Booze Box

823 W Randolph St Downstairs, Chicago
(312) 455-8238

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Marc B

Great place. Underground vibe to forget your worries and the amazing cocktails and sake help even more. The service is perfect to allow you to just enjoy your experience and be relaxed knowing you're in good hands. Enjoyed all of the food ordered. ? Recommend

Katie L.

This is our second time here - came once in 2017 and haven't been back until this weekend. Decent overall experience. The waiting area is pretty small and you really feel the crowd if there are more than 4 people. Starting out, they hand you towels to clean your hands - AWESOME TOUCH!! You put the towel tablet into a little thing of water, and then can wipe. Each roll had a unique flavor - split 3 rolls between two of us. Ecuador- couldn't taste the hamachi sadly, meh at best Spicy maki (salmon) - solid protein to rice / seaweed ratio Tuna Microgreens - my favorite of the bunch. The eel sauce it came with had so much umami flavor Don't know how to feel about having people at the sushi bar when the chefs are making our rolls during the pandemic, BUT I'm sure it's fine? Biggest reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the price. Sushi rolls range $11 - $18, and can add up fast.

Nelly B.

Beautiful location in the heart of west loop. I've been in the area and looked over Sushi Dokku too many times but happy I finally found it. The ambiance is beautiful and the food is to die for. They also have more dining downstairs

Tai D.

They have lovely outdoor seating! Went here for restaurant week and had an amazing experience! Probably some of the best sushi I've had! So beautiful too! I really loved the assortment of foods they had to try. The beautifully cooked scallop was also top of the list. Everything tasted fresh and the presentation was well thought out. They have sake flights too! 10/10 will come back again

Jessica M.

One of my favorite spots in the city for sushi! Great vibes and cocktails, amazing sushi, and unique rolls that aren't overly dressed.

Holly H.

Went here for Restaurant Week. They allow you to make reservations and have separate availability for indoor and outdoor dining. Outdoor dining consists of tables seating 2-4 people. Each table had 3 walls around it and a cover, and the entrance is facing toward the building rather than the street. Ordered from the Restaurant Week menu (dinner with six courses for $55). First course: Miso soup (chosen over the Mesclun and Wakame Salad). Quality-wise, it meets expectations; miso soup is a staple! Second course: Ebi soba. The chilled green tea soba was DELICIOUS with the sesame oil, chili soy and garlic. This was probably the most surprisingly tasty dish (I expected it to be a bit plain) of the night. It also comes with charred shrimp which I did not eat but was told tasted great as well Third course: Hamachi (yellowtail), Kanpachi (Amberjack), Sake (Salmon) (chose three from five options). I was a little disappointed; they only gave one piece of each (I was hoping for at least two pieces each). I love salmon so the sake one was naturally my favorite. Hamachi was good as well, but I wasn't a fan of Kanpachi (possibly because I am not used to the flavors from the amberjack). Fourth course: one seared scallop. No false advertising here; you literally get one. It was well made and met my expectations in terms of flavor in texture. Fifth course: Ecuador (chosen from three options). I was surprised I did not enjoy this one. There was a flavor in this that I didn't enjoy but wasn't sure if it was the maguro or if it was just some really funny cilantro. Sixth course: Strawberry mochi. You only get to choose one flavor ("choice of three" on the menu could be deceiving). Other options included red bean and green tea. No complaints for the ice cream mochi, although I'd say it's comparable to the ones you can buy at the grocery store. My review on the food is shaky for this meal but the service was good and many of my dislikes are from personal preferences. Items ordered off the regular menu were much more enjoyable; the peppers were a great appetizer and I also got agedashi tofu which was delicious. Their okonomiyaki seemed solid as well.

Felicity Palos

Great restaurant! Corey was our amazing attentive server.

Hailey B.

Solid sushi spot! The downstairs portion makes you feel you've been transported to Japan. The sushi is all a hit. You really can't go wrong. The nigiri has the chefs' fun twist on each with different toppings and delicacies. Compared to sushi in the area, this one is hands down the best.

Stan Gifford

Great food and drinks! Can't wait to come back.

Claudia A.

Made a reservation for 4 like 10 minutes before the time and they took it. Really helpful since its difficult to get in somewhere with so little time in advance nowadays. First off, Oysters are AMAZING! So fresh and delicious. We ordered several rolls but the spicy tuna one that wasn't on the menu and the Godzilla were definitely the best. Great flavors, very nice servers and such a variety in the menu as well. 5 stars for this gem!

Prem Singh

Nice Japanese place.. Johnny serves best drinks

Clara S.

I had been wanting to try this trendy sushi spot for a while now, and I'm so glad the restaurant was able to accommodate our timing on a busy Saturday night. Our service was great, and our waiter gave us recommendations for appetizers to share. The appetizer portions are really small though, so I would recommend ordering multiple (even for our party of four). We started with the Gyu Negima, which were tasty strip steak bites. They were a bit salty, but a nice change from the sushi we were having for our main dish. The cucumber and aged tofu salad was pretty small, and not that great either. The Aemono salad was a nice simple salad with a great carrot dressing. We ordered five rolls, which was the perfect portion for four people to share. We could've eaten more but wanted to save some room for dessert! The rolls we ordered were all fantastic: hot daisy, miso salmon, northern california, tuna microgreens, and spicy tuna. Next time around, I definitely want to try Booze box, some drinks and more things off the menu! The sushi rolls are definitely a hit here, and the location could not be more perfect.

Alicia Y.

This is the coolest little spot - underground bar and sushi under their main restaurant upstairs. They have an expansive drinks menu with lots of sake and even Japanese whiskey. I started off with the Lychee Club, which was the perfect amount of sweet. The pork gyozas were crispy and the Dragon Maki Roll was really good. But by far, my favorite was the Wagyu Nigiri Bites. I hadn't had wagyu beef before, and even though it was thinly sliced on two nigiri - wow! Best bite ever. I wish I had better pictures but the lighting was pretty dark. Overall, the vibe and the food here are awesome.

Andrea V.

To get to the point, this place was pretty good. BUT, for this price point and style of sushi, Sushi San does it better. In their defense, I'm pretty sure their menu has been consolidated and limited for the time being, so maybe I need to re-visit post Covid and give them a fair chance. With that being said, there were a lot of positive aspects of our visit. 1. They serve warm cocktails and sake. 2. They have udon soup with optional tempura: DELICIOUS. 3. They graciously accommodated for a shellfish allergy and were able to make rolls not on the menu. Outdoor seating is a little crammed, and each table gets a tiny space heater. Bring a blanket and order something warm!

Amrita S.

Great Sushi spot in the West loop. We tried a couple of sushi rolls and everything we ordered was perfectly flavored and delicious. Highly recommended!

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