500 W Madison St, Chicago
(312) 466-1828

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Jade Espinoza

I had been craving cinnabon for MONTHS! but due to the pandemic, going out to get one was not happening anytime soon. I waited patiently for the nearest shop to open and cried tears of joy when I finally got my first bite! I wanted to try a smoothie or shake, but they were closing soon and I didn't want to be an inconvenience so I will wait til next time!

Tommie Gaston Jr

Love the staff, very friendly people.

Raul Alvarado

So good

jessica r.

The crew is wonderful! My son left his bag near the restaurant before getting on the train and they were so kind and helpful at helping us locate it. They saved the day for a 7th grade boy.

Ken H.

Do NOT waste your money at this location. I bought a large roll to take home. Worst Cinnabon I've ever had; stale - very little icing - obviously had been sitting out for a long time. Did not taste like any Cinnabon I've had before. Find another location to get your Cinnabon fix. Don't waste your hard earned money on this awful place!!

Kristen Lamoncha

This Cinnabon is located inside of Citigroup Center at 500 West Madison. It is part of a food court area inside this busy and bustling retail and office center.

Rae K.

The one star is because the girl working here was friendly to me. But everything else about this visit was horrible. First, I noticed the Cinnabon's had way less icing than any other Cinnabon location I've ever been to. There was barely any icing on my roll at all. As soon as I tasted the Cinnabon, I felt like I was given a stale Cinnabon. There's no way it was fresh. I've had enough Cinnabon's in my life to know a fresh one. Also, it was hard as a rock, not gooey and soft like I'm used to with Cinnabon. I couldn't even eat it, so I threw it away. Overall, this was a very disappointing experience and I wouldn't go back to this location.



Jamal Khalaf

The bun wasn't fully baked in the middle l mentioned to all the employees that was standing there they looked at me unhappy and said ok. Hopefully we don't get sick from having a few bites till noticed.

Trevor Whited


Keisha E.

This Cinnabon is terrible! Let me first start off saying that the Cinnabon I bought was hard as a rock by the time I got home!! I had to warm up longer than usual. Hardly had any icing on it and it was just plain nasty! They need to get it together from the employee attitudes to the food!!!! I will not be buying another Cinnabon from this location ever again! Let me finished off by saying that the roll was also small to be a regular one!

Treavor Forester

I had to work at the Colorado Mills mall and by the time I was done it was 7:55 pm. The mall closes at 9 pm and I really wanted to surprise my family at home with a 6 pack of Cinnabon’s. I waited in line and watched as the employees were rude to everyone so I thought about leaving as my anxiety was building. But I had my mind set on surprising my family. Once it was my turn I asked if I could get a six pack of classic rolls to go and the girl said she would only sell me singles at the singles price. I asked why and she said the were out of six packs. This is not the first time this exact thing has happened to me here hence the anxiety while I was in line. That’s the last dollar you’ll ever get from me or anyone I know if I can help it.

Mark B.

This Cinnabon location leaves much to be desired and was a rather big disappointment. I had a craving for a Cinnabon today and had to track one down to indulge. While the ratings, although few in number, suggested to stay away I just could not resist. But I should've trusted Yelp! This location is located in the Ogilvie Transportation Center food court and therefore easy to locate. The stall seems clean enough but the staff (one woman) gave no greeting, no smile, not thank you. She took my order, bagged it up, I paid, and I left. There wasn't much opportunity for pleasantries but at least a smile and some appreciation for my business would've been nice. The Cinnabon itself didn't make up for anything either. The outer layer tasted of a mix of burnt and stale and the inside was lackluster. Additionally I had the mini rolls and they were barely any better. They tasted gooey (not in a good way) and undercooked. Needless to say my craving was unsatisfactorily vanquished and I was left with a large sense of regret for even consuming the substandard calories. Do yourself a favor and try somewhere else if you have a craving for a cinnamon roll. That being said, they are actually rather hard to track down in the Loop...

Starring Lashunn

Best place I been too the people are friendly

Yomara Gonzalez

I love their Cinnabon rolls

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