Congress Pizzeria

5925 W Diversey Ave, Chicago
(773) 745-3800

Recent Reviews

Emiliano R.

Would not recommend. Pizza was cold. Barely any flavor. Mozzarella sticks were a good quantity but had weird taste. Don't waste your money

Garry McKee

Pizza was pre-made pepperoni. Just added a second topping and cheese. Just lazy. You can possibly believe that some one wouldn't realize that. Although it was cold it wasn't terrible. Had much better at Little Cesars for much less money. For that reason, I'm never coming back and I recommend you not go either.

Hector Maisonet

Congress pizzeria one of my best spots one of my all-time favorites loved it since I was a kid

David W.

Pizza terrible. Delivery driver rude. Save your money. And if you live anywhere but the first floor. Be prepared to meet the rude driver downstairs as he angrily with an attitude tells you he is not allowed up stairs. Put that somewhere dont just surprise someone. Pizza has always been awful. Now the service matches the pizza.

Tinesha Ware

I have always been a fan of Congress Pizza. Yesterday 8/3/19 I ordered 2 super stadium pizzas @3:17pm to be delivered to my daughters 3rd birthday party and I was told that they would be delivered in the next hour and 20 mins. As time past I called 3 times asking about my order. The first excuse they gave me was that they didnâ??t have my phone number but I had already given them my credit card info, name,& address. The second time I was told the driver was 30mins away. Now itâ??s 5:30pm. The third time they stated that the driver was ten minutes away, after waiting another 30mins my husband decided to call and cancel the order. Less than 60seconds later I got a call from the store manager (who wouldnâ??t give me her name) cursing me out because we cancelled the order. I had to ask her several times to calm down because I wasnâ??t screaming and disrespecting her so she shouldnâ??t do it to me, she stated and I quote â??I DONâ??T HAVE TO BRING IT DOWN CAUSE THIS IS JUST WHO I AMâ? she also told me that she was going to block us from calling so we wouldnâ??t be able to order from them again and at this very moment we still had not received our pizza. Fifteen to twenty mins later the driver pulls up with the pizza I told her the order was cancelled and she was very kind about it and Iâ??m assuming she followed protocol and called a manager and apologized for the delay. I refused the order and sent it back because I did not want to get charged for a pizza that I no longer wanted especially after the RUDE & DISRESPECTFUL SERVICE that I had received from the â??Store Managerâ?. When it was all over my husband had to go order food from another restaurant so that we could feed our guess. Please know who you have watching over your business because if you donâ??t you will start to lose a lot of good paying customers. There was no need for that disrespectful call to happen when it clearly wasnâ??t my fault.

Shana Conforti

Friendly customer service. Food is delicious. They have parking. It is nice and clean.

Carlos Zamora

Driver called my phone when he pulled up to the loop of my building to tell me that my order arrived and to come downstairs to get it. I informed him that I was alone with my 2 year old daughter and that she was asleep and I could not come down because I could not leave her unattended. The driver didn't seem to care and hung up on me. Only after calling the restaurant and speaking with the manager is when the driver came upstairs to drop my food off. But while. I spoke to him, the manager said it was not the restaurant's policy to drop off the order to the door. Upon receiving my order, the pizza was cold and soggy after being in the cardboard box for way too long. I will never order from this restaurant again.

Mike C.

Bad service! Credit card machines never work. I don't trust this them. Run from this place!

Lope R.

Do not order pizza from this location. I do not know about other Congress Pizzeria locations but I clearly stated to the representative that I wanted 2 13 in. stuffed pizza. When the delivery man arrived, he was carrying only one pizza. When I called the representative that I got only one pizza, she said she charged me for only one. I was very excited for the pizza but my heart sank when they delivered only one pizza. The rep did not even apologize. I truly believe they cheated me out of my money.Horrible experience. Do not order from this pizza location.

Brad B.

This is flat out some of the worst delivery pizza I've had in my life. Our entire group (5 people) all agreed the pizza was awful. We each had one slice and threw the remaining pizza away. Would have been better off going to the local grocery store and getting tombstone pizza. I had no problem finding this restaurant's number, as they decided to stain an ad flier on my car which you can see in the pictures. I took my car to two car washes, with the second visit focusing on the paint. The car wash employee said he couldn't get it out and I should consider suing for damages. That seemed extremely harsh, but figured I should call Congress Pizza to resolve the issue. Both times I asked for a manager or owner, and was told they were "out", but would be back in 30 min and return my call. I received no call back both times. I realized the restaurant wasn't going to take any responsibility for the damage they caused to my car. It took about 30 minutes with some nail polish remover to finally get rid of their ad. I would stay away from the restaurant by any means necessary.

