3311 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago
(773) 360-8873

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Kathy Dunn

The staff was very friendly and engaged in conversation with all of the customers while they waited for their food and drinks. The building was clean and well-kept and had beautiful artwork displayed inside and out. Highly recommended!

Julie Townsend

I really like their food, shakes, and serving. The service is consistent and I really enjoyed it, perhaps it was the reason why I get coming back to this restaurant in the future. If you are looking for a fantastic dinner, look no further, try this restaurant. Thank you!

Suraj Ventura

No doubt that this coffee shop is well-known because of its coffee and pastries are the best here. I'm so fortunate that I was able to try it and it was nice because everything here is amazing and satisfying. Also, the service is outstanding, and I like to recommend these guys for that!

Crystal Figueroa

My husband and I came here for the first time. The breakfast portions were perfect and very delicious. They sell coquito lattes, coquito, and coquito french toast. They make their own syrup for the french toast with rum. You can tell they make most of their food from scratch and on the spot. The wait was a little long, but it was worth it. The outdoor seating is limited, and there are no fire pits. So, if you plan to dine outside, please wear layers, as the weather is getting colder day by day. The waiter was very friendly too. This is a breakfast spot everyone must try!

Gina Lira

I had a really great breakfast there the other day. The server was nice, coquito french toast was amazing! My only concern is that the 2 cooks weren't wearing masks at all while working. Whether it's just for takeout or dining outside , that runs a risk not just to their servers and customers but to contaminating food during. Please have the cooks wear masks. Other than that I love this place

Barry Battles

We ordered two breakfast sandwiches, guava pancakes and passion fruit juice. Incredible. The pancakes were perfect and I wish we would’ve ordered more! The restaurant is super clean and following all covid-19 regulations. Can’t wait to order again!

Gina DeLaRosa Gonzalez

This place is a hidden gem. It's small and cozy. I went for breakfast on a Sunday morning. There was a 25 minute wait for a table then another 20 minute wait for the food to come. Well worth the wait. The swirl of flavor and freshness of the food was amazing. I definitely will return but on a different day and time when it's not so busy. ??????⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thalie Marie

I LOVE THIS PLACE! Their breakfast sandwiches are the best I’ve ever had. Food is always fresh and flavorful. Never can go wrong. I only wish they weren’t listed as “unavailable” so much on Ubereats since that’s what I usually use to order from them when I can’t make it in.

Gina O.

Fantastic family-run cafe/restaurant. My understanding of what I've read about the restaurant over the years: Started by a chef who trained in some great Chicago restaurants, named for his daughter. A few years ago, the chef passed away, the chef's wife and daughter (now grown) reimagined the cafe and reopened. The food is terrific. I'm a breakfast traditionalist so my favorite is the French toast, with a side of sausage links, though I know people rave about the Caribbean-inspired pancakes and French toast. My partner loves the egg skillets with chorizo and the cafe con leche.Pre-COVID, brunchtime was often packed. Now you can dine at sidewalk tables (weather-dependent) or a few tables inside, or through an efficient takeaway system. Place an order in advance, pick up at the door, or place an order in person.

Nicole Bissey

Had the plantains, french toast and their signature latte. The signature latte is delicious- horchata on crack haha, very sweet. Plantains were great, I got the sweet ones. I wish I had asked for sour cream. French toast was amazing.There was a bit of a wait in comparison to some places but not bad at all and the food is worth it. They are also very safe and have a nice sidewalk spot.

Chad Elliott

Food was amazing and the staff was friendly. I ordered the Banana, Chocolate Chip French Toast. It took a while to get my food but the place was busy and it ended up being worth the wait. Would highly recommend if you're in the neighborhood.

Cherise A.

First time going there and everything was good. We got a caribella skillet, steak jibarito, and guava french toast. Everything was tasty! The coquito latte was a little too sweet for me but easy fix is to dilute it. I wish I could give it a 4.5 star instead of a 4. I thought it was a little over priced but I'd still recommend people to try this place out! If you're not familiar with Puerto Rican food. It could be a good place to start.

Helen R.

Been here twice and it's always been amazing. Staff is friendly and attentive. Lattes are amazing. They have soy/ almond/ oat milk so that was nice! The food portioning is pretty big for me but that's always a plus! I had their breakfast avocado club and it was perffffect.

Anne Margaret B.

The food is so delicious and packed with flavor! I got the Caribella skillet and it was so yummy and savory. The staff was also super friendly and accommodating.

Amber L.

We got the coconut shrimp, Caribella skillet and the coconut rum French toast. All was AMAZING! Best coconut shrimp I've had since I can remember. Our server was super friendly. I'd skip the drip coffee next time.

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