Congress Pizzeria

5925 W Diversey Ave, Chicago
(773) 745-3800

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Monique Graves

Tonight horrible service, delivery driver gave me the wrong food I called him 6 times & would not answer, called Congress the 2nd shift lady so rude including Rosa, hanging up then tells me 5 days before I can get my money back not going to remake my order because it's close to closing after I waited 1.5 hours. If I could give no stars I would. Will call my credit card company while somebody else enjoy my 45.00 order . Racial profiling even after you prepaid your order...

Isabel Aranda

The customer service at this place is complete BS. I placed an order yesterday, SHE got my order wrong and then calls me back to tell me it was my fault that the order was wrong cause my boyfriend told her that’s not what we order LMAO. Well, if you weren’t rushing me off the phone and AT LEAST repeated my whole order YOU wouldn’t have gotten it wrong and wouldn’t have felt salty for it. I’ve worked at restaurants before and never once have I been this rude to customers. It’s rude service like this that make your restaurant look bad.

Ashley Franco

Placed an order on Grubhub & I wanted a no contact delivery, waited 2 hours for them just to cancel my order & say that the driver tried to contact me but I never received a call & was watching out of the window because it said arriving shortly. When I tried to call them the lady that answered was overly rude, and didn’t even let me finishing what I was saying before getting an attitude and yelling. I know why this place has only a 3.6 rating. So many other comments are saying the person who answers the phone is rude, maybe you should hire someone else that wants to work there. Do not recommend‼️

Real Reviews R.

I wanted to place an order for delivery, when I was placed on hold (or so the lady thought) it wasn't even busy. She left the phone off the hook and proceeded to talk to another employee about someone named Maria and asked how many people did they know who aren't married and have sex! Very unprofessional now I know why I haven't ordered from them in a while! I'll take my chances in any other place but here!

Jon P.

Ordered a pizza and waited over two hours for it to be delivered. Once it was delivered it was freezing cold and the remedy was to send the driver back and have me contact GrubHub to get reimbursed for the pizza. Great customer service I wish I would've read the reviews previously before ordering from this place.

Michael Karls

Quickly becoming one of my favorite thin crust spots. As good as it is hot, I like it even better the next day cold. Big fan of the sauce.

Brian McLeod

Ordered pizzas for tonight at 11am. Was told it would arrive 5-5:30. It arrived an hour later, without a single call ahead of time letting us know they're running late. Would not recommend.

Idalia N.

Started ordering from here after moving into the area and we absolutely love Congress pizza!!! The food is delicious and they always call to confirm your order, address and any additional add ons that you weren't aware about. They have daily specials and coupons which is a plus. We order something new each time to try everything and no disappointment so far!

Jessie M.

I ordered a porterhouse steak but I received a T-bone steak that was overcooked and when I called back the woman on the phone gave Me all attitude they were very unprofessional I spent $50 to be unsatisfied it's crazy this was a horrible meal. I've been eating from Congress pizza since I was a kid I've always loved the steaks. I'll never order Congress again don't waste your time

Kevin Clark

My first time eating from there and me and EVERYONE that ate that pizza got food poisoning. Definitely never going back there again. Or at least not to that one

Allysa Vallade

Absolutley disgusting..... The meat from the lasagna tastes like it was thawed from the freezer months old. Sane with the sausage. As well as having watered down sauce will never recommend.

Elizabeth M.

Gave this place a try for the first time. They delivered a sausage pizza instead of vegetarian, which is understandable; it happens. I selected contactless delivery which was ignored twice, with demands to sign for prepaid pizza. Correct pizza came 90 min after misdelivered pizza. Again, no requested social distancing was maintained during delivery. They would not hand over veggie pizza without taking back the wrong first pizza...during a pandemic, after it sat in our home for 90 min. Very gross. Can not recommend for anyone looking to support local businesses through Covid-19 crisis, as most basic common sense health practices were ignored.

Raul Gomez

Awesome Pizza very flavorful, crispy flaky crust great sauce. Tastes very fresh especially the vegetable pizza. Delivery was prompt and pizza ranks as a top choice here in Chicago. 10 out of 10. I also tried the super family pizza 22X48 I think the biggest in Chicago or the world lol. We were able to feed about 20 adults with seconds. Very good value for the money A+.

Mario Medrano

Excellent pizza, had a hungry bunch at the house and thoroughly enjoyed the food. Pizza came within the hour and was nice and hot. Highly recommend them especially if you need to feed the masses.

Aly F.

Ordered from here at 4:28 pm, pizza didn't get here til 6 and it was rock hard and cold. I called the restaurant they said it would be an hour before a new one was Made. We then opted for a refund. It is now 6:30 and the driver who was literally just here still hasn't came back to pick up this pizza and give me my money back. First and last time ordering from here.

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