Heyley Guzman

The chicken is not very good. It is very chewy and does not taste fresh at all. Very disappointed.

Jessica B.

Pizza was Amazing! Always Hot and Fresh. Great Deals And Unbeatable Prices! However, Phone etiquette from their Customer Service, not so much A bit too snippy for my liking. Other than that, I'm an absolute fan of their Pizza!!

Nick M

This poor review is because of the cheap paper menu they stuck on my car. All it took was some rain and the menu peeled off and became glued to the side of my car. One heavy automatic wash and one manual car wash later and itâ??s just now coming unstuck from the car. Thanks a lot. Maybe try a different more environmentally friendly advertising method that doesnâ??t annoy people.


This Pizza Is Bomb Definitely Will Keep Buying.

Rocio Arana

First time buying from this place and I can't tell you is the best I love it I recommend this place

Jose Colon

I been coming from Puerto Rico every two years and I stop by Congress Pizza and I just found out they have a SUPER STADIUM PIZZA and BABY PIZZA which is great for the kids. I been seeing all theses bad review and I have to say some people either want a discount for food or something free or credit I know the pizza and the food is delicious and i hope we can keep this restaurant going..

Andrea Travis

I love the food. But the service is horrible. They have a young lady by the name of Karen who cannot take down in order to save her life. Two nights in a row she has taken down the wrong information. And the second night we waited over two hours for our food only come to find out that they tried calling because they said our credit card was declined. Nobody ever called it was her taking down the wrong information like she did the night before. And they stick by whatever their employees say. So that phrase the customer is always right not at this place very very very disappointing. We were loyal customers to them not anymore. We have other people that actually turned us on to Congress Pizza who no longer order for them because of Karen.


An old fan favorite w a new location. First time at the new location. Joined slice app for an additional $3 off the order. You canâ??t go wrong. Football pizzas are huge and thatâ??s not even the biggest they have stadium and even a super stadium Or something like that. I always loved this pizza itâ??s more of a carry out spot but itâ??s super yummy.

Siobhan B.

Will not be using this place! Wanted to buy some pizza for 65 kids so I called to find out information to make a future order. If all went well I wanted to keep using this place for more big orders to reward students from different HS schools in the Honor Society. The lady I just got off the phone with was rude. They just missed out on a more than a 250 dollars order.

Qeren hap-puwk Yisra'el

Both of our pizzas arrived cold. You should not offer to bring food if you cannot keep it warm. The food was not in anything to keep it warm. Congress would only provide a refund if they could pick up the pizza. But, it was eaten out of. My guests had grabbed pieces thinking it may still be a little warm. It was embarrassing. This is the second time I have tried to order from them. Both times I had problems. Their customer service is always terrible. Never again.

Anita S.

Great service!! Food is great!!! Delivery was earlier then expected. Every time I order my food is correct and hot when it comes! Definitely deserve more then 5 stars!!!

Latasha Echols

Worst customer service ever experienced. I give them no stars but I had to chose one. The so called Manager Maria was rude as hell! First of all, it took 2 hours for delivery and when it arrived it was cold as ice. Called the restaurant and she argued with me like I didnâ??t just spend my money. I would recommend them to my worst enemies. They wouldnâ??t refund my delivery charge even through I had to bring it back. The whole purpose of delivery was because I didnâ??t want to leave the house. I will never go there again.

Pedro Martinez

Great pizza long time customer

Theresa Kelly

Was horrible, they promise delivery at certain time. Did not deliver on time pizza was cold. Didn't want to satisfy customer complaint

Kohta Alonso

Best pizza since I was a kid thank you for your wonderful service

Robert Bishop

The best pizza ! And you get a free liter when you get a stadium for you and the family

Reggie Riley

Omg there was so good I'm definitely going to order from them again

Xavier Atwater

I used to eat from this restaurant every weekend when I ate meat. Now that I'm a vegetarian. I was skeptical of how the cheese pizza would taste. I must say it was very delicious. I love this place. My kids love this place. If you're looking for Good pizza at a great price then come to Congress Pizza.

