3347 W North Ave, Chicago
(773) 486-7974

Recent Reviews

M R.

I used to like this Dunkin when it was a the other location down the street. They always have friendly and fast service. At this new location the parking lot really sucks, add to that all the panhadlers outside. Lines are always long and staff is not friendly. Don't ask for a special request because you will get the usual eye roll. Do yourself a favor and find another location.

Eric D.

Got my iced coffee this morning and it was pretty good! Service was quick and efficient and the line didn't take too long. They were pretty busy this Sunday morning so I didn't get a ton of interaction with the staff but that's okay. Coffee was a little off from what I ordered but it was good enough for me!

Abraham cruz

Nice and quiet place.

Mary G.

This is my second time coming with my family for ice cream around 430pm. First of all when you go in there's no one on the ice cream part of the place you have to place your order on the Dunkin' doughnut part. The older lady they have working on register is so rude and has no clue what she's doing. Both times she's been extremely rude and messed up my order.

Alejandro Lopez

I stop by this location 3-4 times per week. They are sometimes busy early mornings during the week but the staff is very focus and does what they can to get us in an out. Place is clean ,its not a huge space but has tables to sit and even have a quick meeting if need to. They do have signs that say 30 minute limit and it looks like some people really abuse this. Parking can be a bit of a problem if visiting the plaza during its evening hrs.little ceasers pizza is next door and that place is always busy and they take up most of the parking spots.

Julissa Barrera

Love it

Big Helpers Inc

I like that I can get good icecream no matter what time of year.

abran cruz

Nice and quiet place.

wilfredo rivera

Refused service by a heavy set young black gentleman reason given.."Were closed" followed by "we're closing in 2 minutes" .

Ruth Dominguez

Great customer service and clean 😁

Elba Martir

Great coffee and service!

Sam Rogers

Great Service!

Judy Jackson

Very good service and place is pretty clean. The store have two store in it, Baskin Robin and Dunkin Donuts, but one line for both. Didn't use to be like that but now it change with no signs to tell you where to go. Stood around 10 or more minutes before I figured it out. Confusing

Obby Vazquez

Great service ,they know how to make their ice coffee and coffee just right.

Darla Velez

I enjoy eating ice cream at Baskin-Robbins especially on North and Kimball. I hope you have daccari ice, coconut almond and pictastio next time. My hubby and I had those cravings.

Ovedt Vazquez

Great service ,they know how to make their ice coffee and coffee just right.

wifredo rivera

Refused service by a heavy set young black gentleman reason given.."Were closed" followed by "we're closing in 2 minutes" .

Mayra Colon

Very good

Nate Ritter

Gained so much weight

Adam Conolly

They don't do anything to deter beggars out front, and all the donuts and ice cream taste like coffee.

Jose' Figueroa

its dd's so you know what to expect. friendly staff and they are usually stocked but they get busy quick so go early if you need your dozen

Alissa P.

This is my favorite dunkin donuts I've ever been to. Friendly, helpful staff, and they indulge my complicated coffee order. Once my order was incorrect, and they re - made me the correct order no questions asked. Definitely a hard working team!

Maria M.

FALSE ADVERTISING ....just went there and the doors were closed when the sign on their door said New Years Day closed at 7:00 pm.!!!

Lauren S.

The staff here are excellent! Very friendly and all smiles. They didn't over do the cream like every other time I go to Dunkin' Donuts which was awesome. Will be back for sure :)

Claudia S.

I haaaaaaaate this location. Seriously. The parking lot sucks, their coffee is often old and gross and they seem to resent making my iced coffee with milk instead of cream. (This is solely based on the eye rolls.) However, when my car is on empty and I have to put gas in, I'm usually right down the street and out of convenience, I'll stop here. It's a gamble whether or not I'll be throwing out an iced coffee, but if I'm in early enough, chances are I'm good. The parking lot is awful though, even in the morning when Little Caesar's isn't even open. I'm pretty sure a man designed it and he surely didn't consider most cars in that lot are Expeditions, Navigators or large vans. Convenience, that's what I tell myself when I stop in here.

Jay S.

This is both a Baskin Robbins and a Dunkin Donuts, and though I can tell you that I have tried the Dunkin Donuts side now numerous times, I have yet to try the ice cream side. The DD coffee is good as it is at every location I have been to. The donuts and other menu items are fine (though I'm honestly not nuts about the lunch sandwiches, least of which the chicken parm). The problem at this location is that they are very very slow. If you want a quick cup of joe before work in the morning or you're hungry for a breakfast sandwich, forget about having it in less that 5 maybe even 10 minutes at this location. Have I mentioned that they are slow. They are very very slow. After all that your order may or may not be correct.

Kyle H.

Dunkin Donuts has gone way beyond just donuts and good fact, these two things are kind of hard to find on the menu now amongst the Coolatas, Lattes, Flavored coffees, Flatbread Sammies, Bagels, and Muffins. I'm stoked DD's is offering lower calorie, low fat Flatbread sandwiches, and even has a latte with Skim milk and Splenda. If you ask for sugar at a DD's be prepared for the Insulin shock, because they are generous with the white stuff! Although this is a nice newer store, there seems to be too much going on and too many offerings, making the employees harried and the customers confused. Our long line moved at a snail's pace and even though one customer was high maintenance, I shouldn't be hearing the staff make fun of her after she leaves the store. I think they said something about me too, in Spanish, but I couldn't be certain. If you have loads of downtime, this might be the DD's for you, otherwise, you're better off getting your coffee and sweets at Roeser's Bakery nearby.