Biryani Bistro

2437 W Devon Ave, Chicago
(773) 856-3219

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Irfan Moten

I wanted to try the chicken biryani, but their was none available. The lady said that they would make it just for me. Very good service!

Rohit M.

Amazing Hyderabadi Biryani . Event the veggie ones are top notch ! Go here for sure and don't forget the Mirchi Ka Saalan, it's the best I've ever tasted.

Catherine O.

The chicken roll was good. It has raw onions. I ordered the chili chicken. Great spicy flavor... a little bit gristle. She brought out lentil soup, which was good, and bigara rice, w coconut flavor, which was also good. Excellent service!

Nadia Ahmed

It took 30-40 minutes to bring out the food. The food was cold and looked like they just defrosted a frozen meal. Quality was bad. The owner was very rude and threathening when told about the quality and quantity of the food. Looks like the family works there who were much nicer and asked us to leave to avoid a confrontation with the owner. To be honest, it looked like the owner was either drunk or needed some professional help.

must fed

Food not fresh. Customer service very bad. Bathrooms very dirty

Valeed Abid

Went to this place on a whim, and was absolutely blown away. Every dish was within the 5$ range, and was enough food for 1-2 people to eat comfortably. And, the food itself was absolutely delicious. My favorite would be the butter chicken, with a naan bread to accompany it. Only complaint is that some of the dishes were a little too spicy. Overall an awesome experience, would definitely recommend this place and revisit it.

Riddhi Kansara

It's honestly a shame that I can't give this place zero stars. I guess if I had to give one star for this place, it would go to the child that was working there. Yes, I said CHILD. For some reason, the owners of this place thought it would be okay to let some 12-year-old work at this restaurant as a waiter. Honestly, the kid seemed like he was doing more work than the two adults that we hadn't seen until almost an hour into being there. It took honestly like 40 minutes for them to bring out a single dish. It even took 20 minutes just to get water. We were the only people in the restaurant and had ordered within 5 minutes of arriving. The kid would bring out around 2 dishes at a time in 10-15 minute intervals. There was another group there that had received all of their food before us even though we got there first. After over an hour, we were still missing a dish, so I mentioned that I would rather take it to go, as we would have to leave soon. 10 minutes later, a man came to our table stating that they didn't have that dish prepared and offered an alternative. It's nice that he offered an alternative, but the fact that I wasn't informed of this until an hour after I ordered is outrageous.

Mueez Ahmad

Highly recommend this place, owner is very cordial and food is amazing for the price. Try the makhni chicken with a couple naans ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mathew Philip

I think these reviews are by family and friends. Very average place and the butter chicken was really waterry/watered down.

Mohammed Ghouse uddin

Great food spl biryani

Mo A.

My father, family friend, and me went to Biryani Bistro last night for iftar. I was very impressed with how good the Hyderabadi style biryani from this place tasted! All three of us ordered mutton biryani and it was very delicious! They also do catering and phone orders. I also heard from others the haleem is very good too. Next time I go I will definitely try the haleem and chicken 65. Everyone that loves Hyderabadi cuisine must give this place a try! I highly recommend trying the food from here, especially the mutton biryani!

Marlene P.

Great prices and great food. Glad we came across this place. Got butter chicken and vegetable Biryani. They weren't serving a few items off the menu since it's for dinner only but definitely worth it!

Faheem Faheem

Delicious, mouth watering, authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine....try it once especially Dum pukht Biryani! Amazing food at affordable prices.

Z. Agabekova

The prices are very good for the food you eat.great portions . All the food we tried were very tasty. The owner is very friendly reccomend this place.

Syed Khan

Best food on Devon Ave. Excellent catering service. I highly recommend this place

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