Hope Nieves

Was going to go. Found out it's just delivery/pickup; no dine-in at this location anymore. Oh well... Still good pizza.

Steven V.

I ordered through Grubhub from there once and it was very good. I ordered through Grubhub again and they disappointed me with the lack of service and having my food prepared on time. I was willing to compromise and ordered slices to go and the lady said I didn't meet the order minimum. Just to be clear, Congress was delayed on the order by 30 minutes to an hour... I compromised (I shouldn't have had to since I called it in with more than enough time) and got individual slices... then my money wasn't enough because you can't get your shit straight? That's a damn shame.

Rusty Shackleford

The service is decent enough and the food is good enough to keep me coming back occasionally. Monday through Wednesday they have an XL pizza and 1 litre deal for 10.99ish and it's alright if I want a meal with leftovers for the next day.

Colleen D.

Well its time to bid farewell to Congress pizza! Since there move and new management on diversey, the quality just isn't there anymore. Pizza ok but the lasagna we had was skimpy on the cheese and meat and lets not talk about the lack of flavor/ watered down sauce. When I called to let them know I heard the "we never had any complaints about our lasagna". They would take it up with management and call right back....still waiting for the call...thats almost a month ago! Guess what? No complaints does not mean all is well. They just stop coming! I also find it really annoying that they feel the need to call and remind me my pizza is ready. I have asked them not to call me, I do not need reminding, but it fell on deaf ears each and every time. The place is not very appealing. They have been going to remodel and open the dining room, still the same, no progress. Thats been since we first tried that location several years ago. The dining room was not open then. The staff at take out truly did not want to take out order as talking and cell phones were more on their agenda. I guess they missed the part about bringing in business and having paying customers is what gives them their paycheck? My husband and I have been coming to Congress for about 8yrs. The location on milwaukee had great food. The wait was long but well worth it for the food quality. So sadly we will not be returning anymore. We wish you the best Congress on diversey you will need it!

Cyn Starr

Old school Italian food! Wonderful people keep this great place together! Miss the Milwaukee location, so glad I can come here! Homemade meatballs & sausage so good - try it!

Roberto Gonzales

Good pizza reasonable prices.Parking is hard to find during busy hours if your picking up.Delivery take a while depending on pizza if your looking to feed a lot of people they got super bowl and stadium pizza i always get the stuff pizza.

Virginia Figueroa

The Best Pizza in All the World!!!! Great service.....very friendly Owner and workers....I've been going back for More since the 1970's!!

Denisha T

order pizza today which turned out they dont deliver to my area WOW (how in my 4 year old son voice ) i have placed several orders thru grubhub and threw congress pizza direct but you have never delivered to me OKAY so i can prove that you have delivered to me so do not be a deceptive in your business when you accepting peoples money regardless of they're addresses #PEOPLEGETSENSABLE and overall good pizza learn from starbucks

Erica Henderson

The manger on the phone over talking me and I'm placing the order. She was very loud and disrespectful. She said it's up to her to place my order and hung up in my face. I hope this not the service of this pizza place. I don't recommend their service

Pedro S.

I am so disappointed with this restaurant. I placed an order today at 1:40pm... by 3:20 it had not yet arrived. I called for the status of my order, the woman asked for my address and I told her... she put me on hold and came back to say that it should arrive in a few minutes. Well it did not... so I called again at 3:50.... I then was told that my order was never received... yet they told me the driver should be here in a few minutes when I called at 3:20... she proceeds to tell me that she will check with her manager and call me back in 5 ninutes... it is now 4:30... and no one has called me back. Real nice way to treat your customers. Never again... really shitty service. I only gave 1 star because I had to in order to post.

Tyler Woods

Best place for a stuffed crust deep dish pizza in Chicago. The Mrs introduced me to this place the first time her and I made a trip there. And now we make it a point to come here everytime we visit Chicago. Love the pizza and the staff. Every friendly.

Berenice S.

Reading the reviews I was a bit hesitant in ordering pizza from here ! But a couple friends recommended it and I said why not The pizza is DELICIOUS!! We ordered pizza for super bowl Sunday .. we ordered the stadium pizza which is huge ! Fed more than 10 that's for sure .. given the fact that it was super bowl Sunday and the wait time was ridiculous! They actually got our order in and ready to go in no time ! I was actually impressed by the pizza quality & the many deals they have during the week definitely ordering from here again !