly cooked. However, the meat was a little too salty. Don't wait more than one hour in line as there are many amazing burger joints in town!

James N.

(tourist review) What's Good: Cheeseburger is top notch, one of the best we've ever had. The additional Egg and Bacon is a must. With French Fries on the side (comes with Mornay sauce), it's a recipe for a sluggish afternoon. If you're extra hungry, then the Foie Gras, with scrambled eggs and toast, is delicious. Other Notes: it's located in West Loop which is a little away from central downtown area, but well worth a trip for a meal in this area. To shake off the food coma, take a walk to Sawada Coffee - chill and creative Japanese coffee spot. Other notable places to eat nearby are Girl and the Goat (just across the street) and McDonald's headquarter where you can order from a global menu (about half a mile down).

Julie K.

I'd hate to give a bad review during these hard times but I honestly wonder who runs this place. On a normal non-covid day it takes them hours to get in and they don't do take out. Now that they are forced to do takeout, they absolutely suck! I order at tons of places for takeout and they by far are the worst! They have no system in place as ordering online is no help because you still have to wait 1-2 hours outside or in your car even though your order says it's ready. It's not right somebody has to get it together here. And when you ask someone here they say "oh nothing I can do, everything is backed up." Their food is good but the wait time is so ridiculous and so disorganized.

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